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PLEASANT VALLEY G.C. 28th of November, 2019. “NOVEMBER MONTHLY MUG” PRH Grey. Took some time coming but it has arrived, “Alex Field takes his first Monthly Mug!” Well done mate you deserved it!   Had a nice number of eighteen golfers that signed up to play today for “The November Monthly Mug” being played today at Pleasant ... More

Links Golf Society 25/11

Tottenham Back in Winners Circle   After many crossings out and additions we had a final number of twenty six starters for Greenwood, our second visit there in two weeks. Why not go back there, as the course is still in beautiful condition, the greens have become a little quicker than last time, and we had 800 bht green fee vouchers. &nbs... More

Links Golf Society 15/11

 A Green Jacket First Up for Brian As our group stood on the Par 3 second hole at Treasure Hill a stiff breeze was blowing and myriad yellow leaves were floating from the trees. Not sure if we have Autumn (Fall) in Thailand but it certainly looked and felt like it. That breeze kept up for most of the round to keep conditions quite comfortable. &... More


Played out of “BOGEY’S BAR & GRILL.” STABLEFORD. KING’S NAGA G.C. 13th of November, 2019. PRH Grey. Patrick Poussier just keeps on winning! Fourteen golfers signed up to play today at King’s Naga, we even had the pleasure of Buffalo Bill Steinmann who vowed and declared after the second hole 2 weeks ago that he would never play ... More

Bunker Boys 11/11

Monday, November 11th Pattana Sports and Country Club A & B 1st Jimmy Carr (17) 37 points 2nd Pat Ryan (14) 35 points 3rd Tony Robbins (22) 34 points Near pins  Jack Penny, Ross Schffte, Geoff Parker, & Michael Brett. A bright sunny day for our game at Pattana where once again we were allocated the A & B nines. As always the ... More


PATTAVIA G.C. 11th of November, 2019. PRH Grey. Eric “The Judge” Black, (used to drive the 47 bus out of Fulham depot) made every post a winner!   Thirteen golfers put their names down to have a crack at Pattavia Golf Course. Referred to as the “Plantation Course”, yet another course that rates highly on our radar and we also try to ... More

Café Kronborg 11/11/19

Café Kronborg 11/11/19 Today Mountain Shadow was the test. We had a group of 17, teeing off the White tees, with a stiff breeze behind us at the first. The breeze made the conditions ideal to play in but made some of the holes into the wind quite tricky. The A flight players seemed to cope better with the conditions as can be seen from the scores W... More

Links Golf Society 11/11

         John Pierrel Goes Home in Style   What a great surprise it was, when checking our booking at Pattana, to be told that the special afternoon price of 1250 bht all-in was ongoing through November. After the usual ins and outs from the sign-up sheet we fielded 35 players in nine groups for two flights.     Now, ... More

Links Golf Society 4/11

Pattaya Links Golf Society…..Pattavia......Mon…Nov.4...S/ford   Copeland Supreme at Pattavia Pattavia in high season can be a fascinating golf challenge and the Pattaya Links Golf Society picked up the gauntlet on Monday, 4th November, when eight groups took to the course to play a stableford competition in two flights, cut at seventeen and ... More

Links Golf Society 28/10

  A Big Win To Treasure Hill   We are presented a golf course in beautiful condition with nicely grassed and firm fairways with some run, greens, although recently cored and sanded, running with pace and true, and weather that was hot but intermittently gave some nice breezes.   Most tee boxes are undergoing maintenance or ... More

Links Golf Society 14/10

Thirty Nine Points Gets Chin a Win   Greenwood never promised us a rose garden, but they did promise a two tee start, and that’s what we got.   Starting four groups from each of B and C tees should ensure a quick round. It was for five groups, who managed to get finished before the, now regular, heavy afternoon rain. The remaining ... More

The PSC needs an external IT Consultant

The PSC needs an external IT Consultant, who can evaluate our IT systems. An important duty is analyzing and diagnosing our IT infrastructure. The consultant needs to understand our business needs and designing and implementing a technology solution. Our main language is English. More

