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Links Golf Society 29/1

Winner,"A" flight, Wayne Peppernell, with Vic Hansen (L) and Derek Phillips (R)     Pattaya Links Golf Society….Eastern Star.....Wed..Jan.29... S/ford   Wayne Back in the Winner’s Circle   Peace and calm was restored at Eastern Star today as there was not the over booking that caused a lot of running around and brow wiping on our ... More

Billabong 29/1

Miss Yen and Brian Chapman --Peter Terry and Brian Chapman.   WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 29TH GREEN VALLEY HAVEN CONSULTANTS MONTHLY MEDAL The second medal this month and it was good to see Brian Chapman CEO of Haven Consultants the long time sponsor of this competition for the Billabong, playing again following a long break from the game. A ... More

Result of Club Championship Mon 20th – Weds 22nd Jan at Burapha

Mon 20th  – Weds 22nd Jan PSC Club Championship The 2020 PSC Club Championship took place on the excellent A and B nines of Burapha Golf Course. 76 signed up to play on the first day, including seven ladies; however three late withdrawals left 73 starters who were all on time to be registered and welcomed by the usual team of VP Tim, Nigel and Ing, ... More

The PSC Handicap App & WHS Update 30th

The PSC Handicap App Update 30th Jan We are still experiencing some testing problems regarding the link between the Handicap System on the website, Pattayasports.org and the new App but both are continuing to work well, independently. So please use either system, whichever suits but it is up-to-you to stay aware, which one is your live handicap. I am ... More


  Played out of “BOGEY’S BAR & GRILL.” STABLEFORD. EMERALD G.C. 23rd of Janurary, 2020 PRH Grey. Martin takes on all comers to win   Eleven golfers took up the challenge and travelled out to have a crack at Emerald Golf Course. Usually a good course but from time to time it can be a bit dry. The course as it played ... More

Café Kronborg 27/1

  Bunkered?! and Greenwood!! I don't miss much in Pattaya - apart from short putts - but it has recently been pointed out to me that a few weeks ago a local golfing group published an article claiming that its group was possibly the only non profit golf society in Pattaya! Actions have consequences and we golfers at Café Kronborg would like ... More

Links Golf Society 27/1

   Scratch Card Wins Green Jacket for Durkan   The Pattaya Links Golf Society tried hard to clog up the highway on Monday, 27th January as fifty-two golfers travelled in various modes of transport to Royal Lakeside to play a stableford competition in three flights, divided at fourteen and under, fifteen to twenty and twenty-one and above. ... More

Links Golf Society 24/1

Jon Dean’s Triumphant Return   Oh, oh, not again?  There were not enough caddies available for us when we reached Treasure Hill, but the caddie manager assigned caddies to each group in turn as the caddies arrived at the course, sound familiar?   But this was not a course overbooked, far from it. Many caddies were at the Temple ... More


He’s back, Steve Younger takes advantage of his nemesis not playing   Nine golfers signed up to have a crack at Monday’s venue, Treasure Hill. We are still struggling with numbers, and this is such a good course. The only good to come out of this was the general lack of numbers at and on the course. “High Season’ Hmmmmmm! The course ... More

Siam Country Resort 26/1

Stephen Ford and Dave Smith on fire on Pleasant Valley and Khao Kheow   On Tuesday 21th January 2020 we went with 3 groups to Pleasant Valley. It was a nice and hot sunny day with sometimes a nice breeze. When we arrived, the course looked in good condition. When we came on the course it turned out that the grass on the fairways was too long on the ... More

Bunker Boys 20/1

Monday, January 20th Pleasant Valley 1st Tony Berry (14) 34 points 2nd Tony Robbins (19) 34 points 3rd Stuart Tinkler (17) 34 points 4th Les Cobban (8) 34 points 5th Derek Stephenson (17) 33 points Near pins Phil Mashiter, Patrick Kelly, Peter Kelly, & Michael Brett. A smaller than expected field of twenty-one turned out for the ... More

Links Golf Society 22/1

Winner, "B" flight, John Malet DeCarteret, with Kevin Roberts (L) and John Pearce (R)     Pattaya Links Golf Society…..Pattavia......Wed…Jan.22...S/ford   The Count Raking in Green Jackets   As our bus turned into the golf course we wondered if there would be enough (or any) caddies for our 52 golfers, recalling a report from ... More

Billabong 22/1

WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 22ND GREEN VALLEY STABLEFORD The first thought that comes to mind standing on the first tee is that the pond is certainly at low tide, as are all the others, and must a big concern for, not only Green Valley, but courses throughout the area. But it is a strange situation when in this water starvation period you can have a free ... More

