Siam Country Resort 24/02

Warm week On Tuesday 21th February we went with 3 groups to Pattavia. It was in the morning already warm and we missed today a cool breeze. The course and the greens were in good condition, but the greens were as always difficult to play. The bunkers need more maintenance. We had today good scores and it was very ... More

Links Golf Society 26/02

It’s Official ! A New Era of Golf in Pattaya       Pattaya Golf Society and Links Golf Society have become One.. Now ! with bigger fields and more prizes it is the place to play your golf when you visit Pattaya. Pattaya Golf Society is the oldest and most popular golf society in Pattaya and Links Golf Society ... More

The Golf Club 20-24/02

Monday 20th – Green Valley – Stableford – White Tees T - 1st – Alan Rothwell (7) 38 points T - 1st – Fred Birch (17) 38 points T - 1st – Gilbert King (21) 38 points T – 4th Peter Thomas (19) 36 points T – 4th William McMillan (19) 36 points It is now official, a letter from Khun Nirand has ... More

Cafe Kronborg 23/02

RICHARD KUBICKI IN THE PINK OFF THE BLUE TEES Cafe Kronborg played at Pleasant Valley on Thursday 23rd February, where the weather was calm and the fairways were lovely. However, the greens seemed to be possessed, they were running a bit on the slow side, but the grain seemed to have a major impact on the putts. We ... More

Bunker Boys 20/02

Monday Feb.20, Bangpakon Riverside(blue tees), Stableford . A Flight (0-18) 1st Keith Norman              (14)               42 pts 2nd Alan Freeman             (5)                41 3rd Geoff Parker               (14)         ... More

Growling Swan 23/02

PSC GOLF REPORT – GROWLING SWAN Feb Monthly Mug – STROKE ROUND PLUTALUANG - THURSDAY 23rd February 2017 By: Cassa   “The Don” Richardson Wins Monthly Mug!   Two buses and some cars headed to The Big Navy course loaded with enthusiastic golfers, ready to test their metal against the ... More

Billabong 22/02

WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 22ND GREEN VALLEY HAVEN CONSULTANTS MONTHLY MEDAL This medal round is the last before the grand final in March when all 12 monthly winners are invited to play to find this year’s champion. This is the third year that Brian Chapman from Haven Consultants (Financial Advisers) has sponsored this ... More

Growling Swan 20/02

PSC GOLF REPORT – GROWLING SWAN STABLEFORD Treasure Hill – 20th Feb, 2017 Just like Bastille Day, J.C Lhoste Storms to The Front! . Another perfect sultry day greeted us and with an easier than normal bus trip, we teed up off the yellow markers before scheduled time. Probably the first time that we have ... More

Links Golf Society 22/02

           PSC Golf …Links Golf Society...Green Valley…Wednesday 22 Feb…                   Boysen and Henshaw make the best of Green Valley.   A number of Golf Groups from Pattaya play this course weekly or,at least regualarly, and seem happy enough with it. It has been a while ... More

The Golf Club 13/02

TGC write up for 13 – 17 Feb. Steve Ellison   Stanton scores in the Scramble!   Monday 13th – Green Valley – Stableford – White Tees 1st – Martin Zimmerman (14) 40 points 2nd – Alan Rothwell (7) 38 points 3rd – Steve Sweeney (22) 35 points T – 4th Andy Makara (26) 34 ... More

Links Golf Society 19/02

           PSC Golf …Links Golf Society...Burapha…. “C” and “D”….Sunday 19 Feb…                                       Odd Bedfellows Take The Honours!   The lowest handicap and the highest handicap of the 23 players produced today’s winners. Paul ... More

Growling Swan 16/02

  STABLEFORD Pleasant Valley – 16th February, 2016 Gerry Arthur bids a fond farewell!   As we assembled at The Swan all golfers showed up enthusiastically with eager anticipation on playing that great golf course Pleasant Valley. The discount pricing that was on offer made it very worthwhile. One would ... More

