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Links Golf Society 27/12

Winner, "B" flight, Helene Lindberg, with John Coetzee (L) and Tip Briney (R).           Pattaya Links Golf Society...Treasure Hill….Fri…Dec.27...S/ford   Helene Lindberg Making This A Habit   As forty one players from Links Golf descended on the golf course that everyone loves to hate, because it’s “too hard”, we had ... More

Bunker Boys 23/12

Monday, December 23rd Pattavia 1st Geoff Cox (17) 39 points 2nd Andy Grey (29) 37 points 3rd Peter Kelly (13) 35 points 4th Les Cobban (8) 34 points Near pins Dave Ashman, Peter Kelly, & Colin Greig. Golf Societies in Pattaya face an ongoing challenge, i.e. courses refuse to provide written confirmation of bookings with the green ... More

Café Kronborg 26/12

Thursday 26th December 2019 Pattavia Danish Double!   Café Kronborg golfers today went to Pattavia to seek Boxing Day presents. This is another sensible priced golf course which is well supported and where the management seem to have listened to constructive criticism concerning the speed of the greens . There was a time when the speed ... More

Growling Swan 26/12

Winner,Colm Lawlor (L), with Nat Rukkid (C), and Paul Reeves (R).   MERRY XMAS ALL HOPING YOU HAVE HAD A GOOD XMAS & let’s make sure THAT 2020 IS A BETTER YEAR THAN 2019. PSC GOLF REPORT. GROWLING SWAN GOLF, Played out of “BOGEY’S BAR & GRILL.” STROKE. PATTAVIA G.C. 26th of DECEMBER, 2019.   PRH Grey. ... More

Siam Country Resort 27/12

PSC Golf from SIAM Country Resort Pattaya                 27-12-2019   George Gamble on fire at Crystal Bay.   On Tuesday 24th December  we went with 3 groups to Pleasant Valley. It was a nice and sunny day with sometimes a nice breeze. The course was in reasonable condition with good fairways and greens and a pleasure to ... More

The Pattaya Sports Club Privilege Health Scheme

The PSC Privilege Health Scheme is now available and exclusive to members of the PSC, with all plans fully compliant with O-A & O-X Long Stay Visa requirements. Pacific Cross offers 6 plan levels, all with emergency 24/7 worldwide coverage. First time applicants accepted up to 75 (plus 364 days) with renewal up to age 99 years.        ... More

Links Golf Society 25/12

Winner,'B' flight, Richard Pope, with Phil Davies presenting     Pattaya Links Golf Society….Eastern Star.....Wed..Dec.25... S/ford   Pope Shines at Eastern Star   It’s Christmas Day in Pattaya, Thailand, and it’s time for some golf.   Thirty two Links Golf players arrived at Eastern Star clutching 850 bht green fee ... More

Growling Swan 19/12

L-R, Winner, Keith Buchanan, with Glenn Smith PSC GOLF REPORT. GROWLING SWAN GOLF, Played out of “BOGEY’S BAR & GRILL.” STABLEFORD. KING’S NAGA G.C. 19th of DECEMBER, 2019. PRH Grey. It was that man Kissy again, between he and Steele game over! Unfortunately, with two late pull outs we had fourteen golfers willing to ... More

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Links Golf Society 20/12

Winner,Thorsten Jodehl, with Phil Davies presenting Pattaya Links Golf Society....Silky Oak…Fri. Dec.20….S/ford   49 Points Easy Win for Thorsten   Are we all golfed out? Are there too many Xmas parties to attend? Is it the venue? Whatever the answer, our smallest field for many weeks, 18 players, signed up for a rare outing to ... More

Bunker Boys 16/12

Monday, December 16th Bangpra 1st Les Cobban (8) 38 points 2nd Jimmy Carr (17) 38 points 3rd Keith Hemmings (22) 33 points 4th John Hughes (21) 33 points Near pins Murray Greig, Robby Watts, Tony Robbins, & Les Cobban. It seems at times some people never learn, today we had another issue with green fees at Bangpra similar to last ... More

Café Kronborg 19/12

Thursday 19th December 2019 Bangpakong.   Double Tops for Ronnie!   Today the Café Kronborg golfers went to Bangpakong Riverside course, although one of our group thought, before joining us, he would go to the other Bangpakong Golf Course! The prestigious Riverside course is a good test of golf but the 17th and 18th with their ... More

Siam Country Resort 21/12

PSC Golf from SIAM Country Resort Pattaya                 21-12-2019   Rayong courses   On Tuesday 17th December  we went with 4 groups to Eastern Star. We welcomed some guest players today, so we had a very good turnout. The course was in very good condition with good fairways and greens and a pleasure to play. The weather ... More

