Welcome ‘back’ to the New Pattaya Sports Club Website

Initially launched in July 2021 the new website incorporates the new PSC Handicap system utilising the protocols of the World Handicap System. We have now added a number of new functions for the benefit of our members, both individuals and organisers alike. Everything from checking your playing handicap, hole by hole scoring, schedules and reports can all be accessed seamlessly through your laptop or your mobile phone as it is now fully integrated.

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In the Golf section you will find more detail on how the new handicap system actually works, the Hole by Hole scoring function, and in the Member Groups section check out the news, reports and schedules for all our affiliated golfing groups. An easy to follow guide to downloading the WebApp to your phone is included in the Information pages here.

Playing outside Thailand? No problem. Scores can now be entered from anywhere in the world once the course has been registered into the system.

Why become a Member of the Pattaya Sports Club?

On joining, or rejoining, the Pattaya Sports Club you will immediately be handed a 500 THB voucher from Decathlon Sports and then, as a member of the PSC, your membership card will allow you to enjoy discounts at an extensive range of restaurants and other businesses and sports venues throughout the city which will cover your joining fee in no time at all!

For the golfers, the PSC Handicap system is free for all members and as things return to a semblance of normality post covid we fully expect that the discounts previously enjoyed at most of the 25 championship golf courses in the region will once again become a benefit exclusive to PSC membership.

Join us now and you can enjoy all these benefits for less than 500 THB per year!

Pattaya Sports Club Events

The Club organizes a number of charity golf events during the year which are exclusive to PSC members and the Annual Christmas party, which is renowned for being one of the best in town, and is hugely discounted for PSC members.