Online Membership

Join PSC with our online form

We are delighted to introduce a new plastic membership card and online payment form. We will also continue to issue cards at the PSC office.

  1. Annual Membership: Yearly membership is now available every month for only 500 Baht.
    Sign up on any day in any month, card expires last day of that month next year.
  2. Gold Card Membership:  This membership is valid for a period of five years and only costs 2,500 Baht.
    Sign up on any day in any month, card expires last day of that month five years later.
  3. Replacement Cards: Replacement card for lost or stolen cards. Expires same date as the original card to keep administration simple.

Important Notes

When you join online you must collect your new card from PSC office on arrival in Pattaya.

If you pay by Credit or PayPal-your membership will be dated from that date.

If you pay on arrival your membership will valid on that date.

Payment Options: You can make a secure online payment using PayPal which accepts the following credit cards.

We will continue to accept cash and credit card payments at the PSC office.

Lapsed Membership: If your membership lapses for more than 5 years you have to pay the registration cost of 400 Baht again.

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