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Café Kronborg 9/3

PATTAYA COUNTRY CLUB THE WINNER !   Café Kronborg golfers returned to this fine course which has substantially improved over the last two winters. After haranguing the condition of this course in winters gone by - to such an extent that our previous organiser feared we would no longer be invited to play there - only praise should now be ... More

Links Golf Society 9/3

Kevin Wears the Green Jacket, at Last!   Back to Greenwood today at the great Monday Sports Day price of 600 bht green fee and, something that Greenwood does for big groups, a two tee start. This day it was courses B+C so, at the scheduled start time, we sent 6 groups to ‘B’ and the other 7 groups to ‘C’ and all got away easily and ... More

Time sheet for 24th Charity Classic Tournament at Rayong Green Velley


Links Golf Society 2/3

Tony Browne Wins on a Low Scoring Day   How nice it is for a change of pace to get to the green fees office and pay less than what you were expecting. That happened today at Bangpakong Riverside and made for some very happy golfers.   This course is not showing the same signs of dryness as most other courses in the region and was ... More


Played out of “BOGEY’S BAR & GRILL.” MONTHLY MUG – STROKE EVENT. GREENWOOD G.C. 27th of Feb, 2019 “Irish eyes are smiling” Countback gives The Mug to Colm Lawlor from Patrick Poussier!!! Twenty six golfers were listed for today’s Stroke Event, The Growling Swan Feb Monthly Mug. Unfortunately we had 2 No-Shows creating a pain in ... More

Links Golf Society 21/2

Buchanan Bucks the Wind at Pleasant Valley   Pleasant Valley was the venue for the Pattaya Links Golf Society on Friday, 21st February. The course was in good condition with greens that held some pace, but the main feature of the day was a strong wind, a rare event there in the shade of the hills and it had a serious bearing on the day's golf. ... More

Bunker Boys 17/2

1st Craig Dows (8) 38 points 2nd Jimmy Carr (17) 37 points 3rd Robby Watts (9) 36 points 4th Roland Davison (15) 32 points 5th Tony Robbins (19) 32 points Near pins Kevin LeBar, Robby Watts, Barry Murnin, & Tamura. Today signaled the onset of very hot weather, in recent days the temperature has been creeping higher, today it was ... More

SIAM Country Resort 22/2

 Bob Edwards and Paul Davies on fire at Crystal Bay   On Tuesday 18th February 2020 we went with 3 groups to Crystal Bay, where we the A & C loop played. The course was in good condition and had some dry spots but a good roll. The greens on the C-loop were slow and the A-loop a little bit faster. Only the bunkers were in bad condition. The ... More


STEEN HABERSAAT NAILS 44 POINTS AT PLEASANT VALLEY CAFÉ KRONBORG AT PLEASANT VALLEY 20th FEB 2020 Cafe Kronborg played at Pleasant Valley on Thursday 20th February, where the wind was blowing from all directions making club selection and fade or draw decisions difficult. The Blue Tees for the A flight further raised the difficulty of the task in ... More

Café Kronborg 17/2

  FIRST LADIES !!   Café Kronborg golfers today visited this cheap but not cheerful golf  course - and we are cancelling our booking for next month.! The condition of this course is dreadful and the lack of maintenance shows no regard to the reasonable requirements of fee paying golfers - you do have to cut greens and maintain ... More

Links Golf Society 17/2

Pattaya Links Golf Society…..Bangpakong McEntee Returns to take Green Jacket The Pattaya Links Golf Society visited Bangpakong Riverside on Monday, 17th February to play a stableford competition in three flights with the cut coming at thirteen and under, fourteen to twenty and twenty-one plus. As usual the course was splendidly presented with ... More

Café Kronborg 11/2

Greenwood SABOURIN'S  VISiT WINS! Café Kronborg golfers today went to Greenwood and played the C and A nines. This course is in excellent condition in spite of the lack of rainfall ànd we will return soon. Apart from some excellent scores there is not much to report today except that three members of my four-ball accidentally hit the wrong golf ... More

Links Golf Society

Resurgent Rana Wins at Silky Oak   A couple of days of frantic cell phone activity followed Treasure Hill's latest public holiday attempt to delete a Pattaya golf group in preference for late local entrants. Yes, they've done it again folks! Instead PLGS were able to get in at Silky Oak, at an excellent holiday rate, on Monday, 10th February. ... More

