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Links Golf Society 27/7

     Craig Webster, Two in a Row at Laem Chabang They say that lightning doesn’t strike twice, but it has for Kiwi, Craig Webster, in his second win in two visits to Laem Chabang. Just two weeks ago, at our last trip here, he ran away with it, scoring 43 points. There was no lightning during the round this time, unlike the past few of our games, ... More

Links Golf Society 24/7

LINKS GOLF SOCIETY Khao Kheow C+A Fri Jul 24 S/ford   Another Wet Day No Problem for Tommy  Another Hole-in-One – Lawrie McBride Aces   It was the Tommy and Lawrie Show at Khao Kheow on this day. Tommy Marshall (handicap 5) used great course management to overcome playing from the shorter white tees, a rain delay, and then wet ... More

Siam Country Resort 25/7

PSC Golf from SIAM Country Resort Pattaya                                  25-07--2020 David Smith’s week We had this week only a small society due to several reasons, but we played anyway two times. The last weeks David Smith was coming back and showing every week a better performance. In his birthday week we ... More

Bunker Boys 20/7

Monday, July 20th Khao Yai Trip Sir James 1st Tony Robbins (23) 37 points 2nd Lance Conway-Jones (14) 35 points 3rd Jimmy Carr (17) 32 Near pins Tony Robbins X 3 Our trip to Khao Yai began with a game at the Sir James course. Most of our group had a leisurely trip up Pak Chong on Sunday and were very relaxed and ready to play, a couple ... More

Links Golf Society 22/7

Winner, Peter Lacey Links Golf Society…Greenwood B+C Wed Jul.22 S/Ford.   Lacey Wins for Second Time in a Week Peter Lacey is our latest player showing some good form. It is just one week ago that he donned his first Green Jacket in a long time and has now followed it up with another very good score of 37 points to win the day again. ... More

Links Golf Society 20/7

Miss On – Can Caddie and Play Golf Kevin La Bar Scores a Hole-in-One Fourteen players ascended on Pattavia Golf Course today on a cloudy but fine, warm morning. The course was in the usual very good condition and ‘those’ greens are still as tame as we left them a couple of weeks back. Don’t be fooled though, there is still two putt ... More

Links Golf Society 17/7

 Is Mike an Eastern Star Specialist? It is just on a month ago that we last visited Eastern Star and on that day the winner was Mike Firkin. It seems that this course agrees with him as he is the Green Jacket winner again today. He scored only 32 points that day to win on countback, but this time he made sure of it with a terrific 38 points on what ... More

Bunker Boys 13/7

Monday, July 13th Laem Chabang B & C 1st Jimmy Carr (18) 37 points 2nd Neil Harvey (8) 36 points 3rd Les Cobban (8) 35 points Near pins Tony Plummer, Michael Brett, & Neil Harvey X 2. A first-time visit this year to Laem Chabang for the Bunker Boys who found the quality of the course and Sports Day pricing irresistible. Despite ... More

Siam Country Resort 17/7

PSC Golf from SIAM Country Resort Pattaya 17-07--2020   Ty Anderson again on Thursday On “Quatorze  Juillet” we went to Eastern Star. It was a cloudy and humid day after a night with heavy rain. The sky looked threatened black, but we kept it dry. By midday we had some sun and it became even hot. The course was in good condition, ... More

Links Golf Society 15/7

Winner, Peter Lacey, with Tip Briney, now dry.   Links Golf Society Bangpakong Wed Jul.15 S/ford Finally, Peter Lacey another Green Jacket We suppose some golfers have their reasons why they sometimes shun Bangpakong Riverside golf course. Most often the excuse is that it is too far to travel. Might be worth checking the GPS sometime. ... More

Links Golf Society 13/7

Craig Webster Rolls Out 43 points Only days ago, Tip Briney, while he was on a roll, handed in a score of 43 points. Well, here is another 43 points, this time from Craig Webster. Craig plays with a couple of Societies and has been posting some okay to good scores, but this one has been waiting to be let loose and what better place to do it than ... More


