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Tropical Golf 21/7

Friday July 21, Pattavia - St Barry E. Returns As Champ Even though the Tropical Golfers were just at Pattavia last week, we went back because well, we like Pattavia! Actually it was more complicated than that, but a scheduling mix-up forced us to find another course quick, and after last time Pattavia was high on ... More

Tropical Golf 18/7

Tuesday July 18, Bangpakong - St Barry E. Dominates at Bangpakong! Twas a fine day in July and the Tropical Golfers were heading to Bangpakong. Yes, a longer drive, but freeway close so not a lot of bumpy roads and dog dodging to do.  A good brekky at BJ's Lodge made sure both golfers and cars were fueled for the ... More

Colin’s Golf Bar 16/7

Sunday 16th July   Silky Oak Just 10 players today for Silky Oak and when we arrived the weather looked promising, but when we got to the tee the rain started the 1st 2 groups went out in the light rain , but because of traffic problems the last group had to wait for the final member of the group to arrive so they ... More

Links Golf 19/7

Tommy Works Hard At Khao Kheow  Khao Kheow is one of the best Golf Courses in this area of Thailand. Always presented in great condition with fresh mown fairways and good paced greens. Today was a hard slog for all of the golfers, as the fairways have taken a lot of water of late, and not helped by a big shower the ... More

The Players Lounge 18-19/07

TPL on the 18th-19th with 21 players travelled to Bangkok and played lam luka and lotus valley with a one night over night,both were in fantastic condition. Lam luka was our first day. B flight winners: 1st Mick beresford 17 38 2nd Jim bell 19 34 3rd bill peach 22 32 4th Dave Ferris 15 A flight: 1st Tony Oakes 13 37 ... More

Growling Swan 17/07

GROWLING SWAN GOLF STABLEFORD MOUNTAIN SHADOW GC – 17th July 2017.   Keith Buchanan Kisses the field goodbye!   As it was.     The field today was unfortunately riddled with cancelations so we set out with a dozen players. Who were filled with some optimistic enthusiasm, in taking ... More

The Golf Club 10-14/07

TGC write up for 10th – 14th July Steve Ellison   Furneaux on Fire!   Monday 10th – Green Valley – Stableford – White Tees 1st – Mark Wood (9) 39 points 2nd – Greg Furneaux (18) 38 points 3rd – Butch Furneaux (9) 36 points   There is a very strange mood about town as ... More

Cafe Kronborg 13/07

Pattavia 13 July Stableford   We are back up and running so check out the sked on the psc website.Today it was   off to pattavia up the 331 for 1 hour and off the first tee on time with overcast skies and a couple   of rain showers on the back nine. The course was in stupendious condition ... More

Bunker Boys 10-14/07

Monday July 10,Crystal Bay,(white tees), Medal. 1st Michael Brett(15)                70 net 2nd Trevor priestly(19)             75 3rd Geoff Parker(13)                76 oco Near pins: Robby Watts, Takeshi Hakozaki, Neil Carter/ Jimmy Carr shared. The weekend ... More

Tropical Golf 14/07

PSC Golf from Tropical Golf Group Friday, July 14, Treasure Hill - St Pierrel Uncovers the Treasure...! Here we are, mid July, temperatures and rainy spells on the rise, but the interest in hitting the links for a round of golf not dropping off at all. In fact the numbers were up for this round scheduled for the ... More

The Growling Swan 13/07

PATTAYA SPORST CLUB - GROWLING SWAN GOLF STABLEFORD EASTERN STAR GC – 13TH JULY. 2017 By James Olsen IT’s the man of STEELE! As it Happened. On an overcast morning with a bit of rain threatening 14 golfers headed out from The Growling Swan to tackle Eastern Star GC. Looking back thru records it has ... More

Siam Country Resort 14/07

   Quiet week   Too many of our group are enjoying their holiday. It means this week we only had each day one flight. Nevertheless we enjoyed our game.   Tuesday 11th July we went to Green Valley. The course was not in a very good condition after all the rain in the night before. On the fairways ... More