PSC Rocks into Christmas

On Wednesday 11th December almost 300 members and guests were at the First Pacific Hotel (Formally Town-in-Town) for the 2019 Christmas party. The doors were open at 6 PM and all were welcomed by PSC staff and Santa (Rick Bevington). The start was delayed due to a major traffic problem in Pattaya Klang.   The proceedings were opened by MC ... More

Links Golf Society 18/12

Winner, "A" flight, Peter Lacey, with   Michael Wright (L) and Mike Ehlert (R). Pattaya Links Golf Society…Khao Kheow…C+A…Wed..Dec.18....S/ford   Peter Lacey Wished for a Green Jacket   The pleasant surprises keep coming. Upon arrival at Khao Kheow our forty golfers found they were paying a lot less than expected, receiving a ... More

Billabong 18/12

WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 18TH GREEN VALLEY STABLEFORD The dry weather has hardened the fairways resembling  those we would face in UK when the frost is firmly established in the ground and we all feel like Superman/Superwoman with our drives going 300 yards plus – or is it 200 yards plus? The extra length, particularly on the drive, is somewhat ... More

Growling Swan 16/12

L-R, Wan Makmul, Keith Buchanan and Winner, Nat Rukkid   PSC GOLF REPORT. GROWLING SWAN GOLF, Played out of “BOGEY’S BAR & GRILL.” STABLEFORD. Mt SHADOW G.C. 16th of December, 2019. PRH Grey. Nat beats the boys with a good score on the day! Twelve golfers signed up to play today at Mountain Shadow GC. It’s been a ... More

Café Kronborg 16/12

Monday 16th December 2019 Pleasant Valley   Carole Kubicki and Ronnie Rattle   Ladies first at Pleasant Valley     Café Kronborg boys, and two ladies, went to Pleasant Valley today where there is a very small windmill on a golf course. I am not sure of the relevance of the windmill but it was not turning! Co... More

Links Golf Society 16/12

Green for Griffith but Ace for Smith   With the days warming up so are the golfers with the Pattaya Links Golf Society, as eight groups visited Pleasant Valley on Monday for a stableford competition in two flights with the cut set at sixteen and under.     The busy course was well presented with grassed fairways allowing "run" ... More

Growling Swan 12/12

L-R, Bill Steinmann, Keith Buchanan, Steve Younger, Colm Lawlor.   PSC GOLF REPORT. GROWLING SWAN GOLF, Played out of “BOGEY’S BAR & GRILL.” STABLEFORD. GREENWOOD G.C. 12th of December, 2019. CASA. PSC CAUSE BUS DEPARTURE DELAY FOR 3 WAY TIE FOR FIRST! Our normal departure time to head to the course in the bus at ... More

Siam Country Resort 15/12

PSC Golf from SIAM Country Resort Pattaya                 15-12-2019   Sri Racha week   On Wednesday 11th December  we went with 3 groups to Crystal Bay, where we played the A & C course. The course was in very good condition with some brown grass on the fairways due to the dry weather. The greens were in good condition. ... More

Links Golf Society 13/12

Winner, "A" flight, Colm O'Donovan, with Will Brown (L) and John O'Neil (R).     Pattaya Links Golf Society….Eastern Star.....Fri..Dec.13... S/ford   Colm Cops Countback Win   The Pattaya Links Golf Society received the usual warm welcome on a still cool day at Eastern Star on Friday, 13th December, as ten groups contested the ... More

Bunker Boys 9/12

Monday, December 9th Pattaya Country Club 1st Ken Davidson (25) 34 points 2nd Jimmy Carr (16) 34 points 3rd Klaus Koerdt (36) 30 points Near pins Ken Davidson, & Gerry Cooney X 2 An unseasonally cool Pattaya morning developed into one of the most beautiful days for golf that one could envision, clear blue skies, perfect temperature, ... More

Links Golf Society 9/12

Winner, "B" flight, George Mueller, with Kevin McEntee (L) and Ronnie Culross (R).       Pattaya Links Golf Society…..Pattavia......Mon…Dec.9...S/ford   George Rules at Pattavia   This current cool spell certainly has golfers anticipating splendid playing conditions and Monday, 9th December saw the Pattaya Links Golf Society ... More

Growling Swan 9/12

Runner-up, Glenn Smith   PSC GOLF REPORT. GROWLING SWAN GOLF, Played out of “BOGEY’S BAR & GRILL.” STABLEFORD. SILKY OAK G.C. 9th of December, 2019. PRH Grey. Denis Steele takes this one by a couple!   Yet again not a huge field but at least we are sending Golfers out to have a hit. Twelve golfers ... More