PSC CONTINUES TO HELP THE NEEDY. Towards the end of May some 100 meals were delivered on the dark side to those who were unable to join the long queues - by PSC and friends. Leading to the homes of those in need was Noodle Russell who has always assisted charities on the dark side. At one home they were met by a shock situation where a very sick 37 ... More


Organized by Charity Chair Noi Emmerson with a 25,000 baht donation by Pattaya Sports Club, on 22nd June provided some 200 food bags for the poor in Huai Yai. This was the 3rd time of such a gesture had been made. Noi was helped by a number of friends who packaged and delivered the bags containing Rice, Fish Sauce, Eggs, Sardines and Noodles. Pattaya ... More


On Friday 10th July a group of representatives of the Pattaya Sports Club went for the first time in the history of the Pattaya Sports Club to Koh Larn. Our Charity Chair member Khun Noi Emmerson discovered that the people on the island also suffered on Covid-19 and needed help. The local police were so friendly to accompany us to the island and drove us ... More

Links Golf Society 10/7

Winner, George Mueller, looking Napoleonic   Links Golf Society Pattana A+B Fri Jul.10 S/ford George Ploughs Through the Wet At our previous visit to play the A+B nines at Pattana, many of the players remarked on the poor condition of some of the B course greens. Reports before this game from a good golfer friend of ours, who had played ... More

Bunker Boys 6/7

Monday, July 6th Pattaya Country Club 1st Daryl Vernon & Geoff Atwell 42 points 2nd Jimmy Carr & Dave Ashman 42 points Near pins Jimmy Carr, Michael Brett, & Geoff Parker X 2. As we had an even number of players today our illustrious leader Jimmy Carr decided we should by way of a change play a two-ball better-ball competition. In ... More

Siam Country Resort 11/7

PSC Golf from SIAM Country Resort Pattaya 10-07--2020   Empty courses It was amazing this week how empty the courses were. Perhaps was everybody afraid of the rain. Also, many of our regular players were outside the city. Anyway, we enjoyed the courses where we played. On Tuesday 7th July we went to The Emerald. It was a cloudy and ... More

Links Golf Society 8/7

Wide awake Winner, Tip Briney   Links Golf Society Greenwood A+B Wed Jul.8 S/Ford. Tip Briney Finds a Magic Elixir Now that he’s found it, he won’t let it go. Tip Briney has scored his third win in a row. After Soi Dao last week and then on Monday at Pleasant Valley, today he has romped in with a huge 43 points to easily win the Green ... More

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Links Golf Society 6/7

It’s Been a Long Way to the Top for Tip One thing that Tip Briney has is willpower. For week after week he could barely hit the driver past the ladies’ tee. Then he changed to a four iron, which was better, but short lived. Throughout this long and frustrating period, that would have taken down lesser men, he kept smiling, hoping that things would ... More

Pattaya Sports Club Annual General Meeting

Pattaya, 9th July 2020 Dear Elective Member, The results of our survey to determine the number of Elective Members who would be able to attend our Annual General Meeting on August 15, 2020 showed that we would not get enough attendance nor proxy votes to achieve a quorum. This is due to international travel restrictions during the COVID-19 ... More

SIAM Country Resort 5/7

Ty Anderson wins at Plutaluang On Tuesday 30th June we went to Greenwood, where we played the A & C loop. Pattaya Country Club. It was a cloudy and humid day after a night with heavy rain. It was not easy playing today on a wet course with no roll. It is reflected in the results, Jonathan Pratt was able to manage the condition of the course the ... More

 Links Golf Society 3/7

Early July 4th for Bill Copeland The weather provided a perfect day for golf on a superbly presented Pattavia Golf Course for our twelve Links Golf players. Overcast all day with never a real threat of rain, but with some cooling breezes, made life very comfortable. There were almost no other golfers around, although we occasionally spotted a four ... More

Bunker Boys 29/6

Les Cobban, winner at Greenwood. Geoff Ate all, winner at Treasure Hill. Treasure Hill 1st Geoff Atwell (22) 34 points 2nd Dave Ashman (23) 34 points 3rd Geoff Parker (18) 32 points Near pins, Dave Ashman, Geoff Atwell, & Michael Brett Monday dawned grey and cloudy and as we drove to the course rain started to tumble down heavily. ... More