PSC Fishing 14/02

At 7am 7 regular anglers boarded the Game Fisher at Bang Saray in cloudy and windy conditions. Capt Jack soon had us en route for our usual fishing grounds off Khram Island. The first fish were caught before 8.30am and we kept getting snapper, yellowtail, grouper, etc in a steady manner throughout the morning. The best ... More

PSC Fishing December 2013

Pattaya Sports Club – Fishing News December 2013 Our last trip in November provided us with a good haul of splendid Pompano and lots of optimism for repeat performances during the weeks to come. Sad to report, on our four trips in December, big fish have been far and few between, and fish of any size have played hard ... More

PSC Fishing – Mid November 2013

Pattaya Sports Club Fishing Report – Mid November 2013 November sees the start of what most of us regard as “the season” for fishing, with sunny skies and mostly calm seas rather than the rain and winds of recent months. So demand for our trips has picked up, and in response to this the Club laid on an extra ... More

PSC Fishing – Early November Trip

Pattaya Sports Club Fishing Trip Report – early November 2013 Fishing is probably no different from any other sport – it has its highs and lows, the days when you can do no wrong, and those when whatever you try just doesn’t produce the results. Our two trips so far this month have precisely illustrated that ... More

PSC Fishing Report – October 2013

Pattaya Sports Club Fishing Trips Mid-October 2013 This month has provided some really good fishing for those hardy enough to risk an occasional soaking or lumpy conditions. On Thursday 10th seven of us went out from Bang Saray on the “Game Fisher”, and whilst quantities caught were not large, most of us got a few ... More

PSC Fishing – November Schedule

If you are interested in taking part with PSC Fishing for the month of November, please see the schedule below: Saturday Nov 2nd on Khram Marine 2 spaces available for this trip Thursday Nov 7th on the Game Fisher Saturday Nov 16th on Khram Marine Thursday Nov 28th on the Game Fisher Please contact John ... More

PSC Fishing 05/10

Pattaya Sports Club Fishing Report – early October 2013 The South-West monsoon has been pretty unrelenting in recent weeks, and on a couple of trips in late September, the brave souls who ventured out have found conditions pretty hard going, sometimes with not many fish to show for their efforts. However, Dene, on his ... More

PSC Fishing 07/09

On Saturday much quieter conditions than on recent trips enabled the boat to venture further out from the shelter of Ko Khram and were rewarded with some decent fish. John H. landed a Grey weighing in around 1.5Kilos. Our photo shows Paul being congratulated by the boat ... More

PSC Fish Report – August 2013

Pattaya Sports Club Fishing Trip Report August 2013 Our trips this month have been well attended, with 6 or 7 participants on every trip, but it is fair to say that the conditions have been quite challenging at times, and catches have been variable, although every time at least one or two have come away with an icebox... More

PSC Fishing 13/07 & 27/07

Both of these Saturday trips were well attended, with 7 participants on the 13th and 8 on the 27th. Both days were similar, in that the sea-state at times provided testing conditions, and some caught a lot more fish than others. Colin reported from the 13th that early in the day the onshore wind kicked up a bit of a ... More

PSC Fishing 02/07

PSC Fishing Trip Report July 2nd After some unsettled and stormy weather in recent weeks it was nice to meet up at Bang Saray, and we hoisted the Club’s Banner in celebration of our coming day on the water in bright sunshine and light breezes. Our fishing started in the Khram Channel and throughout the day we ... More

Pattaya Sports Club Fishing

Pattaya Sports Club – 20% off Fishing Trips! Pattaya Sports Club will be giving a 20% discount off the normal trip fees on all scheduled outings during July and August. PSC members will pay 1,200Baht, non-members 1,400Baht. (Normal charges apply for tackle hire and unscheduled charters.) Scheduled dates are ... More

Fishing News June 2013

After almost a couple of months with no activity because the boat was undergoing an extensive refit, Pattaya Sports Club members are looking forward to getting afloat again this month and reeling in a few beauties like the Pompano caught by Jeff back in March. The first trip on Saturday 8th June is fully subscribed, a ... More

PSC Fishing 04/04 & 09/04

Our first trip in April, on Thursday 4th was on the “Game Fisher” out of Bang Saray with 5 regulars and one occasional member on board. In a stiff Southerly breeze the skipper headed for the lee of Ko Khram for shelter from the roughest conditions. Even so, there and in various places along the Khram channel, the sea ... More

Fishing 28/03

This week five members had a trial run on Captain Langsan’s boat out of Bang Saray. It was a bright day, with a fair breeze to keep us reasonably cool, with the sea just a bit lumpy occasionally. The boat went all the way out south of Ko Khram, and then commenced a long drift eastwards past the island. After a slow ... More

Fishing Trip 03

Trip report March 2013 We seem to have had to work a little harder for our catches this month, with average bags around 5 - 8kilos. The barracuda season is dying down, although a few were taken on our trips out of Bang Saray on Saturday 2nd and Tuesday 12th March. Towards the end of the month the skipper is saying that ... More

Fishing Trips 16/02 & 26/02

Trip Reports – 16th & 26th Feb 2013 Saturday 16th Feb provided ideal conditions for sea-fishing, overcast with a slight breeze and only a little swell. It also turned out to be another barracuda bonanza, with 8 participants catching 32 of these lovely fish between them. Everybody caught a few, with Phil and Adrian ... More