Links Golf Society 14/07

 PSC Golf …Pattaya Links Golf Society…Pleasant Valley… Fri.July 14 ….S/Ford.                    Maurice Runs Hot At The Valley   For the second time in a week Maurice Roberts scored 41 points in a red hot run of form. Not so long ago he “ lost it” and consequently blew out his ... More

The Players Lounge 14/07

Today Friday 14th we again went to the mighty crab grass emerald and the greens were great but playing lift clean and cheat made up for the conditions of the fairways. Out of the 12 players 3 ended up with 35pts namely Jim bell, billy Eyles and on top of them was the boomer Daryl ottaway but the day belongs again to ... More

Colin’s Golf 09-14/07

Sunday 9th July 2017 Green Valley 1st game back at Green Valley for almost 3 months , this time because they had vericut the greens on Silky Oak last Monday. Because of the renovation work on Green Valley we had placing on the fairways away from the burnt areas, The rest of the course was OK except for hole 11 where ... More

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The Players Lounge 11/07

On the 11th July The Players Lounge traveled to treasure hills with three groups and the rain was looming but half way round a 10 minutes delay was all, course was in good condition and for 1150bht all in is a great deal. 4th place went to Mark Watkins 19 31 3rd place Paul Hack 13 losing on CB 34 2nd place Billy ... More

Links Golf Society 10/07

   PSC Golf …Pattaya Links Golf Society…Mt.Shadow… Mon.July 10 ...S/Ford.                            Kansas City Bob Wins On Debut   Bob Rice happened to be walking along Soi Buakhow one day and saw The  Links Bar golf schedule out front. Having only two days left of his ... More

Tropical Golf 11/07

PSC Golf from Tropical Golf Group Tuesday July 11, Silky Oak - St Brian Parish Dominates at Silky Oak! Greetings golf fans. It was a 7-11 day, and time for the Tropical Golfers to treat themselves to a cart required day at Silky Oak. Twelve intrepid golfers met at BJ's Lodge for breakfast and discuss the monstr... More

Growling Swan 06/07

GROWLING SWAN GOLF REPORT STABLEFORD EMERALD – MONDAY 6th July ‘17 By:  Mr B. Body GLENN SMITH makes it 3 from 4. Not a large group gathered to have a crack at Emerald G.C, it turned out to be 10 of our core group of golfers that were prepared to have another crack at Emerald, rumor has it (prior to ... More

The Golf Club 26-30/07

We had a very, very sad week here at The Golf Club as we laid to rest one of our best friends, Murray (Muffy) Kerr who died very unexpectedly from a motorcycle accident. Muffy was a morning regular here with his beautiful family who joined us for breakfast at the club, as well as being a playing partner at Siam Country ... More

Tropical Golf 07/07

Friday, July 07, Pattavia – St Brian Parish Once Again in the News! It was “double seven” day for the Tropical Golfers, and whether you write it the American or European way, July 7th is a good day to hope for the best of luck as it was also kicking off a new Golfer of the Month race. A lucky thirteen golfers ... More

The Golf Club 03-07/07

The Golf Club turns 10! Hard to believe how fast this last decade has gone. They say the older you get, the faster time goes and they are right. We choose to celebrate our birthday on the 4th of July, which is roughly the time we opened the bar for our “soft opening”, if you will. There was not much here when we got ... More

Tropical Golf 7/7

Friday, July 07, Pattavia – St Brian Parish Once Again in the News! It was “double seven” day for the Tropical Golfers, and whether you write it the American or European way, July 7th is a good day to hope for the best of luck as it was also kicking off a new Golfer of the Month race. A lucky thirteen golfers ... More

Links Golf 7/7

PSC Golf …Pattaya Links Golf Society...Pattana….Friday.July 7..S/ford  Paul Bray A Mud Runner  A trip to Pattana is always exciting because it is such a beautiful Course. Today 18 players were excited and gathered at Links Bar early to board the two Mini Busses. A few spots on the windscreen as we travelled ... More