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Links Golf Society 19/7

Pattaya Links Golf Society....Pleasant Valley…Fri. July.19….S/ford   Boggian Wins on Debut   The Pattaya Links Golf Society ended a hot and sultry week with a visit to Pleasant Valley for a stableford competition. The course was in good condition and the greens were not noticeably slow and playing from the blue tees made the course a ... More

Siam Country Resort 20/7

PSC Golf from SIAM Country Resort Pattaya                20-07-2019   Jonathan Pratt again in the forties   On Monday six of us participated in the PSC tournament at Laemchabang which was a two ball team event. The course was in very nice condition although quite forgiving from the forward tees. We played quite well with ... More

Bunker Boys 15/7

Monday, July 15th Greenwood C & B 1st Jimmy Carr (15) 33 points 2nd Tony Robbins (23) 30 points 3rd Chris Delamare (1) 29 points Near pins Robby Watts, Tony Robbins. Greenwood is a course that most look forward to playing, always in good shape and reasonably priced as it was again today. A bright sunny day with clear blue skies and a ... More

PSC Member’s Tournament at Parichat on 15th Aug 2019


Links Golf Society 17/7

Winner "A" flight, Phil Davies, with Iain Craigen (L) and Mike Souden (R).           Pattaya Links Golf Society...Treasure Hill….Wed…Jul.17...S/ford   Phil Davies Continues a Winning Streak   After teaming with Paul Smith to win the PSC Members Tournament on Monday at Laem Chabang with a massive team score of 49 points and ... More

Billabong 17/7

WEDNESDAY, JULY 17TH GREEN VALLEY STABLEFORD   Forgive me for asking but I thought this time of year was supposed to be the rainy season, if so … what happened to it?  The rice crops and golf courses need some rain very badly and I thought I saw the General Manager doing a rain dance this morning. Most of our ladies today were honouring ... More

Siam Country Club Announcement


Bunker Boys 8/7

Monday, July 8th Pattana Sports and Country Club A & B 1st Jimmy Carr (15) 37 points 2nd Robby Watts (8) 37 points 3rd Stuart Brown (9) 35 points Near pins Kob Glover, Robby Watts, & Stuart Brown. Today we were allocated A & B nines at Pattana and what a difference between the two nines. The A nine was surprisingly shabby with ... More

Links Golf Society 12/7

Winner, Bill Copeland, with Iain Craigen (L) and Derek Phillips (R). Pattaya Links Golf Society…Khao Kheow…B+C…Fri..July.12....S/ford   Copeland Sneaks to the Front   With two scores of 37 points and three scores of 36 points it was close, but Bill Copeland just got the better of them all to record a fine 38 points, for the win ... More

Links Golf Society 10/7

Winner "B" flight, Tip Briney, with Mike Ominya (L) and Darren Beavers (R). Pattaya Links Golf Society…..Greenwood...B+C...Wed. July10….S/Ford.   Greenwood is Putty in Briney's Hands   Having savoured some fine golf at Laem Chabang two days previously the PLGS stalwarts enjoyed a visit to the equally well-presented course at ... More

Siam Country Resort 7/7

PSC Golf from SIAM Country Resort Pattaya                07-07-2019   Stuart Banks on fire at Green Valley   On Tuesday 2nd July we went to Plutaluang, where we North and West course played.. The course was in very good condition with nice fairways and good greens.  We had nice overcast weather with sometimes a little bit ... More

Bunker Boys 1/7

Daryl Vernon, Jimmy Carr   Monday, July 1st Pleasant Valley 1st Jimmy Carr (16) 47 points 2nd Robby Watts (9) 44 points 3rd Mashie Kaneta (16) 34 points Near pins Barry Murnin, Gary Smith & Robbie Watts X 2. We started off a new month of golf with a rainbow format at the Pleasant Valley course. This is a course that eminen... More

Links Golf Society 5/7

Winner, Donal McGuigan, with Ian Craigen (L) and Colin Smith (R).       Pattaya Links Golf Society….Eastern Star.....Fri..July.5...S/ford   Donal McGuigan Takes Top Spot.   On a day when scores were nothing to get excited about, on a course that was not quite ready for us, Donal McGuigan stood out with a well earned 38 points to ... More