Links Golf Society 20/1

Winner 'B' flight, John Malet DeCarteret, with Carl Lovatt (L) and Niall Caven (R) Pattaya Links Golf Society…..Bangpakong.....Mon..Jan.20….S/ford   The Count Lords it at Riverside...Just!   At this time of the year the course at Bangpakong Riverside is a joy to play. Always well prepared, the fairways are well grassed and the ... More

Café Kronborg 16/1

16th January 2020 Treasure Hills   Café Kronborg golfers today visited Treasure Hills. Our day was generously sponsored by our birthday boy Ronnie Rattle but looking for treasure today was as difficult as looking for a cat to kick!! For the second time this week our group displayed a dismal performance and only one of our players came out ... More

Links Golf Society 17/1

Winner, "B" flight, Helene Lindberg, with Barry Wilson (L) and Tanvir Ahmed (R). Pattaya Links Golf Society…Khao Kheow…C+A…Fri..Jan.17....S/ford   Helene Out Guns the other 55 Players   We do things a bit differently at Links Golf. Due to having large numbers of players and, therefore many groups, we conduct a draw for each ... More

Growling Swan 16/1

J.J. Harney (L), Today's winner, Paul Sharples (C) and Allan Ray (R)   PSC GOLF REPORT. GROWLING SWAN GOLF, Played out of “BOGEY’S BAR & GRILL.” STABLEFORD. PATTAVIA G.C. 16th of Janurary, 2020 PRH Grey. Paul Sharples wins a tight one by a “Solitary Point”. Numbers still not there, but signs are good. We will ... More

Siam Country Resort 18/1

PSC Golf from SIAM Country Resort Pattaya                 18-01-2020   Paddy Devereux and Paul Davies unbeatable couple   On Tuesday 14th January 2020 we went with 3 groups to Treasure Hill. It was a nice day with a course in good condition. Nevertheless the good conditions was it not an easy day and we didn't make high ... More

Bunker Boys 13/1

Monday, January 13th Crystal Bay C & A White 1st Mashi Kaneta (17) 42 points 2nd Keith Norman (12) 40 points 3rd Andy Gray (23) 39 points 4th Phil Mashiter (4) 39 points 5th Peter Kelly (13) 38 points Near pins Tony Berry, Keith Norman, Ken Elmore, & Jimmy Carr. Following last Friday's debacle, it was nice to get back to ... More

Café Kronborg 13/1

13th January 2020 Pleasant Valley   Double for Deryl!   Café Kronborg golfers today went to Pleasant Valley hoping the windmill would keep on turning and the course would be pleasant for all of us. Alas, this was not to be as the windmill sails were stagnant and so was our golf. There was no cat to kick so we blamed the poor ... More

Links Golf Society15/1

Winner, "A" flight, Paul Durkan, with Simon Watts (L) and Rana Gurnam (R)           Pattaya Links Golf Society...Green Valley….Wed…Jan.15...S/ford   Durkan Wins at Green Valley   The Pattaya Links Golf Society revisited Green Valley on Wednesday, 15th January with forty-three golfers getting the nod from the starter to ... More

Billabong 15/1

WEDNESDAY JANUARY 15TH GREEN VALLEY STABLEFORD You feel sure you are in for a busy and slow day when there are many people in the changing room and you are listening to some unfamiliar accents and, sure enough, that is what happened. But why is it that the slow groups are always in front? But there was some excitement on the 16th green when Miss ... More

Growling Swan 13/1

Keith Buchanan (L), Today's winner, Peter Bye (C) and Steve Younger (R).   PSC GOLF REPORT. GROWLING SWAN GOLF, Played out of “BOGEY’S BAR & GRILL.” STABLEFORD. PARICHAT G.C. 13th of Janurary, 2020. PRH Grey. Peter Bye has got warm in recent games but today was the day! Well, it was nine golfers today charged up ... More

Links Golf Society 13/1

  Derek’s ‘Poor Game’ Wins Green Jacket What a contrast from another golf course we visited two days ago, when there was over crowding and some confusion, to the peaceful and picturesque surroundings of Treasure Hill. Today we had 56 players ready to hit the fairways and the organizing and starting of the fourteen groups was easy and ... More

Café Kronborg 9/1

Mrs Kubicki is number one !!!   Mrs Kubicki is number one !!! Carole and Deryl   Café Kronborg golfers today played this smart course. Our organiser treated us to playing off the yellow tees and as expected that resulted in some high scores. Not to be out done by her husband's hole in one earlier in the week Carole Kubicki ... More