Links Golf Society 5/2

          Ishikawa On Fire at Green Valley   The Pattaya Links Golf Society revisited Green Valley on Wednesday, 5th February, to play a stableford competition in two flights, divided at sixteen and under.   The golfers found a course in excellent condition and well marshalled to allow a prompt start. Fairways are still green ... More


  Played out of “BOGEY’S BAR & GRILL.” STABLEFORD. EMERALD G.C. 23rd of Janurary, 2020 PRH Grey. Martin takes on all comers to win   Eleven golfers took up the challenge and travelled out to have a crack at Emerald Golf Course. Usually a good course but from time to time it can be a bit dry. The course as it played ... More

Café Kronborg 27/1

  Bunkered?! and Greenwood!! I don't miss much in Pattaya - apart from short putts - but it has recently been pointed out to me that a few weeks ago a local golfing group published an article claiming that its group was possibly the only non profit golf society in Pattaya! Actions have consequences and we golfers at Café Kronborg would like ... More

Links Golf Society 27/1

   Scratch Card Wins Green Jacket for Durkan   The Pattaya Links Golf Society tried hard to clog up the highway on Monday, 27th January as fifty-two golfers travelled in various modes of transport to Royal Lakeside to play a stableford competition in three flights, divided at fourteen and under, fifteen to twenty and twenty-one and above. ... More

Links Golf Society 24/1

Jon Dean’s Triumphant Return   Oh, oh, not again?  There were not enough caddies available for us when we reached Treasure Hill, but the caddie manager assigned caddies to each group in turn as the caddies arrived at the course, sound familiar?   But this was not a course overbooked, far from it. Many caddies were at the Temple ... More


He’s back, Steve Younger takes advantage of his nemesis not playing   Nine golfers signed up to have a crack at Monday’s venue, Treasure Hill. We are still struggling with numbers, and this is such a good course. The only good to come out of this was the general lack of numbers at and on the course. “High Season’ Hmmmmmm! The course ... More

Siam Country Resort 26/1

Stephen Ford and Dave Smith on fire on Pleasant Valley and Khao Kheow   On Tuesday 21th January 2020 we went with 3 groups to Pleasant Valley. It was a nice and hot sunny day with sometimes a nice breeze. When we arrived, the course looked in good condition. When we came on the course it turned out that the grass on the fairways was too long on the ... More

Links Golf Society 13/1

  Derek’s ‘Poor Game’ Wins Green Jacket What a contrast from another golf course we visited two days ago, when there was over crowding and some confusion, to the peaceful and picturesque surroundings of Treasure Hill. Today we had 56 players ready to hit the fairways and the organizing and starting of the fourteen groups was easy and ... More

Café Kronborg 9/1

Mrs Kubicki is number one !!!   Mrs Kubicki is number one !!! Carole and Deryl   Café Kronborg golfers today played this smart course. Our organiser treated us to playing off the yellow tees and as expected that resulted in some high scores. Not to be out done by her husband's hole in one earlier in the week Carole Kubicki ... More

SIAM Country Resort 11/1

Allan Cassin on fire at Mountain Shadow On Tuesday 7th January 2020 we went with 3 groups to Greenwood, where we played the C and A loop. It was a beautiful sunny day with a nice breeze. The course was in excellent condition with beautiful fairways and good greens. A very enjoyable day to play golf. It promised to become an exciting day. Many of ... More

Bunker Boys Golf 6/1

Monday, January 6th Plutaluang North & West 1st  Daryl Vernon (20) 40 points 2nd Les Humphrey (26) 33 points 3rd Scott McCormack (32) 32 points 4th Tony Berry (14) 32 points Near pins, Roland Davidson, Neil Jones, Sam Gershom, Andy Gray. A decent turnout of nineteen assembled at Woody's Bar and made their way to Plutaluang for the ... More


PLEASANT VALLEY G.C. 9th of Janurary, 2019. PRH Grey. Buffalo Bill takes over The Valley! Yet again we are struggling with numbers, eight only for today’s event at Pleasant Valley.  A shame for such a good course. The course as it played was in great nic, a lot of golfers about just not with us. Koreans were in numbers but all looking for a ... More