Beach Tennis

  1. Why beach tennis?
  2. Beach tennis is a modern sport that offers a lot of excitement and is developing all over the world.
  3. There is a global competition at the World Beach Games, World Team Championship, And World Championship.
  4. There are competitions at the continental and regional levels in Europe, America, Africa and Australia. There are no competitions in the Asian games or Asian Beach Games
  5. Great opportunity to start a professional career in a new sport to create wealth and comfort for you and your family.
  6. There is a competition system organized by ITF and IFBT to collect accumulated points in World Ranking of players of all levels.
  7. Internal competitions can be organized at the youth level, family, junior and pro.
  8. Suitable for all ages specially in the 3×3 format.
  9. Suitable and recommended for youth. According to SAT, who want to encourage youth to play sports, Beach Tennis responded very well and ranked very high in their policy objectives of developing healthy activities for young people.
  10. Easily accessible. According to the SAT policy they want sports to find people. People have easy access to Beach Sports and Beach Tennis.
  11. Play anywhere. All courts are ok. Sand courts are of course the most desired place to play but in many countries people can play on hard ground, plain field, concrete, grass or even snow. Both indoors and outdoors.
  12. No complicated equipments required. The beech tennis racket does not need to be restrung as in regular tennis and the ball does not get damaged by hitting like a shuttlecock. Also playing on the sand, no shoes are needed. You can even use a table tennis racket and a foam ball to play if regular rackets and balls are not available.
  13. A game that is easy on your body. the ball is softer and it reduces pressure on your arms and elbows. The Sand creates a soft and cushioning support for your knees and ankles preventing injuries that are a common in regular tennis.
  14. A game that can be played for a long time. The highest ranked player in the world today is Calbucci, 40 years old.
  15. Heavy weights are welcome. People who are overweight can play on a soft sand field, in a 3 against 3 set up. The highest weight player ever weighing 130 kg.
  16. Great for family sports. parents, children together to play as teams of 3 people per side. Double men, women, couples, mixed couples, husband, wife, daughter, son can play together. As seen in ITF, there are Japanese pairs, mother and daughter traveling to compete. Estonian family competed in both men, women, pairs and mixed.
  17. Helps Develop social skills. Playing in pairs or 3 a side It helps communicate and cooperate under pressure to always help each other.
  18. Good health. when played regularly it is an excellent sport to help you with your cardio work out and to keep weights and calories under control.
  19. Helps develop professional sports skills that can help in everyday activities and build confidence.
  20. Price Affordable sport that does not require great expenses.
  21. Brain development. interactive sports, stimulates brain functions when calculating, processing direction, speed, position of the ball responding and reacting by instructing the body to move and make quick decisions. Great for hand-eye coordination.
  22. Free movement. The nature of the game forces players to move all over the field all the time and the sand adds an additional challenge for you to try to get your body to run back and forth and jump and slap back.
  23. Great show. Play to show your colorful skills. Jump and lunge on the sand, smash and volley and find your style to impress.
  24. The match ends quickly, no fuss. Plan a competition for time control.
  25. Party atmosphere Regarded as a charming competition style Where Aruba is a clear example, with DJs playing the audience in an atmosphere like a party Party tournament.
  26. Support for sports tourism. Great to attract fans and tourists from all over the world.
  27. Quality of Life. Helps Enhance the quality of life by Reducing youth drug addiction problems through alternative sport activities that are healthy and fun.
  28. Certified therapy for depression. Will enhance your self esteem and bring joy to your life.
  29. Good exercise. All your body parts are moving. Coordinating your steps and body position at all time to respond to the opponents. forehand, backhand, all the works.
  30. Extreme fun. 30. Greatly suitable for Social distancing during covid 19


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