Cafe Kronborg 20/02

GORDON CLEGG HITS THE (VERY) HIGH SCORE OF THE DAY CAFÉ KRONBORG AT BANGPAKONG 20th FEB 2017 Cafe Kronborg played at Bangpakong on Monday 20th February, where the course was immaculate, the greens were running at a lovely pace and the weather was perfect. Good scores were expected and the group did not disappoint.... More

Tropical Golf 21/02

Tuesday the 21st February 2017: Crystal Bay. ( Stableford) This Course has always been a bit special to me. I have played all the Major Courses many times and all the Courses here are great, but for a few years this Course was in such Prime Condition that it outshone the others. Whilst this is just my own personal view, I ... More

Tropical Golf 17/02

Mashi and Dave Conquer Tough Treasure Hill Hello wanna-be golfers.  The busy season is winding down, and soon temperatures will be winding up.  Right now the Tropical Golfers are in that in-between time.  A slightly reduced but still healthy nineteen golfers met at BJ's Lodge for good eats and ride assignments.  ... More

Bunker Boys 13-17/02

Monday 13 Feb. Plutaluang Navy Course, Stableford (white tees) A Flight (0-16.7) 1st Keith Norman            (14)                 42 pts 2nd Colin Greig               (10)                 35 3rd Mike Brett                  (16) ... More

Links Golf Society 17/02

 Mogens  Waits and Waits for Victory.!   Plutaluang saw a fine and sunny Friday morning as 18 “Links” golfers arrived in cars and the Minibus. There would have been 21, except someone (no names) misread the time sheet.  We made our way to East Course Tees. Almost unbelieveably there was not the near gale ... More

Links Golf Society 15/02

    PSC Golf …Links Golf Society…Khao Kheow….Wednesday 15 Feb.….S/Ford                             Khao Kheow Wind Pushes New Satita to Victory   On our  visit to Khao Kheow Jan 27 we made the following comment, “Most thought the wind was a good excuse for having low ... More

Billabong 15/02

WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 15TH GREEN VALLEY STABLEFORD So it was Valentines Day yesterday and being a bunch of romantics at the Billabong, celebrations were essential, but for those standing near the 1st tee the aftereffects of last night’s revelries,  George Barrie and Kevin Wild in particular, showed the effects of ... More

Tropical Golf 14/02

Tuesday the 14th February 2017: ( Khao Kheow) This Course is on our schedule every month for one particular reason, it is a really great Course.  Sometimes it is better than at other times, but when you finish your round you know you have been taking on an opponent that will not give an inch and if you make a bad shot you ... More

Growling Swan 13/02

STABLEFORD PATTAVIA CENTURY GC– 13th Feb. 2017 Glenn Smith Breaks Clear of the Pack! Blue sky greeted the The Growling Swan starters at Pattavia. All punters were taken by surprise on entering The Plantation, it appeared that a major traffic accident had taken place involving a large truck and several cars. As I ... More

Links Golf Society 12/02

 PSC Golf …Links Golf Society...Burapha…. “A” and “B”….Sunday 12 Feb..S/ford                               NEW! Pocket Rocket upstages the Boys!!   She may only tip the scales at 40kg, but New Satita ( our only lady golfer today )won the “B”Flight by a long way AND ... More

Growling Swan 09/02

Schembri Wins by a Handful!   A keen group of 19 golfers headed out to a lovely Greenwood Golf Course to tackle A & B nines in that order.  The conditions were sunny with little wind about, and it seemed perfect for good scoring, especially as we were playing off the yellow tees. Greeting was handed out ... More

The Golf Club 06-10/02

Mulberry Ryder goes to the R.O.W.! It was a hectic spell of golf these last 6 days as we welcome back our buddies for the Mulberry Ryder Cup 2017. This is the 15th year of the popular comp that pits an England squad against the Rest of the World. Monday morning was of course, watching Superbowl 51 and after the ... More

Tropical Golf 10/02

Landis and Dennis win All 40's Score-fest Once again the Tropical Golfers made the slightly longer trip up North, this time to visit Bangpakong.  With good company and a full belly thanks to BJ's staff the drive didn't seem so long.  Twenty six golfers headed out to this usually pristine course expecting good scores... More