6 Results for day: 16/04/2021

Links Golf Society 14/4

Winner, Steve Moxey.   LINKS GOLF SOCIETY Pattavia Wed Apr.14 S/ford   Moxey Wins at his Least Favourite Course Sometime ago Steve Moxey, after having a bad score, said that he didn’t like Pattavia and would not play this course again. By our records he has now played here at least 10 times and, of the nine Green Jackets that ... More

Cricket Club Pattaya 11/4

Pattaya Cricket Club (PCC) at the Chiang Mai Big Bash 8’s 2021 – Part 2.  PCC retain the Trophy   Day 2 of the Chiang Mai Big Bash 8’s started with a delay of 90 minutes as part of the pitch was flooded from heavy overnight rain.  PCC were in third place and looking for a victory over the Lords of the Beers to secure a play-off place in ... More

Links Golf Society 12/4

Winner, Greg Ignatieff, same, same.             LINKS GOLF SOCIETY Treasure Hill Mon.12 Apr S/ford                Same Same - But Different Day March 3 was the last time we came to Treasure Hill before today and, looking back at that report, we felt that we could almost copy and paste here. The weather was ... More

Cricket Club Pattaya 10/4 Part 1

Pattaya Cricket Club (PCC) defend their Chiang Mai Big Bash 8’s trophy – Part 1.   The Tournament was held at the Gymkhana Cricket Ground at Chiang Mai on 10 and 11 April 2021. This has always been a hugely popular event in the Thailand cricket calendar, but the effects of the covid-19 pandemic and a recent third surge in cases reduced the ... More

Nadia’s Golf 12/4


Nadia’s Golf 8/4

As from now Boxing Roo Golf will operating under the name NADIA'S GOLF... More