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Parichat Sport Days!!!

Sport Days at Parichat!!! Now-31 Oct 2019 More

Tropical Golf 9/4

Tuesday, April 09, Bangpakong - St Bill and Two Daves Win at Bangpakong   Happy Songkran time golfers! You don't need to wait for water guns and buckets to get all wet, just waking around in this weather a short while does the same thing. This week twenty three Tropical Golfers took a trip to Bangpakong. Its a longer drive but worth the trip ... More

Tropical Golf 11/4

Thursday, April 11, Greenwood CC - St Steve and Dave Smiling at Greenwood   In our last outing before the Songkran break, the Tropical Golfers paid a visit to Greenwood CC. This is a popular stop on the tour, and twenty intrepid souls showed up for the challenge.  Despite the heat most were planing to walk based on a confusing memo issued by ... More

PSC holds Annual Founders – Joint Committee Meeting

PSC Founder members, registered committee members and the Pattaya Sports Club Association executive committee attend the annual Founders Reception at the Diana Garden Resort.   Pledging unwavering support for sports and charity Mike Johnston, the Founders Chair of the Pattaya Sports Club invited founder members, registered committee members ... More

Peter & Eddie on top at PSC Charity Classic 2019

The 2019 PSC Charity Classic champions, Peter LeNoury (left) and Eddie Beilby (right) receive their award from PSC Golf Chairman Jack Moseley.   Khao Kheow was the course chosen for this year’s Pattaya Sport Club Charity Classic, playing the ‘A’ and ‘B’ nines with a 2-tee start on Wednesday, March 6. Tim, Nigel and Ing from the PSC office ... More

Links Golf Society 19/9

The Winner, Tommy Marshall (R), with Phil Davies (L)   Burapha  C+D  Wed Sep  19 S/ford   Marshall Calls the Shots at Burapha   The Pattaya Links Golf Society visited nearby Burapha on Wednesday, 19th September to play a stableford competition on the C and D nines. Though not the combination of choice for many of the field - A ... More

Links Golf Society 17/9

The Winner, Green Jacket, Chris Barker(C) with Phil Davies (L) and Bill Fulton (R)   At Bangpakong on Mon  Sep 17  S/ford   Smith Turns Up the Heat & Hammers Big Win   On Monday, 17th September, the Pattaya Links Golf Society travelled to Bangpakong Riverside to play a stableford competition in perfect weather. There was no ... More

Links Golf Society 12/9

The Winner, Colin Smith (C) with Frank Carnovale (L) and Bryan Barrell (R)   Khao Kheow A + B Wed Sept 12  S/ford   Great Scores on a Wet Track   Heavy overnight rain eased to a drizzle as golfers made their way to Links Bar for our appointment at Khao Kheow Country Club. As expected when there is the hint of rain about, ... More

Links Golf Society 7/9

The Winner, Patrick Poussier (C) with Donal McGuigan (L) and Darren Beavers (R)   Green Valley on Fri  Sept 7  S/ford    Green Valley Back to Its Best   The Pattaya Links Golf Society visited Green Valley on Friday, 7th September to play a stableford competition on the course which is now back to its glorious best. Fairways ... More


The Winner "B" flight, Shane Young (L) and Winner "A" flight, Bill Steinmann (R).   GREENWOOD 6th of September 2018. STABLEFORD. PRH Grey. Buffalo Bill blazes a trail with such a Great Score!!   A quick reminder to All Golfers, your handicap is your responsibility and not that of the person preparing the start sheets. PSC issue ... More

Links Golf Society 5/9

The Winner, Mike Firkin(C) with John Anderson (L) and Phil Davies (R)   Pattavia - Wed Sept 5 S/ford   At Last! Mike Firkin’s Green Jacket.   After the heavy rain a couple of days earlier, some drizzle on this morning had us musing if we would have some late cancellations. Not sure if a cancellation or just a sleep in, but only ... More


The photo of: L to R.. Aaron Dykes,Chris Stewart,Graeme Laurie and today's winners Greg Hutchinson and Alan Nolan     TREASURE HILL G.C. – 3rd September, 2018.STABLEFORD. PRH Grey. “Big AL gets it all together on his last outing.”   Twenty three yet again saddled up to take on The Crocodile Rock at Treasure Hill. Two ... More

