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Len Jones Wins at his ‘Home Course’ This Emerald Golf Course is just improving all the time since the new owners took over. There was machinery all around the course today, keeping the fairways in terrific condition with expertly cut grass, and also getting into the rough. Mind you, it is still hard to find a flat lie on the fairways, but that is ... More

Billabong 14/9

Phoenix Mountain and Ocean loops in what must be called very threatening weather the black clouds hung around us all day but not a drop got us. The course as usual was in great condition and it was good to see other golfers out there enjoying their day also. We only had a small field which saved Thiery Petrement some money as it was his birthday and he rang ... More

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SIAM Country Resort 12/9

Beautiful courses On Tuesday 8th September we went to Pattavia. The course was in very good condition. Putting is always challenging on Pattavias Greens. The weather was not too bad. It was a cloudy day and we had a big shower at the end of our round. Nevertheless, we had good results. It was an exciting competition between Paul Davies and Dave ... More


Wayne Having a Purple Patch It was a surprise to be told that we would play the A+B combination today as it was only 12 days ago that the greens were cored. The course is, generally, in very good condition with nicely cut fairways, some good run, and the rough has been cut down, but is still fairly tough to play. But these greens, so good only a ... More

Billabong 8/9

Whilst the course wasn’t packed it was nice to see some other golfers on the course today. Playing Phoenix Gold is always a pleasure and today was no different with fast greens and fairways so lush and easy to hit for made a pleasant day out for all. Just three groups today and we got away right on time and were in the locker room in three and a half ... More

PSC sponsors Awards for the Pattaya Sports Club Friday Ten Pin Bowling League

Friday 28th August saw the conclusion of 30 weeks of sustained competition followed by the awards ceremony at PS Bowl on Central Pattaya. This season’s league was reduced to 8 teams because of the ongoing effects of covid 19 but still the competition was strong. Finishing in 3rd place were the team of Happy Bowl behind Team Kronborg in 2nd place , but ... More


   Forty Points Enough for Mike Firkin When the score cards from the early groups came in, it looked to be a low scoring day, but then group number four came in and stopped that thought. Mike Firkin kept up recent good form to take the win with a big 40 points and another Green Jacket, although he ran away to Hua Hin before the photo op. Also in ... More

Billabong 31/8

It was Phoenix golf today and the weather was perfect with jus some high cloud and low temperatures, it tried a little later to rain on us but it was only a few spits in the end. The course was in great condition with very fast greens and no way you could get a bad lie anywhere. We absolutely shot around the course we were in the locker room in under three ... More


Billy Buchanan Does a Bolt The day was slightly overcast as eight players headed for Pleasant Valley, and it stayed that way for the rest of the day, with a nice breeze most of the time. The course was in good condition with the fairways well grassed and looking good. The rough is the same as most of our recent courses, long, thick and difficult to ... More


 It’s The Firkin and Durkan Show Standing on the first tee at Royal Lakeside, Mike Firkin predicted that, after today, his handicap would go back down. We all say that, in hope, but for Mike, that is what happened. A terrific 43 points gave him a clear win and his fourth Green Jacket since coming back after the lockdown. Firkin and Durkan love ... More


PSC branch office on the Dark Side is temporary closed Due to the COVID-19 pandemic in many countries, the number of golfers including sportsmen and women coming to Thailand has dropped drastically. The Pattaya Sports Club regrets to announce that due to the lack of visitors we have temporary closed our branch office located at the Billabong Golf Club ... More


George Wins A Countback Heavy rain in Pattaya in the morning brought the usual question of whether golf would go ahead. A couple of phone calls to Eastern Star confirmed the theory that it may not be raining at the course. So, with one no show, we set off with just eight players, which was five more than we had two days previously, oh joy. The ... More

Billabon 19/8

With 64 players playing a two ball scramble at Green Valley, it was kind of hectic for a while but all came together in the end. The ladies teed off first as is usual and the normal banter was heard as the men golfers patiently waited their turn on the tee. The course was in great condition with greens the were freshly mowed just some of the fairways were a ... More

 Links Golf Society 17/8

Moxey Makes a Big Comeback Laem Chabang was looking a picture as our sixteen golfers made their way to the first tee. We would play the B and C nines on a perfect golf course and, once again, in perfect golfing weather. The fairways here are beautiful and the grounds staff were busy keeping them even more well trimmed and manicured. There were plenty ... More

Billabong 17/8

Phoenix Gold was the course for today and it is in magnificent condition from one end to the other, but today it showed it’s fangs even in perfect conditions for golf the scoring wasn’t up to scratch, and you couldn’t blame the course it just played tough. Kiwi Bill had a real day out trying to play on one foot as he broke one of his toe’s during ... More


 Tommy Marshall Wins With Gross 73 We were wondering if the sky above Greenwood is painted on, as it seems that for the past few visits, over a few weeks, it has had the same overcast, grey colour with darker clouds, mmm. However, also, as per the past few rounds, it did not rain on the course, at least not while we were there. Needless to say, ... More


      First Green Jacket for Huw in ‘New Normal’ Now that Pattana Golf Club is offering the all-in price of 1350 bht at any time, rather than after 11.30 am, as previously, we had a good roll out of nineteen golfers. The weather today had us fooled. Before departing Links, the sky was blue and the sun shining, and looked as if we were in for a ... More

Billabong 12/8

Pattana in beautiful condition, with three groups playing we were to start on the A side but the starter moved us to the more difficult B loop to start and it was just cruise along for the round. The course was in great condition apart from some of the greens were a bit lumpy but nothing out of the ordinary. It is an easy drive to get there now either going ... More

Billabong 10/8

Phoenix Mountain and Ocean loops, with 3 groups playing and not really anyone else around so it was away you go. I will say once again the course was in great condition but the rough was brutal if you miss the short grass it is an effort for everybody just to find the ball let alone hit it, however the name of the game is don’t go in there, and one or two ... More


   Wayne Wins on a Top Day at Bangpra The Links golfers returned to Bangpra after too long an absence, but now with a terrific sports day price of 1450 bht all- in, it was time for another look. As this course is quite suitable for walkers, they were also happy with their price of 1150 bht. We found the course to be in excellent condition with ... More

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Links Golf Society 27/7

     Craig Webster, Two in a Row at Laem Chabang They say that lightning doesn’t strike twice, but it has for Kiwi, Craig Webster, in his second win in two visits to Laem Chabang. Just two weeks ago, at our last trip here, he ran away with it, scoring 43 points. There was no lightning during the round this time, unlike the past few of our games, ... More

Links Golf Society 20/7

Miss On – Can Caddie and Play Golf Kevin La Bar Scores a Hole-in-One Fourteen players ascended on Pattavia Golf Course today on a cloudy but fine, warm morning. The course was in the usual very good condition and ‘those’ greens are still as tame as we left them a couple of weeks back. Don’t be fooled though, there is still two putt ... More

Links Golf Society 17/7

 Is Mike an Eastern Star Specialist? It is just on a month ago that we last visited Eastern Star and on that day the winner was Mike Firkin. It seems that this course agrees with him as he is the Green Jacket winner again today. He scored only 32 points that day to win on countback, but this time he made sure of it with a terrific 38 points on what ... More