New Handicap System

19th March 2017


Dear PSC Member,

As you are all aware we have implemented a new handicap system, what you probably don’t know is that this was done in conjunction with a new membership system. These two data bases ae now fully integrated with each other. The new membership system is a great advance forward allowing us to do online membership and renewals and to have a full twelve months membership from joining date rather than expiring, no matter what date you joined, on the next 30th June. It was essential to integrate the two data bases something that was not possible using an external data base. We anticipate that the online joining and renewal will increase PSC membership.

It is no secret that there have been some issues with the implementation of the handicap system. There were a couple of minor software bugs that have been fixed but the bulk of the issues identified were human error related. These errors basically come down to posting errors on scores. Our software developer outsourced the processing of data and by the very nature of processing over 300,000 scores some errors occurred. Boring job and some drivers fell asleep at the wheel.

This is where you become important. Whilst we have identified many errors, by their nature posting errors are easily fixed but identifying them is not, particularly for the PSC staff. You can easily identify them. We have released a handicap list which we know contains some errors, we are asking you to identify those errors by checking your scores record and identifying any errors. If you have any incorrect scores on your record you can contact us at a special hotline e-mail address Please provide details of membership number, date/details of incorrect posting and we will correct them within 3 days of receipt.

Secondly, a small percentage of players have some scores not entered. We have entered all scores and caught up to date but if you have scores missing please let us know at or alternatively you can enter them yourself.

Thirdly, a very small number of players have dropped from the system, if you are in this category please contact us at and you will be re-instated within 24 hours.

In summary, we have identified the problems and the bulk of them are human error data entry errors which was outsourced by the software developer. Whilst we expected some errors due to the nature of the task we now seek your assistance in identifying the errors and we will correct them ASAP.

Many people and with some justification are wondering why we chose to implement a new handicap system. If it isn’t broke why fix it?

Within my report presented at the last AGM I identified the handicap system as our most valuable asset. It remains so, but in the view of myself and the committee you do not hire/rent your greatest asset and you do not have that asset outside your control. Whilst the “old” system worked we neither owned or controlled it. The consequences are frightening if the previous software supplier has any unforeseen problems either financial or technical? At some point you have to take control and for what in the whole scheme of things is a short term is a painful period of transition, the long term benefits to PSC are significant.

Many people are saying that the change was made for purely financial reasons, this is not the case.  Over the next five years a saving of over two million baht is significant but it was not the primary motivating factor. The primary motivating factor for myself and the Committee is taking charge of our main asset. In the past we have had limited or little control over the handicap system. We have made numerous requests for changes that have usually been met by refusal and our number of players were limited. We have been forced to de-activate players who have not entered scores for three months and re-activate them when they returned. The system also contained a number of administrative restrictions which did not affect the golfer or his handicap but certainly limited the administration of the system. We were making compromises in efficiency and management.

We chose this point in time because we were introducing the new membership system and it was an ideal time to combine the two data bases. This was the most logical step. We are now running our databases so that they interact with each other, something that was not possible prior to the consolidation.

We anticipated teething problems with the total revamp of off PSC’s management software as is the case where new software is introduced. A small number of bugs or errors have come to light. I take this opportunity to assure you that any software issues found over the last two weeks that have surfaced have been resolved or are in the process of being resolved.

It has not been an easy transition, with a historical data base of 43,000 plus members, 3,700 current handicaps and 14,000 current members the amount of data processed has been enormous.

What we ask from you is an understanding of the enormity of the task we have undertaken, assistance in identifying any errors and patience in resolving those errors. I assure you that we are working tirelessly toward a speedy resolution of all issues.


If you have any errors please accept my apologies, the software works fine it interacts and works properly and we expect to refine further improvements. The bulk of the errors are human posting errors and whilst this is irritating they are very simply fixed by deleting the incorrect data and re-entering correct data.

Again I remind you to use the problem e-mail for error resolution.

Thank you for your understanding, assistance, patience and tolerance during this transition.





Maurice Roberts



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