Links Golf Society 3/9

The Winner, Maurice Roberts(C) with Ralph McConnell(L) and Marco Beer (R)   Laem Chabang  Mon  Sept  3  S/ford Powerful Finish Wins it for Roberts If it's Monday it must be Laem Chabang, at least as far as the Pattaya Links Golf Society is concerned. Another twenty eight golfers took on the challenge of one of the best courses in the ... More

Links Golf Society 31/8

The photo of Winner, Kevin LaBar(C) with Chris Barker  (L) and Masa Okada (R)   Emerald  Fri  Aug  31  S/ford  LaBar Wins With Level Par   The Pattaya Links Golf Society road show ended the week at Emerald in clear and breezy conditions. The course was well prepared but the rains had made the rough very challenging and an impediment ... More

Links Golf Society 29/8

The photo of  Winner, Dave Arataki(C) with Ralph McConnell  (L) and Paul Chesney (R)   Bangpakong Wed Aug 29  S/ford Arataki Deserves First Green Jacket   The Pattaya Links Golf Society visited Bangpakong Riverside on Wednesday, 29th August with twenty golfers champing at the bit at the opportunity to play the sumptuous course on the ... More


Mt SHADOW 27th of August 2018. STABLEFORD. Cassa Finally gets the chance to Celebrate! Nineteen golfers departed the Growling Swan a little earlier than the 8.30 departure time that was scheduled, surprisingly all golfers were saddled up and ready to go! Firstly, let me remind all players that once your name goes down on the start sheet, that ... More

Links Golf Society 22/8

       Burapha A+C Wed  Aug 22 S/ford   John Pierrel - A Good Golfer On A Roll   Well, that’s different! We have never played the combination of A+C at Burapha before, but we did today.   Both nines were in typically good condition with terrific fairways and good speed on the greens, even though there was a hint of ... More

Links Golf Society 24/8

At Eastern Star on Fri Aug 24  S/ford   Tight Call as Masa Wins on Countback   On Friday, 24th August the Pattaya Links Golf Society travelled to Eastern Star for another tough test of golf on the course which was in fine condition despite recent rains. Fairways were dry, with some run and the formerly much-maligned greens were running ... More


  STABLEFORD. BURAPAH G.C. – 23rd August, 2018. PRH Grey. “Rudy joins from the cover of darkness to get The Prize.”   Twenty three saddled up to take what I profess, to be the best course we play, Burapah! It was two buses and two cars that transported the eager team waiting to get out and mix it. At B750 Green fee maybe ... More


STABLEFORD.                  PATTAVIA G.C. – 20th August, 2018. PRH Grey. “Steve Younger returns to the Top of the Podium.” In starting this report this morning I have received some very sad news, Mike Winfield had lost his battle and has passed away. Mike was a Café Kronberg Golfer that turned out for us on the odd ... More

Links Golf Society 20/8

Laem Chabang Mon Aug 20 S/ford   Davies Serves up Another Treat   The Pattaya Links Golf Society celebrated its one hundredth club competition this year with another visit to the sumptuous Laem Chabang Country Club to play a stableford round on the B and C nines which were in excellent condition despite some heavy rain just 24 hours ... More

Links Golf Society 17/8

Green Valley Fri  Aug 17 S/ford   McGuigan Tops Tight Finish   Another week ended for the golfers of the Pattaya Links Golf Society with a visit to Green Valley to play a stableford competition from the white tees on a course well prepared.   Fairways were in good condition but were a little slow as a result of some recent rain ... More


  STABLEFORD.                  CRYSTAL BAY G.C. – 16th August, 2018. PRH Grey. “It’s that man Riley again, when will this stop.” Playing one of our favorite courses today, a course that is very popular with our golfers. We had a 10 am tee time and all golfers had arrived well in advance. Two buses left well in front of ... More

Links Golf Society 15/8

At Pattana Wed Aug 15 S/ford-Toby Glass Shoots a Solid 40 points   The weather is still well and truly on our side, so sixteen golfers set off at the later time of 10.00 am for the trip to Pattana. One of our regulars surprised me by saying this was his first time at this course, whilst giving high praise for a “ wonderful” golf course. He ... More


  EMERALD G.C. – 13th August, 2018 STABLEFORD. PRH Grey. “Sir Francis Riley C.E.O Qantas takes it out.” We were booked into play Emerald GC, today being The Mother’s Day gazetted holiday. Emerald did us a deal for the day and as they say, “The rest is history.” Nineteen golfers headed out while the threat of rain remained ... More