Colin’s Golf 28/05

Sunday 28th May

St Andrews

On another wet & soggy Sunday morning we struggled to get to St Andrews thro all the traffic chaos caused by the Tri Athalon, I never knew that they had that many traffic cone’s in Thailand. 13 players and with carts confined to the cart path’s,Lift Clean & Place was the order of the day, With not many on the course we played 2 x 4 balls & a 5 ball, Todays hero was Steve Coghlan with 37 pts just beating terry Dyer on countback 22pts to 20 pts with Ian Brimble claiming 3rd place with 33 pts

The Near Pin’s were claimed by Fred Birch, Garry Emmett & Ian Brimble and Fred also got the longest putt

1st  Steve Coghlan     (42)              37pts/22

2nd  Terry Dyer           (19)              37pts/20

3rd   Ian Brimble         (8)                33pts

Monday  29th May


A Small group today just 5 players and no wonder with all the rain we have had this last 2 weeks, all the way down the 331 the heavens poured it down on us and just as we thought we were going to be washed out , as we got closer to the course the sky’s ahead lightened and once there the rain stopped, and because of the wet conditions we were offered 1350 bht all in green fee caddy fee & cart , So for the 2nd day running we set off as a 5 ball. The front nine belonged to Colin & Nigel with 18 pts each but then on the back the donkey stumbled in the wet conditions to leave it all to Nigel who also had 18 pts on the back.   No Near pin’s today due to the numbers.

!st   Nigel Harrison    (24)           36 pts

2nd  Colin Davis          (19)           29 pts

Wednesday 31st May

Burapha  A&B

A good size group today for Burapha 13 players with the hope that it will stay dry today, The course in good condition but I think they may be having a completion this weekend the greens were very fast but true 7 they had left the rough to grow so you were penalised if you left the fairway, but even so we had some good scores today with the course playing very long indeed,By far out in front Alistair Gall with 24 pts on the front & 17 pts on the back with a blob on the last 41 pts. Then a countback for 2nd & 3rd between Colm O’Donavan & Thierry Petrement both on 37 pts but it was Thierry with 21pts on the back coming thro on the rails , the donkey again showed promise but failed on the last few holes.

Near Pin’s Tip Briney, Colm O’Donavan,Barry Oat’s

& Thierry Petrement

Long Putt    Colm O’Donavan

1st      Alistair Gall   (20)                      41 pts

2nd  Thierry Petrement (12)              37pts/22

3rd   Colm O’Donavan   (20)               37 pts/ 18

Friday 2nd June

Crystal Bay  B&C

Just 6 players today for crystal bay with the weather looking like rain we set out ,the course in reasonable condition considering the recent rains , we were led by a Donkey and all played like Donkeys there was no excuse we were terrible enough said.

1st Aidan Murray      (24)          29pts/20

2nd Colm O’Donavon (20)        29pts/16

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