31 Results for month: 03/2021


LINKS GOLF SOCIETY Laem Chabang A+C Michael Blumhagen in Top Form After completing the ‘A’ course at Laem Chabang, two players already had 20 points and another two had 19 points, and very pleased with themselves, so the contest was on. Then came the ‘C’ course with all the water and bunkers and, if those players can hold it together, ... More

Pattaya Cricket Club 28/3

Pattaya CC lose by 1 wicket in another last over thriller to Bangkok CC 2 on 28 March 2021. PCC’s penultimate divisional match was played on an overcast Sunday at Pattana Sports Resort.  It was a need-to-win match which was decided in the last over but could have gone either way.  BCC2 were the better team on the day, but PCC could have won, but ... More


Ian Bell Chimes in for a Win It was only three weeks ago that we last visited Khao Kheow and, on that occasion, the course was in really good condition, so now, if anything, it has improved even more. The fairways are well grassed and the greens are spotless and rolling with good pace. The weather was hot again with only the odd hint of a breeze. ... More

Bunker Boys Golf 22/3

Monday, March 22nd Pattavia 1st Barry Murnin (20) 38 points 2nd Myles Knowlson (10) 36 points 3rd Kevin LeBar (12) 35 points Near pins Geoff Atwell, Michael Brett, & Geoff Cox X 2. We begin a new week on a sad note with news over the weekend of the passing of Peter Hapgood. Peter was a long-time resident of Thailand, first in Phuket ... More

Boxing Roo Golf 25/3


Links Golf Society 24/3

Winner, Mike Tottenham, with Phil. LINKS GOLF SOCIETY Burapha C+A Wed  Mar.24 S/ford   Green Jacket  Comes Back to Mike Tottenham When making the courtesy phone call to Burapha on the eve of our visit, we were told that we would play C and D combination, not great, but OK. However, upon arrival at the C 1 tee, a caddie, and a ... More

Links Golf Society 22/3

Winner, Dave Arataki, with Phil Davies presenting.   LINKS GOLF SOCIETY Pattana B+C Mon Mar.22 S/ford   Dave Arataki Hits a Purple Patch Phil Davies hasn’t played golf for about six months, having been stranded in Wales. He stood looking at the B1 fairway at Pattana, which looked so fabulous that he almost went to get his ... More

Pattaya Cricket Club 21/3

Pattaya Cricket Club (PCC) sneak a 3 wicket win over Royal Bangkok Sports Club (RBSC) at Bangkok on 21 March 2021 PCC travelled away from home to the stupendous ground at the RBSC, set in the middle of the city within a horse racing track and a golf course.  There are a few ‘must see’ grounds in Thailand and this is certainly one of them.  Control ... More

Links Golf Society 19/3

Winner, Paul Smith  LINKS GOLF SOCIETY Pattavia Fri Mar.19 S/ford   Paul Smith Wins a Tight Finish As it has been most of the week, the weather today was overcast, hot and humid with very little, if any, air movement. The Pattavia course is in very good condition and the greens are as quick as you would expect here and playing truly. ... More

Bunker Boys Golf 15/3

Monday, March 15th Pattana A & B 1st Michael Brett (15) 38 points 2nd Geoff Atwell (24) 37 points 3rd Geoff Parker (18) 37 points Near pins Myles Knowlson, Barry Murnin, & Michael Brett X 2. A bright sunny but very hot day for our monthly visit to Pattana.  The course was in superb condition, and with very few players around no ... More

Charity Golf Day at Rolling Hills in April

We have been very fortunate to secure the beautiful Rolling Hills Golf Course for our next Charity Golf Day on Tuesday 20th April at an unprecendented rate and our thanks to the Siam Country Club management for giving us this fabulous opportunity. It will be a single stableford competition and for those people who have not yet had an opportunity to play ... More

Links Golf Society 17/3

LINKS GOLF SOCIETY Emerald Wed Mar.17 S/ford   Thierry Wins After a Late Course Change   It would be nice to be informed. On the eve of each game our Mr. Len makes a courtesy phone call to the golf course to confirm numbers. For this time Eastern Star, which was booked a month in advance, advised that they were to have a big tournament ... More

