Bunker Boys 5/1

Monday January 1st

King Naga

1st Akira Sekiya (12) 35 points

2nd Colin Greig (11) 34 points

3rd Frank Quinlan (34) 34 points

4th Les Humphrey (29) 34 points

Near Pins Les Hall, Michael Brett, and Colin Greig X 2

Numbers were down on expected today, could be due to the reputation of the course or just there has been too much festive spirit flowing A small group of seventeen made the trip and were rewarded with a course in fine condition and excellent weather.

As the course was uncrowded play was at a good pace and the round completed within four hours. A new face took the honors today with Akira Sekiya scoring thirty-five points off a handicap of (12). Colin Greig took second a stroke back, Frank Quinlan also had thirty-four but was relegated to third on countback as was Les Humphrey to fourth also on countback. Near pins went to Les Hall, Michael Brett, and two to Colin Greig.

Wednesday 3rd January

Khao Kheow

A Flight

1st Alan Sullivan (15) 40 points

2nd Colin Greig (11) 39 points

3rd Michael Brett (15) 32 points

B Flight

1st Ken Davidson (22) 40 points

2nd Ken Elmore (21) 35 points

3rd Geoff Bracegirdle (16) 34 points

Near Pins Ian Rattray, John Walsh, Stuart Brown.

Today’s round was a mix of inter-club competition and the Bunker Boys own .As a result the course was crowded, play was extremely slow and frustration levels were high. The four Bunker Boys who played in the inter-club competition were also part of the our own competition.

The winner of the A flight was Alan Sullivan who put together his best round for some time to record a score of forty points. Colin Greig again back to his best form came second with thirty-nine points and daylight to third where Michael Brett had a lowly thirty-two points.

In the B flight Ken Davidson showed sparkling form to record another forty points. Ken Ellmore was second on thirty-five points and Geoff Bracegirdle took third with thirty-four. Near pins went to Ian Rattray, John Walsh, and Stuart Brown. Akira Sekiya was denied a near pin by some clown who mischievously put his name on a flag even though he was not part of our competition, seems the etiquette of golf went missing in this instance.

Friday 5th January


A Flight

1st Ian Rattray (10) 37points

2nd Phil Mashitar (6) 33 Points

3rd Colin Greig (11) 33 points

B Flight

1st Les Humphrey (30) 39 points

2nd Peter Allen (33) 34 points

3rd Gerry Cooney (19) 34 points

Near Pins Colin Greig X 2, Richard Baldotto, Michael Brett

Even with four of our members playing inter-club competition today we had a good roll up of twenty-three so two flights. As always Greenwood was in excellent condition, caddies were first class, but we were struck with the scourge of every golfers life (slow play). It took four hours forty five minutes to complete the round, way too long for most people. To make it worse there seemed to be no particular reason for such slow play.

Ian Rattray finally made it to the top today with an excellent round of thirty-seven. Second went to Phil Mashitar on thirty three, and Colin Greig third on count back.

In the B flight Les Humphrey in his last game of this tour took first with thirty-nine points, followed by Peter Allen on Thirty-four and Gerry Cooney in third on count back. In the near pins Colin Greig took two for the second time this week, and one each to Richard Baldotto and Michael Brett.

Ian Rattray, winner at Greenwood.

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