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Siam Country Resort 17/1

                          Paul, Martin & Joanathan                                          Willem & George PSC Golf from SIAM Country Resort Pattaya        17-01-2019   Sunny week   On Tuesday 15th January we went to Treasure Hill with 4 groups. It was a lovely ... More

Cafe Kronborg 17/1

Jan Lovegreen on the left Dave Richardson in the middle and Akitoshi Ito on the right Navy- North and West 17th January 2019 Yellow Tees   AKITOSHI In - BROWN Off ! Cafe Kronborg golfers visited this fine golf course today and played our favourite North and West nines. Once again nothing to write about the condition of the course that ... More

Links Golf Society 16/1

          Pattaya Links Golf Society...Treasure Hill….Wed…Jan.16...S/ford   Kenny and Will Win A Tough Day   On this day Treasure Hill was the big winner with none of our forty golfers able to play to their handicap. Why? The course was in great condition once again, with well grassed and mown fairways and bunkers and rough ... More

Tropical Golf 15/1

Andre Alan and Barry PSC Golf from Tropical Golf Group Tuesday, 15 January, 2019 Khao Kheow Country Club Alan, AVD, and Barry Win at Khao Kheow   Khao Kheow Country Club was on the day's agenda, and it is never easy to run up a big score on this course. Today's point totals were no exception. Alan Sullivan was the only player to better ... More

Growling Swan 14/1

Dave Maw, Paul Sharples, Steve Younger, Brendan Cope, Keith Buchanan front row Shane Young, Allan Ray, Mark Stapleton and Stuart Mann. PSC GOLF REPORT. GROWLING SWAN. STABLEFORD. PARICHAT G.C. – 14th Jan, 2019. PRH Grey.   “Dave Maw hits it for six.”     Nine golfers only were prepared to get their balls wet! ... More

Cafe Kronborg 14/1

Jan Lovegreen on the left Dave Richardson in the middle and Rob Brown on the right Treasure Hill 14th January 2019 Yellow tees   MORE TREASURE FOR BROWN! Cafe Kronborg golfers visited this excellent course today. No point in saying good things about the course - it's all been said before - a class act!! Our recent double winner Rob ... More

Links Golf Society 14/1

"B" flight winner, Stuart Thompson (C),with Malcolm Cox (L), John Pearce (R) Pattaya Links Golf Society...Burapha...C+D…..Mon. Jan.14…..S/ford   A Double Helping of Stu   The PLGS's week began with a field of forty golfers attempting to get the better of Burapha C and D nines. Though not the most popular combination of nines at the ... More

Links Golf Society 11/1

"A" flight winner, Stuart Thompson (C),with Mike Kaps (L), Dave Arataki (R) Pattaya Links Golf Society....Pleasant Valley…Fri. Jan.11….S/ford   Rare Green Jacket for Stu Thompson     High season can be tough on golfers and the Pattaya Links Golf Society suffered interminable delays during their round at Pleasant Valley on ... More

Bunker Boys 11/1

Monday, January 7th Plutaluang North & West 1st Dary Vernon (24) 38 points 2nd Keith Norman (14) 37 points 3rd Neil Carter (11) 36 points 4th Geof Cox (17) 35 points 5th Phil Mashiter (6) 35 points 6th  Alan Sullivan (14) 35 points Near pins  Geoff Cox, Michael Brett, & Daryl Vernon X 2. A good field of twenty-three for ... More

Growling Swan 10/1

Colin Stielow, Bernie McCart, Keith Buchanan with Mike Johns taking a squiz over the top. PSC GOLF REPORT. GROWLING SWAN. STABLEFORD. KING’S NAGA G.C. – 10th January, 2019. PRH Grey.   “Bernie Mahorse/Macart fires off 43 points to blitz the field”      Twenty golfers took up the challenge today at King’s Naga, ... More

Cafe Kronborg 10/1

Rob Brown on the left Dave Richardson in the middle and Peter Hammond on the right Crystal Bay 10th January 2019 White tees   NOT A JEWEL IN THE CROWN ! Cafe Kronborg golfers today went to Crystal Bay Golf Club where we played the B and C nines. Unfortunately the condition of this course is rapidly declining. In spite of there being ... More

Siam Country Resort 11/1

                   Martin, Bob & Paul                                                             Willem, Dave & Bob PSC Golf from SIAM Country Resort Pattaya        11-01-2019   Nice courses   On Tuesday 8th January we went to Greenwood with 3 groups. ... More