Links Golf Society 15/3

Winner, Serge Straeten   LINKS GOLF SOCIETY Laem Chabang A+C Mon Mar.15 S/ford   Serge Straeten Last to First This Monday morning started out quite warm and, as the day went on, managed to get to hot and humid, although with no threat of rain. Not that that means much, remember last Friday’s extravaganza? Phil’s back on ... More

Boxing Roo Golf 15/3


Pattaya Cricket Club 13/3

Pattaya Cricket Club’s Social Team play Koh Chang Cricket Club on 13 March 2021. The match was a 30 over event split into two innings of 15 overs each and played at Pattana Sports Resort on 13th March. Steve Perry from Koh Chang and his team do a fantastic job of introducing Thai children to cricket and coaching them over several years to a high ... More

Pattaya Cricket Club 14/3

Pattaya Cricket Club (PCC) defeat Kerala Strikers Cricket Club by 8 wickets on 14 March 2021 PCC played Kerala in Round 12 of the 25 over RBSC Cup on 14 March at Pattana Sports Resort.  Kerala, renowned as big hitters and accurate bowlers fell to a resurgent and destructive PCC, who bowled them out for 142 in 24 overs and Wez Masterton hit 105 not out ... More

Bunker Boys Golf 8/3

Monday, March 8th Parichat, Medal 1st Gerry Cooney (19) 35 points 2nd Roger Awad (20) 33 points 3rd Mark On (10) 30 points Near pins Roger Awad, Mark On,& Gerry Cooney X 2. A warm but overcast day for our monthly rainbow event at Parichat. Over the course of the round, a few drops of rain fell but we got through dry even though we ... More

Boxing Roo 11/3


PSC Charity Work continues despite Covid

Even though the Charity golf day in January to support the Kru Boonchu Special Needs Foundation had to be cancelled because of the second Covid outbreak we have still managed to provide most the items they so desperately needed. A generous donation from Todd and Nok Givens from monies raised at their Charity Golf Event in February provided a new treadmill ... More

Links Golf Society 10/3

Winner, Colin Service, a reluctant photo model.   LINKS GOLF SOCIETY Bangpra Wed March.10 S/ford           Colin Service Goes The Next Step On this Wednesday, Bangpra was a busy golf course. In addition to our four groups another PSC Society was to follow us an hour later. Then, into the afternoon, many groups of Thai golfers ... More

PSC Pattaya Lawn Bowls League starts

Saturday 13th March will see the start of the PSC Pattaya Lawn Bowls League at 3 venues in the local area. 6 teams will now compete in this new venture supported by the Pattaya Sports Club. Teams are drawn from local bowls enthusiasts comprising men, women, expat and Thais in what promises to be a fun but competitive format with many players making their ... More


Paul Smith’s Sub Par Round at Pattana Paul Smith had already secured 24 points on the par 37, ‘A’ nine at Pattana, and a big score looked as ominous as the dark clouds gathering overhead. Seventeen players in five groups headed for the first tee in hot and humid conditions, and it stayed that way for most of the day with no breeze to speak ... More

King Naga Golf Club : Notice of temporary closure


Pattaya Cricket Club 7/3

Pattaya Cricket Club receive a friendly trouncing by Southerners CC on 7 Mar 2021 PCC played a friendly T20 match against a largely Premiership level Southerners CC side at Pattana Sports Resort on 7 March 2021.  The friendly gave PCC the opportunity to give players who bat down the order a chance to swing the willow and the bowlers to hone their ... More


....Khao Kheow…A+B…Fri..Mar.5…S/ford         Peter Lacey Does it Again Ah! We amateur golfers, we never know how our game will be on a given day, one day up, next day down. We started the golfing week with a big 45 points from Kevin LaBar at Burapha, and it all went downhill from there as the best score we could find this day was 34 ... More