Siam Country Resort 21/04

Feeding the Crocodile This week saw us play two courses up the busy route 331, but as it was still holiday season we had an easy run up to the courses with very little traffic. Tuesday saw us at Pattavia, where we paid the extra premium to book the course all to ourselves, although they did allow a few people on ... More

Outback Golf Festival


The Growling Swan Golf


Colins Golf Bar 16/04

Sunday 16th April Green Valley A suprising No for today with so many leaving town this week 2 x 4 balls, and a very quiet Green Valley, We teed off at our normal time of 8.48 am with 3 clear holes ahead of us ,1st group out J.P. Maffray, Chris Martin, Paul West and the Donkey. There must have been a bit of red wine ... More

Links Golf Society 21/04

  Stuart Thompson Beats The Heat. Hot! Hot! Damn Hot was the weather today at Crystal Bay. A teasing breeze from time to time made conditions just bearable. Thank goodness for the Cart. The fairways are changing colour from a luscious green to more of a white and some smattering of brown. No course has enough ... More

Bunker Boys 17/04

Songran Getaway to Khaow Yai Forrest Hills,Stableford(blue tees) 1st Mashi Keneta(16)                 33 pts 2nd Les Cobban(8)                    33 3rd Geoff Parker(14)                  33 Near Pins:Jimmy Carr, Lee Butler(2). Many years ago Bonnie Tyler sang the song, "I was ... More

Trorpical Golf 21/04

Bob Watson Amazing at Crystal Bay Greetings reader!  Did you miss us?  The Songkran break is over, people are slowly filtering back into town or emerging from hibernation, and its time to get back to the golf.  Ahhh... if only all that water had been saved for the golf courses.  After the “What did you do during ... More

Billabong 19/04

WEDNESDAY, APRIL 19TH PHOENIX GOLD 2 PERSON BETTER BALL Not our usual Wednesday venue but for reasons better known to the management of Green Valley, they have decided to close the complex for a two day  holiday, to the intense disappointment of the caddies,  which included this day so it was off to Phoenix for ... More

Links Golf Society 17/04

PSC Golf …Pattaya Links Golf Society...Treasure Hill.. Mon..Apr.17….S/Ford.                Gerd Riedler Knows How to Play Treasure Hill   When we say we are going to Treasure Hill many seasoned golfers start the mind games with themselves. Many believe it is one of those courses that can’t ... More

The Golf Club 14/04

TGC write up for 10th – 14th April Steve Ellison   Rothwell looks ready! Monday 10th – Green Valley – Stableford – White Tees 1st – Alan Rothwell (7) 40 points 2nd – Peter LeNoury (14) 38 points T – 3rd – Dave Ferris (19) 36 points T – 3rd – Mark Wood (12) 36 points &nb... More

Growling Swan 10/04

PSC GOLF REPORT – GROWLING SWAN STABLEFORD Greenwood – 10th April, 2017. “Tony Cook Hits the Big Time”.   Again the numbers are still down and I have to say Songkran is certainly the main reason for this. Anyways we had an eager bunch of boys and girls keen to get out and have a hit at Greenwood ... More

159th PSC Member’s Tournament


Links Golf Society 14/04

PSC Golf …Pattaya Links Golf Society…Khao Kheow… B+C..Fri Apr.14  ( S/Ford)                          Pocket Rocket Soars to “New”Heights   New Satita has bought her handicap down by another stroke. But that mattered little as she soared to yet another victory and an impressive ... More

Bunker Boys 10/04

Monday April 10, Bangpakong, Stableford(white tees. 1st Neil Carter (12)                    40 pos 2nd Geoff Parker (14)                37 3rd Mike Brett (16)                     36 Near Pins:Neil Carter, Mike Brett, Jimmy Carr. Having endured rain and storms for six games in a ... More

Colin’s Golf Bar 09/04

Sunday 9th April Green Valley Just 11 players today for Green Valley due to Fred & Yui’s wedding congrats to both of them , The course still a bit soft so Lift Clean & Cheat . the 1st group out Ian ( san mig ) Pickles ,Jorn Finnerup , & Aidan Murray, Mixed fortunes on this bunch Ian & Jorn shared ... More

Links Golf Society 12/04

  PSC Golf …Pattaya Links Golf Society...Bangpra….Monday..Apr.12..S/ford                  Jesper Hansen Impressive 38 points at Bangpra   Where are the Monkeys? My caddy’s explanation was “ it’s Songkran, they’re hiding” Seems reasonable given that our group saw none until about ... More

Billabong 12/04

WEDNESDAY, APRIL 12TH GREEN VALLEY STABLEFORD After two waterlogged weeks of golf, it was a great relief when we arrived to see the sun shining, no threat of rain, a gentle breeze and a 50 baht green fee, yes a 50 baht green fee for members. One fly in the ointment, excuse the pun, was the return of the fruit ... More

Trorpical Golf 11/04

Tuesday the 11th April 2017:  Silky Oaks ( Stableford)       You  either like it or you do not. This is the feeling of the golfers around town and as the years pass the opinion starts to slip into the like side. Originally a nine hole Course, they have continued to make it an 18 hole Course but sometime I have to ... More

Links Golf Society 10/04

 PSC Golf …Pattaya Links Golf Society...Burapha…. “A and “B”…Monday..Apr.10.                                                       Mogens Runs Hot at Burapha   Songkran is wet, weather is Humid, and Mogens Melander scores a hot 39 points. This ... More

The Golf Club 03-07/04

An Ace for Stevens! Monday 3rd – Green Valley – Stableford – White Tees 1st – Gary Emmett (16) 38 points T - 2nd – Bob Mulholland (7) 32 points T - 2nd – Adrian Dembinski (26) 32 points   At this writing, a few of us brave souls stayed up all night and watched the final round of the ... More

Links Golf Society 07/04

                        Ban Chang Best Forgotten The Pattaya Links Golf Society visited The Emerald in Ban Chang on Friday, 7th April and, in hindsight, the golfers would have been better advised to stay in bed and savour the week's previous two rounds. It was one of those days where the ... More

Tropical Golf 07/03

PSC Golf from Tropical Golf Group Friday, April 07, Treasure Hill – St Mister Warberg Stands Tall At Treasure Hill On our last Friday before the Songkran break the Tropical Golfers went to Treasure Hill.  Things are slowing down but still sixteen golfers showed up to give this interesting course a try.  The ... More

Siam Country Resort 08/04

Monday April 3, Pattavia, (white tees), Stableford. 1st Trevor Priestly(22)                43 pts 2nd Geoff Cox (15)                     37 3rd Neil Carter(13)                      36 4th Gerry Cooney (16)                35 oco Near pins: Trevor Priestly, Mike ... More

Colin’s Golf Bar 07/04

Sunday 2nd April Green Valley 19 players today for Green Valley 18 in the comp. The course still very soft after yesterdays rain .So lift clean and cheat. The 1st group out Dave Ferris, Gary Emmett, Steve Coghlan and John Dearden.  Dave was the best on the front with 19 pts Gary and Steve 18pts each and J.T.B. a ... More

Growling Swan 06/04

GROWLING SWAN GOLF REPORT STABLEFORD CRYSTAL BAY GC – April 6th 2017. Colm Losses the Light House but Finds the Finishing Line First!............ James Olsen. It was fifteen eager players that gathered at The Growling Swan anticipating the challenge set out for them in today’s event. We were heading up ... More