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Links Golf Society 22/1

          Banks & Jones Keep it Tight at the Top The Pattaya Links Golf Society took its largest field of the year to Mountain Shadow on Monday, 22nd January to play a stableford event in three flights with the cuts at 15 and 20. 48 golfers of varied skill and confidence took on the ever testing course ... More

The Golf Club 19/1

No mistakes for Blake! Monday 15th – Green Valley – Stableford – White Tees 1st – Phil Smedley (14) 40 points 2nd – Jim Dundon (17) 38 points 3rd – J.P. Thomas (22) 35 points   After a two week absence, we are finally back to our regular Monday venue of Green Valley. The Asian Tour ... More

Siam Country Resort

On Tuesday 16th January we went to King’s Naga. It was a nice sunny day with a breeze and not too warm. The course was in good condition. There have been done a good job since the takeover. And the price is very attractive, value for money. Despite the good conditions today we had not high scores. Stan Rees was the ... More

Bunker Boys 12/1

Monday, January 15th 1st Gerry Cooney (19) 38 points 2nd Peter Kelly (13) 37 points 3rd Colin Greig (11) 37 points 4th Phil Mashiter (6) 36 points 5th Greg Berry (18) 35 points 6th Geoff Cox (18) 35 points Near Pins Ken Ellmore, Geoff Cox, Trevor Priestly, Geoff Bracegirdle. The ever-popular ... More

Tropical Golf 19/1

PSC Golf from Tropical Golf Group Friday, January 19, 2018, Pattavia Century – St Andre, Brian, and Torsten Survive Pattavia Happy January to everyone. Just Eleven months left to finish your Christmas shopping! It is the busy season for sure, and thirty three golfers signed up at Tropical Golf to brave the ... More

Cafe Kronborg 18/1

HIGH CLASS ROB BROWN HITS 43 POINTS CAFÉ KRONBORG AT PLUTALUANG 18th JAN 2018 Cafe Kronborg played at Plutaluang Navy Course on Thursday 18th January, where the allocated 18 holes were East and South, which we haven’t played in a while. The course was in reasonable condition, with greens running slow as usual and ... More

Tropical Golf 12/1

PSC Golf from Tropical Golf Group Friday January 12, 2018, Pleasant Valley – St Walter, Joachim, and Karen Stand Tall at Pleasant Valley! Greetings golf fans. We are approaching the half way point in January, but there is no Golfer of the Month progress to report as we are moving to a new “Eclectic” ... More

Links Golf Society 17/1

PSC..Golf ..Pattaya Links Golf Society..Greenwood..A/B..Wed.Jan.17..S/Ford.   Bill Laughs His Way To Green Jacket.   Some days it all just works and makes for an enjoyable day out. Of the final 32 players on the start sheet 24 of them boarded the buses as allocated. Step one. Then a pleasant ... More

The Players Lounge 16/1

Tuesday saw TPL return to Greenvalley with 5 groups after the competition for two weeks 🙏🙏 Nps no 8 Nigel Harrison no 13 Nick Shaw 🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺 2s Jim Bell and Mark Wood 👌 A flight  1st place Jim Bell 17 39pts 2nd place Mark Wood 9 38pts 3rd place Tony Oakes 13 36 B flight 1st ... More

Tropical Golf 16/1

Tuesday The 16th January 2018:  Greenwood ( Stableford)  We have been to this Course many times, the fun on this day was to actually get there as the Tolls were open on the Route 7. After discussion most of the car drivers that went, we went up the way we normally go and paid the Toll, and in fact we got there just as ... More

Cafe Kronborg 15/1

KAREN BROWN RISES TO PATTAVIA PUTTING CHALLENGE CAFÉ KRONBORG AT PATTAVIA 15th JAN 2018 Cafe Kronborg played at Pattavia on Monday 15th January, where the course was once again in good shape and the greens had been mowed to within a millimetre of their life. Any faster and this would have been a crazy golf day, ... More

Growling Swan 15/1

GROWLING SWAN GOLF! STABLEFORD. MOUNTAIN SHADOW GC – 15th Jan 2018. As it was. A Frenchman makes it to the Summit First.   Well we are still suffering from player shortage, eleven golfers were heading out to Mt Shadow, a favorite of The Growling Swan Crew. We had a later than normal Tee time as ... More

The Golf Club12/1

     It’s all about Aihara! Monday 8th – Treasure Hill – Stableford – Yellow Tees T-1st – Kenny Aihara (7) 36 points T-1st – Terry Dyer (17) 36 points 3rd – Thierry Danzas (26) 34 points   First off, a big thank you for all who participated in the Pattaya Matchplay ... More