Message from Vice President

All sports contact Any contact persons for Darts,Softball Bowls,Ten Pin Bowling,Cricket,Tennis or Rugby who want to contact Pattaya Sports Club please email info@pattayasports.org or ring me Tim Knight on 0852761161. More

Billabong 3/7

WEDNESDAY, JULY 3RD GREEN VALLEY STABLEFORD   It was encouraging to see that a number of greens staff have and are working to beautify the course, unfortunately, in areas that even a 36 handicapper having a bad day would never see. There are also areas that have been re-turfed, not where you think, but repairing the walkways between green ... More

Links Golf Society 3/7

Winner, Colm O'Donovan, with Tip Briney (L) and Darren Beavers (R).       Pattaya Links Golf Society...Burapha...C+D…..Wed. July.3…..S/ford   Colm O’Donovan Smashes Handicap   When he arrived for this trip Colm O’Donovan stated that he wanted to get his handicap down to 16. Well, he did that with some top scoring and ... More

Golf Chairman Report of July

Hello to all PSC Golfers, time for a few brief words from your Golf Chairman. Last month’s PSC monthly was held at Pattaya Country Club, where a total of 29 golfers played in a Rainbow Event. It was a good day out, a popular format and the presentation at Siam Country Resort was excellent. See Full Report:- https://pattayasports.org/golf/psc-golf-... More

Links Golf Society 28/6

Winner "A" flight, Paul Smith, with Fabio Colonello.       Pattaya Links Golf Society…..Pattavia......Fri..Jun.28...S/ford   Paul Smith Goes One Under Par   When hackers get to play with a consummate golfer like Paul Smith they wonder how the game of golf can be so easy. In scoring 42 stableford points for gross 71, Paul Smith ... More

Bunker Boys 24/6

Monday, June 24th Pattana Sports and Country Club B & C. 1st Robby Watts (8) 37 points 2nd Stuart Brown (9) 36 points 3rd Michael Brett (15) 34 points Near pin Robby Watts, Barry Murnin, Skinny Newton. We arrived at the course to find the car park chock-o-block and had to park in a remote car park some distance from the clubhouse. Our ... More

Siam Country Resort 25/6

PSC Golf from SIAM Country Resort Pattaya   Stan Rees the star at Pattavia   On Tuesday 25th June we went to Pattavia. The course was in excellent shape with nice fairways and good greens. We had nice weather with clouds and sometimes sun and not too warm. The good conditions promised good scores. And so we did. However one of us was on ... More

Links Golf Society 26/6

Winner, Toby Glass, with Petur Petursson (L) and Tip Briney (R).         Pattaya Links Golf Society...Royal Lakeside…Wed..Jun.26...S/ford     A Touch of Glass at Lakeside   A visit to Royal Lakeside Golf Course is part of our schedule that many players eagerly look forward to. It is a bit further to drive but the ... More

Billabong 26/6

Porn, Thip and Noodle with Brian , Jeff, Arch, Tony with Brian   Thip and Brian, Tony with Brian.   WEDNESDAY, JUNE 26TH GREEN VALLEY HAVEN CONSULTANTS MONTHLY MEDAL When is the management of Green Valley going to accept the inevitable fact that the course is in the worst condition that anybody has ever seen. The problem ... More

Links Golf Society 24/6

Winner "A" flight, Kevin LaBar with Tip Briney (L) and Kenny Jepson (R).    Pattaya Links Golf Society....Laem Chabang…A+C...Mon..Jun.24...S/ford   LaBar On Full Throttle At Laem Chabang   It may be low season but we had to close off the sign-up sheets early after reaching forty names as Laem Chabang had put a limit on numbers. ... More

Bunker Boys 17/6

Monday, June 17th Emerald 1st Roger Miles (5) 37 points 2nd Mike Lloyd (19) 36 points 3rd Sean Murphy (20) 35 points Near pins, Dave Ashman, Jimmy Carr, Roger Miles,& Michael Brett. As is often the case in monsoon season grey skies and the prospect of rain are ever-present as it was again today for our game at Emerald. By the time we ... More

Siam Country Resort 22/6

PSC Golf from SIAM Country Resort Pattaya        22-06-2019   Neil Harvey and Stan Rees in balance   On Tuesday 18th November we went to Pattana, where we played the B & C course. The course was in very good condition. We had nice weather and enjoyed our competition. Nevertheless the good conditions we had not top scores, because is ... More