Golf Handicaps


How To Enter Scores

Login to Golf Software: Enter”13733-[PSC Membership Number]” for the GSID, and your surname for the password.

1.Click  Scores
2.Choose 18 Hole Scores or 9 Hole Scores
3.Click Add Score
4.Click Quick Entry (Total) Or Detailed Entry (Hole by Hole)
5.Select Date
6.Select Course, if the course not show in the list please click More Courses
7.Search Thailand  145 Courses in Thailand will appear find course and click Select ( you only have to do this one)
8.Tee Select Tee you played from
9.Enter Adjusted gross score
10.Click Save

All cards in stable-ford point have to be converted to gross score, before inputting in our USGA handicap database Gross scores saves a considerable time and as we are all old codgers conversion mistakes can be made. Below are the USGA adjusted scores:

HCP 9 or less – no hole score in excess of a double bogie;
HCP 10-19 – no hole score in excess of a 7
HCP 20-29 – no hole score in excess of a 8
HCP 30-39 – no hole score in excess of a 9
HCP of 40 or more –no hole score in excess of a 10
If you fail to complete a hole, no points, Use the table above

Conversion point to gross , 3 points is par hcp, below 3 examples for a 20 hcp

39pts is -3 add 20 = 17 pts hcp+72 = 89 gross
33pts is +3 add 20 = 23 pts hcp+72 = 95 gross
30pts is +6 add 20 = 26 pts hcp+72 = 98 gross

Senior/Silver Tee

A golfer may elect to play off the Silver Tee’s (referred to Senior Tee’s) providing they meet the following:

Application rules.

From 1st June 2015 Players wishing to change from the Regular Men’s tees to play from the Silver/Senior Tees will have to qualify under the following criteria.

  1. The player must be a minimum of 60 years and a current playing handicap of 18.
  2. The player must obtain an application form held at the PSC.
  3. The player will be assessed for suitability by the bar organizer and another member of the group from where the player plays from, or in their absence, the PSC Golf Chairman and a member of his committee.

Once the application form has successfully been completed, the player immediately will lose 20 per cent of their handicap for playing purposes and play all future rounds off the Silver Tees including PSC competitions.

In the absence of Silver Tees at a course, the player will play two meter’s behind the red tees.

After 20 rounds entered into the handicap system the player will have a valid and current handicap.

If you would like to download and complete our silver tee application form , please view or download here. PSC Application Form to play from Silver Tee

Our team regularly updates the table below. You may also view or download a copy PDFXLS