Links Golf Society 15/1

Craig Ends Holiday On A High A visit to the amazing Khao Kheow Golf Club is always something to look forward to. Once again, if you choose to go to a popular course, you will get plenty of golfers come with you. After a couple of no shows, again, we lined up 38 players in 10 groups. These numbers can become a bit ... More

The Players Lounge

Yesterday TPL turned up with 16 handsome young fellows to take on the mighty Emerald 😂😂   Np no5 Stuart James no 15 Johan smedsjo 🍺🍺🍺   2s Stuart James and Mick Beresford    1st place Bill Peach 21 41pts CB  2nd place Stuart James 22 41pts  3rd place Don Lahmer 24 39pts  4th place Billy Eyles ... More

Links Golf Society 12/1

   PSC Golf ..Pattaya Links Society...Bangpra...Fri...Jan.12...S/ford           Colin Smith Bounces Back To Form   “Bangpra seems less fortunate than many other courses in our area, as it tends to dry out quickly when the rainy season ends. The sprinklers can do a job, but can’t get to the ... More

Siam Country Resort 12/1

 High scores   On Tuesday 9th January we went to Pattaya Country Club. It was a nice day slightly clouded and not to warm. The course was in reasonable condition, with the front nine much better than the back nine. We played a good and thrilling game. It was big battle between Jonathan Pratt, Paddy Devereux and ... More

Bunker Boys 12/1

Monday January 8th Mountain Shadow A Flight 1st Phil Mashiter (6) 33 points 2nd Keith Norman (15) 32 points 3rd Stuart Brown (10) 32 points B Flight 1st Richard Baldotto (15) 33 points 2nd Gerry Cooney ((18) 32 points 3rd Neil Jones (20) 31 points Near Pins Les Hall, Stuart Brown, Richard ... More

Growling Swan 11/1

PSC GOLF REPORT – GROWLING SWAN STABLEFORD KING NAGA - RAYONG CC – 11th Jan, 2018 James Olsen Rudy takes “A” Flight with Patrick Poussier cleaning up “B” Flight! Well it has been approximately two years since we ventured to this course. Twenty Five golfers decided to give it a chance, and being ... More

Links Golf Society 10/1

   PSC Golf ..Pattaya Links Golf Society...Treasure Hill..Wed.Jan.10...S/ford       John Anderson Easily At Treasure Hill   Once again we awoke to the surprise of a drizzling overcast morning. Rain usually scares away many golfers and, as per a couple of weeks ago, when we had similar conditions in ... More

The Golf Club 5/1

TGC write up for 1st – 5th Jan. Steve Ellison Jason has his day! Tuesday 2nd – Crystal Bay B & C – Stableford – Yellow Tees 1st – Joe Lloyd (14) 39 points 2nd – Steve Gamble (17) 36 points 3rd – Terry Dyer (17) 34 points Monday was recovery day after New Year’s celebrations so a good day to ... More

Cafe Kronborg 8/1

OSTROM WINS AT FIRST ATTEMPT ON RETURN CAFÉ KRONBORG AT CRYSTAL BAY 8th JAN 2018 Cafe Kronborg played at Crystal Bay on Monday 8th January, where the course was busy and another dreaded 5 ball made things slow on the front nine. I have never seen the grass on the greens so long on the C course (our front nine), it ... More

Links Golf Society 5/1

   PSC Golf ..Pattaya Links Society...Pattaya C.C...Fri...Jan.5...S/ford              Wayne Peppernell Takes Top Spot.   After a great win in the December Golfer of the Month, Wayne Peppernell had a couple of games off, followed by a not so good score. However, he bounced right back to record ... More

Tropical Golf 5/1

PSC Golf from Tropical Golf Group Friday January 05, 2018, Mountain Shadow – St Rob, Tom, and Joerg on Top of Tough Mt. Shadow! Hello to all 2018 golfers! Yes, a new year has started, so if you are still writing 2017 on documents, then stop it! Last month/year at Tropical Golf ended on a great note, and we are ... More

Growling Swan 4/1

PSC GOLF REPORT – GROWLING SWAN STABLEFORD CRYSTAL BAY – 4th Jan. 2017.                                 J.Olsen   Well What Can I Say, “Three Corsets” Geoff Bracegirdle “To good on the Day”!! Not a large turn out as we find this time of year, but all were ... More