The Golf Club 24/08

Steve Ellison Easy wins for Otterman! Jimmy Dundon and winner John Hutt with Gary Emmett après-golf! Monday 24th – Green Valley – Stableford – White Tees. 1st – John Hutt (22) 36 points 2nd – Adrian Dembrinski (21) 34 points T - 3rd – Stephen Dunn (0) 33 points T - 3rd – Jimmy Dundon (17) 33 ... More

Diana Driving Range Tournament


Tropical Golf 28/08

Friday, August 28, Pattaya Country Club – Medal Brian Parish Wins Second Mug! Its the last Friday of the month and that means the Tropical Golfers gathered to take a shot at winning the coveted Monthly Mug. And what a fine mug it is! As usual the venue was Pattaya Country Club. Arriving at BJ's Holiday Lodge in a light ... More

The Bunker Boys 24/08

Silky Oak C.C. -- Stableford -- A rough day for the Bunker Boys at the ever so lovely Silky Oak C.C.. This is a track-- unlike another in the area that won't be mentioned -- where the C.C. surely applies. T-boxes, fairways, bunkers, greens, all beautifully manicured with flowering shrubs and trees on nearly every hole. ... More

The Growling Swan 27/08

BURAPHA GOLF CLUB By San Mig Stu STAPO IS MONTHLY MAN OF THE MUG We all arrived safely at the Burapha Golf Club via buses and cars for battle in the Monthly Mug, sponsored by Peter Bass of Asia Backpackers Pattaya, and hastened to the waiting caddies and carts and then to the practice putting green next to the ... More

Cafe Kronborg 27/08

Plutaluang N&W - Stableford The test was Plutaluang today down Sukumvit for 45 minutes.swift check in and off n 1 25 minutes early under partly sunny skies and a swirling breeze with couple of sprinkles midway. The course was in good condition and fairly quick greens even though a sign in the clubhouse warned of ... More

Phantom Golf Society 28/08

Peter Blackburn Monday, 24th August – Bangpakong – Stableford  Thomas & Stuart Get The Chocolates At Bangpakong! In the words of a well known Pattaya golfer “no-one will go to Bangpakong, Greenwood, Treasure Hill & Pattavia because they are too far away”. Well yesterday we proved that to be wrong ... More

Siam Country Resort 26/08

  Tony Wakefield bounces back at Phoenix On Tuesday we took the long road to Greenwood. This is a very nice course and has been well maintained throughout the low season, in particular we found the greens were a good speed and running very true. It was a lonely feeling playing round as we had the course all to ... More

The Growling Swan 24/08

Khao Kheow – Stableford Dilligaf Wayco pulls an Ace from the deck as Toddy gets the choc’s! Another fine and sultry day greeted the 22 ‘Growlers’ to Khao Kheow and this favourite of many, once again proved to be in excellent condition and the greens were perfect. The management and staff are to be complimented. ... More

Tropical Golf 25/08

Tuesday The 25th August 2015: Phoenix ( Stableford) So off we go again to Phoenix, and while this Course is not one of our favourites these days, we do go along to play it sometimes. On this day we had a fair turnout and we were soon on our way. One good thing about Phoenix is that we can always book in quickly. So we did ... More

Cafe Kronborg 24/08

Bangpakong  stableford Bangpakong was the test today up route 7 for 70 minutes.quick checking and off the first tee at our allotted time under partly cloudy skies and a stiff breeze all day. The course was in fine condition with quick greens. Back in the clubhouse after a round of under 4 hours a welcome went ... More

The Golf Club 17/08

Steve Ellison Ferris on fire again! Monday 17th – Green Valley – Stableford – White Tees. T - 1st – Dave Ferris (22) 37 points T - 1st – John Emmerson (13) 37 points T - 3rd – Gary Emmett (18) 36 points T - 3rd – Jimmy Dundon (17) 36 points It was a rough morning with a taste of jet-lag as our body ... More

Tropical Golf 21/08

Friday, August 21, Crystal Bay – St Gerd and Tropical Golfers Invade Crystal Bay The Tropical Golf group had 19 golfers participate in this Friday's competition at Crystal Bay. A few groups took the freeway route and a couple took the Sukhumvit route. Freeway won, except for one group who got lost on a “shortcut”. ... More

