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SIAM Country Resort 5/7

Ty Anderson wins at Plutaluang On Tuesday 30th June we went to Greenwood, where we played the A & C loop. Pattaya Country Club. It was a cloudy and humid day after a night with heavy rain. It was not easy playing today on a wet course with no roll. It is reflected in the results, Jonathan Pratt was able to manage the condition of the course the ... More

  Links Golf Society 29/6

Bangpakong Riverside Golf Course was looking magnificent as we walked out from the clubhouse. From the steps is a green panoramic view where we can see multiple fairways and swaying palms on this almost flat course. The day started out quite hot and with a large dark cloud hanging overhead. By about half way a breeze had picked up and then, near the end ... More

Announcement of Pattaya Sport Club Softball

Start of Pattaya Softball Season 3 will be Sunday, July 5th, 12:30 PM at the School. If you are interested please contact Jeff by phone or e-mail : 084-350-9418 jeff28thai@yahoo.com More

Links Golf Society 26/6

The Green Jacket for Derek Phillips Since the time Derek Phillip’s handicap went down to a twelve, he has scored fairly consistently. He has had a couple of stinkers, but haven’t we all? A very good game today gave him 40 points and the Green Jacket. He reckoned that it had been a while since he wore it last. Mike Firkin had one of his good ... More

SIAM Country Resort 27/6

Rosaleen Garvey unbeatable at Pattaya Country Club On Tuesday 23th June we went to Pattaya Country Club. It was a cloudy and warm day and walking was tiring at the end. The course was in very good condition and we liked to play here.  It seems that the course is getting better and better. With using the PSC-vouchers it is really value for money. We had ... More

   Links Golf Society 15/6

   Practice Paying Off for Tony Browne We travel a little bit of extra distance to get to this course, but when we stand at the magnificent clubhouse and look over part of the course and practice greens, and then step onto the first tee and survey the fairway ahead, you know you have quality. The grass on the fairways here always allows for the ... More

  Links Golf Society 8/6

        Wet Track No Barrier for Tommy It’s been raining at Greenwood Golf Course and the fairways, although looking terrific, are very soft underfoot and the greens a little damp. The sign in the clubhouse showed ‘A’ course greens speed at 7.8 and 8.9 for ‘B’ course. Perhaps, because of the dampness, a little slower than that. However, ... More

Links Golf Society 1/6

A  Magic Carpet Ride We are searching for the right superlatives to describe the current condition of the A and B nines at Laem Chabang Golf Course. A number of our players described it as looking like a well laid green carpet and felt like playing from a carpet while the greens, also, are in very best condition, making putting a pleasure. Due to ... More

Links Golf Society 29/5

Quality Course at a Special Price After the heavy rains experienced in Pattaya and also at Pattana, overnight and early morning, it was no surprise to find that carts were restricted to paths only. This course is a favourite of many because it is almost always presented in top condition and with some great views, if you take the time to look around. ... More

Links Golf Society 25/5

  Few in Number – Feeling Like Millionaires This Monday morning was overcast and relatively cooler as golfers readied themselves for the trip to Royal Lakeside Golf Club. The talk and hope was that the weather would be the same at the course. The good news is that it was slightly more overcast and stayed that way for the round and, although it did ... More

Announcement From Rayong Green Valley


The Pattaya Sports Club is proud to be associated with Ta and the Kull bar in their efforts to help the needy Thai people on the dark side

On Sunday the Pattaya Sports Club was pleased to join with the Kull bar and three of its friends,who are also PSC members in a distribution of 738 food parcels.Thank you David (Acco ) Atkinson, Mark Walters and Steve Farquhar for your generosity A convoy of four vehicles led by Steve Plant,PSC social chairman Stan Rees,photographer Tony Prowse and ... More

Links Golf Society 13/5

Oh No! Not Again Thunder claps first and then pouring rain came tumbling down but, unlike two days ago, our last group had just walked from the 18th green as the heavens opened. Heavy rain also for most of the drive back to Pattaya but, you guessed it, completely dry here in the city. Each course we have visited so far has had a slightly different ... More

