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 It’s all about Aihara!

Monday 8th – Treasure Hill – Stableford – Yellow Tees

T-1st – Kenny Aihara (7) 36 points

T-1st – Terry Dyer (17) 36 points

3rd – Thierry Danzas (26) 34 points


First off, a big thank you for all who participated in the Pattaya Matchplay 2018 and a very successful event run by Gabriel Enright. Our team was captained by Fred Birch and while we were in the lead for all of the tournament, it all came down to the last day of competition. We just lost out to The Links, so congrats to them and we will see you next time for another great tournament.

Our TGC Matchplay team!


Green Valley remains closed for one more week while they host the Asian Tour Q-School. Today we made the 50 minute trip to Treasure Hill and tackle the 18 holes Yoshikazu Kato designed for us. This is a tight and difficult course by local standards, and you will never get a podium of scores in the forties.


Capt. Phil chose the yellow tees at 6,350 yards but there was a fair amount of roll so all was good. The greens were a consistent run on the fast side and the fairways and tee boxes were in great shape. You get a lot of bang for yer buck here and at just 1,250 baht with buggy it offers the best deal of the season. Well worth that extra 10-15 minutes drive time!


Chef Thierry Danzas is back with us and his respectable 34 takes sole third place. Terry Marty won our Caddy Smile near pin on the day.


At a tie for first with 36 points we find Terry Dyer pitted against Kenny Aihara. Both of these guys did a great job out there and 36 points on this course is a good day of golf.


Tuesday 9th – Mountain Shadow – Stableford – Blue Tees

1st – Alain Hefner (16) 35 points

2nd – Andy Leach (8) 32 points

3rd – Terry Marty (17) 30 points


Fairways were tight and dry so the test today was from the big blue tees to make it a bit more interesting. They don’t have a lot of money to work with at this course but they do the best they can with their budget on this great layout. This is the former Natural Park Hill way back when, and also flew under the Panya flag for a brief time.


It was low scoring today as to be expected from the blues. Terry Marty won the near pin just as he did yesterday at Treasure Hill! Andy Leach is back, but this time with hair! We hardly recognized him at first, but with the biggest motorbike in town we knew it had to be Andy. His 32 still enough to bag second place.


Alain Hefner has been with us for the last several weeks and playing well. He wins outright here today with a strong 35 Stableford points, so well played monsieur!


Thursday 11th – Greenwood A & C – Stableford – White Tees


1st – Kenny Aihara (7) 39 points

2nd – Joe Lloyd (14) 37 points

T-3rd – Masao Ishikawa (20) 36 points

T-3rd – Terry Dyer (18) 36 points

T-3rd – Stephen Dunn (0) 36 points


Greenwood here we come! A full sheet of 24 golfers for our comp today as perfect weather brings out the best of us. This has been a stunning week (except for the heavy rain yesterday) of nice cool days for the high season. It seems they could not mow the greens this morning from last night’s rain but other than that the place was great. It is hard to imagine, but you would barely work up a sweat out there today.


Former pro Stephen Dunn takes a break from his bar Café Racer to join us today. Dunn scores 36 for a tie at third and also secures the Caddy Smile near pin. Terry Dyer finds fame again on 36 to join Stephen and Ishi (in his 70’s now!) for the trio at third. Joe Lloyd is on his own at second by a stroke at 37.


It was Kenny Aihara once more, as Monday’s winner takes the top spot again with a solid 39 for the win.

A great week of golf for Kenny Aihara.


Friday 12th – Emerald – Stableford – White Tees

1st – Kenny Aihara (7) 32 points

T- 2nd – Ray Jackson (13) 31 points

T- 2nd – Steve Gamble (17) 31 points


It turned out to be a 5 hour round at Emerald today as we found ourselves behind a local society who had no idea of pace of play. Instead of an easy Friday short drive home it turned out we hit rush hour back to Pattaya after a long day on the course.


The course was in good shape, it is never in fantastic condition but adequate shape and such a lovely layout for a nice outing. As stated previously, the weather now is absolutely perfect.


Scores were on the low side today, possibly due to all the frustration of waiting to hit that next shot. Ray Jackson and Steve Gamble tied for third, but Steve had the upper hand with the near pin on the last par-3 as well.


It was all Aihara, not just today, but all week as Kenny swept 3 out of 4 comps for a great week of scoring! It seems Kenny is back and focused again, getting ready for the Mulberry Ryder Cup mate?


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