Pattaya Sports Club
Pattaya Sports Club
Pattaya Sports Club
Pattaya Sports Club
Pattaya Sports Club
Pattaya Sports Club
Pattaya Sports Club
Pattaya Sports Club
Pattaya Sports Club

About us

History of the Pattaya Sports Club

The Pattaya Sports Club was founded in mid-1979. At that time, Pattaya was a quiet, out-of-the-way seaside fishing village. Weekenders came mostly from Bangkok to enjoy the beach, water sports and breezy outdoor seafood restaurants. The locals were mainly fishermen and small shop owners.

Among the few foreign residents were a handful of Vietnam veteran expatriates who had settled in Pattaya. One among them, Bill Gilmore, called the sports-minded together. The Charter Members numbers thirty-one and included men and women, Thais and foreigners. They named the club, approved the club symbol and agreed that the objectives of the club would be to conduct and promote sports events and contribute to local charities. The first milestone in the history of the Pattaya Sports Club had been reached.

During the following early years Pattaya Sports Club grew at a slow but steady pace. As membership increased so did sporting activities. Golf outings became more frequent and fishing, bowling, darts and softball were added to the sports calendar.

By 1991 membership roles reached new heights and the club became recognizable among resident and visiting sportspeople, and the local community. At that juncture the club decided to form a committee for the purpose of determining the best formal organizational structure for Pattaya Sports Club.

In 1992 it was decided to proceed with the committee recommendation to register the club as a “Non profit association”. After overcoming many obstacles and with the help of Father Brennan of Redemptorist Centre, the Royal Thai Government approved the Pattaya Sports Club application on 15 May 1996; the second milestone of the club was reached.

With the association status finalized the Pattaya Sports Club exposure to the local sports community greatly increased. New club officers were elected and formalizing operations was now imperative. An office space was leased on Soi Diana adjacent to Café Kronborg, staff hired and trained and office systems and procedures put in place. Benefits to members were also increased.

Our Growth

The golf chairman started a monthly Members Tournament, an Annual Charity Classic and increased the number of venues from which members could participate in organized events. A Discount Program was put in place so that members could use their membership card for cash discounts at more than 100 member establishments including shops, hotels, medical facilities, restaurants, sports centers and places of entertainment.

In 1998 it became clear that Pattaya Sports Club was outgrowing its rented office space. It was agreed to form a committee to find a permanent home. Funds were set aside in 1999 and a budget of 3.8 million baht approved in 2000. Land was purchased in the name of Pattaya Sports Club Association, a building contractor selected and the Pattaya Sports Club Clubhouse was completed on schedule and within budget in 2002: the third milestone in club history.

Pattaya Sports Club have had over 47,000 members since it inseption and currently have 4,700 active members. What started as an occasional golf outing among close friends is now daily golf competitions and PSC lawn bowls league.

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Our Contribution to the community

Supporting local charities remains a key objective of the club and as the club has grown so has the ability to donate especially to support needy children, the handicapped and the underprivileged. Over the last 12 years Pattaya Sports Club donations to local charities has reached 30 million baht.

Pattaya Sports Club committee members donate their time and expertise to the club and do not receive any remuneration from the club and are expected to pay for their own out-of-pocket expenses.

Club Organization

Out of the members there exists a selected group of elective members. They come together for a yearly annual meeting in June. In the yearly meeting an Elective Committee has be chosen to run the daily business of the Pattaya Sports Club. The committee members do their work for the club on volunteer basis. The committee presents the yearly results on the annual meeting.

Club Organization

PresidentTy Anderson
Vice PresidentStanley Rees
Secretary John Underwood
TreasurerDick Braimbridge
Golf ChairmanGerry Conway

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