Pattaya Sports Club branch office on the Dark Side

Hey Everyone, For your convenience Pattaya Sports Club has a new branch on the Dark Side. If you need any information about golfing events, vouchers or courses in the area, or if you would like to renew or takeout new membership. please call or stop by our new branch location at Pattaya Sports Club Mabprachan Office 4/5 Moo 9, T. Pong, A. Bangla... More

Links Golf Society 11/5

Crash and Flash at Laem Chabang Monday morning was hot, 32 degrees, feels like 42, as we arrived at Links, but we were going to Laem Chabang which made everyone feel better. We arrived at Laem Chabang Golf Club to the usual bag drop area where we found two tables for the temperature checks and forms to fill etc, then inside to the usual counter to ... More

Bunker Boys Golf 4/5

Monday, May 4th Pleasant Valley 1st Alan Sullivan (11) 36 points 2nd Peter Kelly (13) 36 points 3rd Donald McGuiggan (17) 35 points Near pins Jimmy Carr, Tony Robbins, & Peter Kelly. "It was the Best of Times, it was the Worst of Times", thus wrote Charles Dickens in his novel " A Tale of Two Cities", he could equally have been writing ... More

The Pattaya Sports Club was pleased to join Ta in donating to today’s handout.

For the second week Khun Ta and the Kull bar have given food parcels to the needy Thai people on the Dark Side. The Pattaya Sports Club was pleased to join Ta in donating to today’s handout. The two days have resulted in the Kull bar distributing 763 food parcels.Each one has rice, eggs, noodles, tinned fish and water making a total of 2300 meal ... More

Café Kronborg 9/3

PATTAYA COUNTRY CLUB THE WINNER !   Café Kronborg golfers returned to this fine course which has substantially improved over the last two winters. After haranguing the condition of this course in winters gone by - to such an extent that our previous organiser feared we would no longer be invited to play there - only praise should now be ... More

Links Golf Society 9/3

Kevin Wears the Green Jacket, at Last!   Back to Greenwood today at the great Monday Sports Day price of 600 bht green fee and, something that Greenwood does for big groups, a two tee start. This day it was courses B+C so, at the scheduled start time, we sent 6 groups to ‘B’ and the other 7 groups to ‘C’ and all got away easily and ... More

Time sheet for 24th Charity Classic Tournament at Rayong Green Velley


Links Golf Society 2/3

Tony Browne Wins on a Low Scoring Day   How nice it is for a change of pace to get to the green fees office and pay less than what you were expecting. That happened today at Bangpakong Riverside and made for some very happy golfers.   This course is not showing the same signs of dryness as most other courses in the region and was ... More


Played out of “BOGEY’S BAR & GRILL.” MONTHLY MUG – STROKE EVENT. GREENWOOD G.C. 27th of Feb, 2019 “Irish eyes are smiling” Countback gives The Mug to Colm Lawlor from Patrick Poussier!!! Twenty six golfers were listed for today’s Stroke Event, The Growling Swan Feb Monthly Mug. Unfortunately we had 2 No-Shows creating a pain in ... More

Links Golf Society 21/2

Buchanan Bucks the Wind at Pleasant Valley   Pleasant Valley was the venue for the Pattaya Links Golf Society on Friday, 21st February. The course was in good condition with greens that held some pace, but the main feature of the day was a strong wind, a rare event there in the shade of the hills and it had a serious bearing on the day's golf. ... More

Bunker Boys 17/2

1st Craig Dows (8) 38 points 2nd Jimmy Carr (17) 37 points 3rd Robby Watts (9) 36 points 4th Roland Davison (15) 32 points 5th Tony Robbins (19) 32 points Near pins Kevin LeBar, Robby Watts, Barry Murnin, & Tamura. Today signaled the onset of very hot weather, in recent days the temperature has been creeping higher, today it was ... More

SIAM Country Resort 22/2

 Bob Edwards and Paul Davies on fire at Crystal Bay   On Tuesday 18th February 2020 we went with 3 groups to Crystal Bay, where we the A & C loop played. The course was in good condition and had some dry spots but a good roll. The greens on the C-loop were slow and the A-loop a little bit faster. Only the bunkers were in bad condition. The ... More