Billabong 10/1

Kran, Sasicha and Pin WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 10TH GREEN VALLEY STABLEFORD   Bearing in mind that there were 50 Billabong golfers participating in today’s round, the overall scores were remarkable. The fantastic golf weather may well have been a contributory factor for it was warm with a gentle breeze in the latter stages. In the ladies ... More

Tropical Golf 8/1

Landis Mick and Buckers PSC Golf from Tropical Golf Group Tuesday, 08 January, 2019 Pattavia  Landis, Mick and Buckers Win at Pattavia   21 players gathered at BJ's Holiday Lodge on Beach Road, Soi 3, to wake up with coffee or breakfast. The 2019 changes to the rules of golf have only been in effect for one week and provided much of ... More

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Growling Swan 7/1

today’s winner Colin Stielow, Keith Buchanan and Brendan Cope. PSC GOLF REPORT. GROWLING SWAN. STABLEFORD. Mt SHADOW G.C. – 7th Jan, 2019. PRH Grey. “With the shackles off it was Colin’s time to Shine.” We had Seventeen golfers committed to travel out, alas with 3 pullouts it took us down to fourteen, still not a bad total ... More

Links Golf Society 7/1

Winner,"A" flight, Phillip Ashton (C) with Chris Walsh (L),John Pearce (R)    Pattaya Links Golf Society…...Bangpakong.....Mon. Jan.7….S/ford   Phillip Ashton Piles on 42 Points   Golf mornings at Links Bar have taken on a new exciting start to the day’s proceedings. To start with it was ho hum, but now the draw for each ... More

Bunker Boys 4/1

Monday, December 31st Pattavia 1st Neil Jones (23) 36 points 2nd Keith Hemmings (22) 36 points 3rd Neil Griffin (24) 35 points 4th John Hughes (22) 35 points 5th Stuart Tinkler (14) 35 points Near pins Neil Jones, Neil Carter, Alan Sullivan, & Michael Brett. The last game of the year was played at the Pattavia course with a field ... More

Tropical Golf 4/1

Alan A flight winner PSC Golf from Tropical Golf Friday, Jan 04, 2019  Pleasant Valley Alan, Brian, and Barry Make Pleasant Valley Happy Valley! Greetings golfers. So what was your New Year golf resolution? No more flying elbow or fast backswings? Lose the slice?  No complaining about slow players or handicaps? Tropical Golfers started out ... More

Growling Swan 3/1

winner Tony Cook, Mark Stapleton, Lorraine Percy and Colin Stielow. PSC GOLF REPORT. GROWLING SWAN. STABLEFORD. TREASURE HILL G.C. – 3rd January, 2019. PRH Grey.   “Three golfers all ended with 39 points, The Count Back System saw Cookie take the title.”     Nineteen golfers committed to travel out to have a crack at ... More

Links Golf Society 4/1

Winner,"A" flight, Akira Sekiya (C) with Craig Mitcham (L), Bill Copeland (R)              Pattaya Links Golf Society...Emerald…..Fri...Jan.4…..S/ford   Double for Akira   The Pattaya Links Golf Society visited Emerald on Friday, 4th January to play a stableford competition on the course which was in better condition ... More

Billabong 2/1

WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 2ND STABLEFORD GREEN VALLEY There are many changes for the regular golfer to consider at the moment for with 30 plus amendments to the rules of golf, in effect from yesterday the 1st Jan. Back at the Billabong the burning question of the day presenting a major problem to golfers both young and old, was whether they should leave ... More

Growling Swan 31/12

L to R; Keith Buchanan, Colin Stielow, Shane Young, Allan Ray, Mark Stapleton, Dave Maw and JC Lhoste!   PSC GOLF REPORT. GROWLING SWAN. STABLEFORD.                  PLEASANT VALLEY G.C. – 31st December, 2018. PRH Grey. “Well done Kissy, last lot of bragging rights for the Year!” Not a big crowd to finish ... More

Links Golf Society 31/12

Winner,"B" flight, Gavin McDonald (C) with Tip Briney (L), Mickey Tighe (R) Pattaya Links Golf Society...Burapha...C+D…..Mon. Dec.31…..S/ford   McDonald Finishes the Year in Style   The Pattaya Links Golf Society drew the curtain on its most successful year ever with a trip to Burapha on New Year's Eve to play a competition on the ... More

Growling Swan 27/12

Winner Patrick Poussier and A Flight winner Mashi Kaneta. PSC GOLF REPORT. GROWLING SWAN. PATTAVIA – THURSDAY 27th December 18.   STROKE. “MONTHLY MUG” By:  PRH Grey. “It’s that man again Patrick Poussier taking yet another Mug” Two buses and a couple of cars were required to deliver us for today’s challenge, The ... More