Siam Country Resort 21/08

On Tuesday we went to Rayong Green Valley. It was some time ago we played here. It was a real nice day. The course was in good condition and the weather nice. So we had a nice round of golf. Willem Lasonder (19) played well today and was the winner with 37 stable ford points. Jonathan Pratt (9) won the battle for second ... More

The Bunker Boys 17/08

Khao Kheow G.C. C & A -- Stableford -- Compared to many of the courses at this time of year ( dry & brown ), Khao Kheow was in excellent condition with beautiful green fairways and greens only a tad slower than normal. A lovely track that takes its maintenance seriously. 15 Bunker Boys made the trek up the ... More

The Growling Swan 20/08

  Crystal Bay – Stableford Khan comes good… but Beaten by His Mate. Eighteen confident golfers arrived ahead of time ready for the trip to Crystal Bay. A quick and easy run on Sukumvit Road today had us arriving at this course, which is improving with every visit. Now a real pleasure to play golf here. ... More

Phantom Golf Society 21/08

  Peter Blackburn Monday, 17th August – Pattana, B & C – Stableford Mogens Has His First Win! Pattana was the venue for our first game of this week and we had a healthy four groups ready to participate. Departing The Phantom Bar right on time at 8.30am we arrived at the golf course 50 minutes later ... More

Cafe Kronborg 20/08

Crystal Bay A&C- Stableford Crystal Bay was the game today up route 7 for 55 minutes.Swift checkin and off c1 80 minutes early with sunny skies and hot conditions all day.The course was in good condition with faily fast greens. Back in the clubhouse after a round of less than 4 hours a welcome went out to Doug Maiko ... More

PSC 144th Monthly Tournament

Tuesday 18th August at Khao Kheow, A & B Results Khao Kheow was the choice for this, the 144th PSC Monthly and although Pattaya is fairly deprived of golfers at the moment we ended up with a good field of 82 and on this occasion it was a 2 tee start with our Starters getting everyone away pretty much on time. G... More

The Growling Swan 17/08

Treasure Hill – 17th August, 2015 Dilligaf Superb, Sublime, Supreme Steinman! Inspired by Aussie, Jason Day’s record breaking overnight win in the US PGA Championship, 22 bleary eyed stalwarts made their way to Treasure Hill GC. Warm welcomes were extended to Cameron Beal and Alan Flynn. Another perfect sultry day ... More

The Golf Club 14/08

Brackett can hack it! Monday 10th – Green Valley – Stableford – White Tees. T - 1st – Ken Hole (17) 37 points T - 1st – Dave Ferris (22) 37 points 3rd – John Emmerson (13) 36 points What a great weekend of golf we had here in the bar as the P.G.A. finishes the season of majors for 2015. A fantastic ... More

Tropical Golf 14/08

Friday, August 14, Treasure Hill – St This Friday twenty four Tropical Golfers gathered at BJ's Holiday Lodge to fuel up for the outing to Treasure Hill.  For those not in the know Treasure Hill has an excellent special going on now of Bt 1050 total including Caddie and cart.  Haven't seen such prices in a long ... More

The Bunker Boys 10/08

Monday, August 10, Pattaya C.C. -- Stableford -- Our favorite Aussie with a perennial smile on his face -- Les Burns -- returns and sticks two near pins right off the bat. "Smiley" didn't waste any time getting back in the groove with the Bunker Boys at the definitely improving Pattaya C.C.. He was a little rusty from his ... More

Phantom Golf Society 10/08

Monday, 10th August – Crystal Bay, C & A – Stableford Woody Wins In A Tight One! There were just 10 of us for this the first game of the week as several of our members were away on Visa runs and we headed off up the Motorway once again a little earlier than usual for our visit to Crystal Bay. We welcomed back ... More

The Growling Swan 13/08

Plutaluang RIP - TONY OLCORN. Thirty Two golfers headed out to tackle The Big Navy Course, 4 ball Ambrose was what we were to play to mark the anniversary of the passing of Tony Olcorn. It would be remiss of me not to mention the fact that 9 had travelled from Queensland to take part in this event. They were: Allan ... More