Tropical Golf 26/12

Tuesday the 26th December 2017: Royal Lakeside ( Stableford) It is not supposed to be wet, cold and nasty at this time of the year, but on this Tuesday morning it was wet, cold and nasty. The question was would it be like this all day, or would it improve?.


The question also was should we go to the Course, the answer of course was yes, so off we went, all 8 Groups.. All the way there it was dull and miserable, even as we got to the Course a cold wind blew and many of the payers wore jumpers or jackets at the first tees. Mind there were those brave enough who played in their normal clothes, or do not really feel the cold. Like me, but I put that down to being born in the North of England and as they say, ‘Where there is no sense there is no feeling’.


So off we went with a strong cold wind and the threat of rain. The Course was wet but not too bad as carts were allowed on the Course but there was not much run. Surely in these conditions the scores would be not good. The fairways as said were a bit damp and the rough quite long. The greens however were firm and true and the mist over the Course was not too bad and lifted as midday came and a weak Sun shone through.


Over all it was a good day on the Course and when it did rain it was quite mild and only sort of drizzled. However it was a pleasure to get to the final hole and look forward to a warm shower and a hot drink. Maybe as this is a Course where the scoring is usually very good we might have some good scores as one player in our group scored very well. Bur we expect him to do well.


It was sad as I finished the results and went out to the car to find the Van broken down, however a beer was calling at BJ’s so we left them there, after all you cannot get them in a car, however we were pleased to learn a replacement bus arrived shortly after and they were only about 30 minutes after us.


We got back late and got into the results a little late. And what results they were. In a grey day when all got wet, the scores were about the highest I have ever seen. Probably next time I will put the players off the Blue tees.


In the A Flight, 0 to 19, The scores were good. The winner with 41 points was Gerd Riedler with Bob Britton in second place with 40 points and Mashi Kaneta in third with 39 points on countback over Steve Truelove in fourth. In fifth was Geoff Bracegirdle in fifth with 38 points.

In the B Flight, 20 up, the players seemed to have gone berserk and produced scores that were certainly the best I can remember. The winner was Gordon Clegg with 49 points, incredible, with Torsten Bischoff in second with 46 points a score that normally be good enough to win easily. And how about Karen Brown in third place with 45 points another good round. Don Carmody was fourth with 43 points and Dave Cooper was fifth with 42 points. Imagine having 41 points and not being in the top 5. Wow.

As usual we had a best front nine best score, non winner,  won by Tom Harrington with 22 points and a best back nine won by Andre Van Dyk with 20 points.

This being the end of our fixtures for the Month, except our Xmas drink up Competition  on Friday, it was time for the Golfer of the month. Winner by a clear margin was Tom Harrington from Bob Britton and Dave Cooper. Well done Tom.

A big day had been had by all so it was early to bed for all, and if you believe that I am Santa Claus!!.  T.T.F.N.

PIC   The Flight winners and Tom Herrington The Golfer of the Month.   Tom Herrington   Centre    Gordon Clegg left     and Gerd Riedler right




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