PSC Carpark

Changes Around the PSC Office

If you have visited the PSC office recently, you would have noticed that there are changes taking place the first being the area in front of the office. This area was laid when the office was built in 2001 An attractive design at the time and has stood up well to sun, rain and the parking of cars, but over the years  grass and weeds have grown making the area look untidy. This situation has deteriorated even more with the development of the adjacent hotel. With no concern for others property, paper, various food items and general rubbish have been dropped, by the patrons of the hotel, when they walk across the car park to reach their coach which is parked alongside the office. Sweeping the area and generally keeping this tidy was almost impossible hence the renovations which are now complete.

But not to miss an opportunity to help those in need, the expensive bricks have been delivered to the ATCC, a charity that is supported by PSC and is a centre for sexually and physically abused children. They have area which is the lowest point of the centre and quickly becomes a quagmire during the rainy season causing many problems.  Khun Ja seeks the help of the older children  to help develop the site by having them build the houses, toilets and other facilities which creates a great community spirit and sense of achievement. The day the bricks were delivered, he had the boys laying a path which, as you can see, gives every impression of being completed by professionals.

The next step at the club  is the landscaping of the gardens surrounding the office. Plans are being discussed as to the alternatives and you can expect further alterations shortly. Watch this space.

carpark001 carpark02

It looks much cleaner and tidier.

carpark03 carpark04

The children are involved in all the construction, even laying a path.

carpark05 carpark06

The finished article looks very professional.

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