Links Golf Society 30/9

    David McKey Locks In A Win   Bangpra is recognized by many as a course where playing to handicap is a good achievement. Unfortunately, today, none of our twenty four starters could do even that well.   No blame on the course as it was in almost the best condition I can remember, and the greens had some good pace, although ... More

Result of PSC Monthly Tournament at Eastern Star on 19th September 2019

Thursday 19th September Eastern Star Today was the monthly PSC golf tournament – with a difference! Originally scheduled for the 12th Sept, Jack received a message from an unrecognised number back at the beginning of August; later to discover it was from an old playing partner of his, Clive Robinson. He gave Jack the heads up that Dave Richardson was ... More

Links Golf Society 16/9

Mathias Hermann Claims First Win   Over the past few weeks we have told of many occasions when there have been dark and heavy clouds above us during games, and how we got through without getting rain. But it had to happen, and today rain and lightning interrupted play for about 30 minutes. However, at Laem Chabang this is not much of a worry ... More

Links Golf Society 9/9

Derek Phillips Bounces Back   After a mixed bag of results recently Derek made the comment that “ we can still comeback”, and today he did just that with a top score of 37 points to once again wear the Green Jacket.   Twenty six players arrived at Greenwood, many with high expectations after eight scores of better than handicap, ... More

Links Golf Society 6/9

Triple Crown at Khao Kheow   An overcast and intensely humid Friday still managed to draw two dozen golfers to the Links for the trip to Khao Kheow to play a stableford competition on the C and A nines, which were in good condition despite the restriction of golf carts to the paths, certainly for the front nine.   "Lift and place" was ... More


PSC GOLF REPORT. GROWLING SWAN GOLF, played out of “Bogey’s Bar & Grill.” STABLEFORD. GREENWOOD G.C. 5th of September, 2019. PRH Grey. The Viper Strikes Again! Making it Winner, Winner Chicken Dinner! It’s Thursday and as Thursdays go we are off The Front Tees, seventeen golfer’s filled two buses and with a car or two we ... More

Links Golf Society 2/9

Pattaya Links Golf Society....Royal Lakeside…Mon. Sept.2….S/ford   Simon Says “My Green Jacket”   On a perfect wet season day, that is no rain, twenty three golfers headed for beautiful Royal Lakeside Golf Club for our second visit in twelve days. That’s how it works sometimes.   The weather stayed overcast, breezy and ... More

Links Golf Society 26/8

Pattaya Links Golf Society…..Bangpakong.....Mon..Aug.26….S/ford   Barker Top Dog at Riverside   The Pattaya Links Golf Society began the final week of August with a trip to Bangpakong Riverside to play a stableford competition. A surprisingly small field had signed up, the result of an attractive opportunity for a group to play ... More


PSC GOLF REPORT. GROWLING SWAN GOLF, played out of “Bogey’s Bar & Grill.” STABLEFORD. PATTAVIA G.C. 26th of August, 2019. PRH Grey. Brad Todd gets the nod in what I would call, ”A close one”.   Monday and we are off to play “The Old Pineapple Plantation” Pattavia GC. I can remember playing here prior to the new ... More

Links Golf Society 19/8

Pattaya Links Golf Society....Laem Chabang…B+C...Mon..Aug.19...S/ford   Greg Smith Wins His First Green Jacket   It was a warm Monday morning when our twenty-one golfers arrived at the beautiful Laem Chabang Golf Club, and it stayed quite warm to hot most of the round.   The course, as always here, was in excellent condition. ... More

Bunker Boys 5/8

Monday, August 5th Bangpra 1st Daryl Vernon (25) 38 points 2nd Tony Robbins (21) 37 points 3rd Robby Watts (8) 34 points Near pins Sam Gersholm, Jimmy Carr & Michael Brett After several months away The Bunker Boys made a return visit to Bangpra where we found the it surprisingly busy for low season. The course was in nice condition, in ... More

Links Golf Society 9/8

Pattaya Links Golf Society…Khao Kheow…C+B…Fri..Aug.9....S/ford   Khao Kheow & Hewson Hard to Beat   The Pattaya Links Golf Society ended the week with a Friday visit to Khao Kheow with 31 golfers anticipating an enjoyable round on another of the region's quality courses.   The sky remained heavily overcast throughout ... More