Cafe’ Kronborg 23/11

Bangpakong-Stableford Bangpakong was the game up the route 7 for 70 minutes. We got off the first tee 15 minutes early with sunny skies and a breeze all day.the course Was wet with over watering by the greens staff getting to be a habit here now. Back in the clubhouse after a slow round of 4 hours and 25 Minutes ... More

The Golf Club 16/11

The Golf Club write-up for 16th - 20th Nov. Steve Ellison Rothwell rules the roost! Monday 16th – Green Valley - Stableford – White Tees 1st – John Hutt (22) 37 points 2nd – Kenny Aihara (3) 36 points T – 3rd – David Rose (3) 35 points T – 3rd – Alan Rothwell (7) 35 points T – 3rd – Peter ... More

The Bunker Boys 16/11

NAVY SINKS THE BUNKER BOYS Monday, November 16, Plutaluang Navy G.C. North & West -- Stableford -- Today had to be one of the all-around worst outings ever for that friendly group of golfers known as the Bunker Boys. It wouldn't be much of a stretch to substitute hackers for golfers as out of thirty-one players not ... More

Tropical Golf 20/11

Maurice Pummels Pattavia This Friday the Tropical Golfers headed out to Pattavia CC. With no chance of rain in the forecast it was a good day to enjoy well watered fairways without getting watered ourselves. The drive to Pattavia is one of the longer ones, but the trip was surprisingly smooth. Some new shortcuts helped.... More

Cafe’ Kronborg 19/11

Pleasant Valley sableford It was off to a very pleasant day at pleasant valley up route 7 for 42 minutes.we got off the first tee with hot and sunny conditions all day. The course was wet from the rain on wednesday but otherwise in good shape. Back in the clubhouse after a quick round of 4 hours a welcome went out ... More

The Growling Swan 19/11

PATTAVIA – THURSDAY 19TH NOVEMBER 2015 By: San Mig Stu RETURNEES CLEAN UP! Twenty one was the enthusiastic number in the field for today’s game, we were heading for the Great Course of Pattavia. It is a 45 +Min journey but one has to say well worth the trip. I was thinking as we were heading up the highway there ... More

Phantom Golf Society 20/11

  Peter Blackburn Wednesday, 18th November, 2015 – Wangjuntr, Jungle Course – Stableford Rees & Gabe Triumph In The Jungle! We had golfers join us from Colin’s Golf Bar for the competition on this day we meant we had a very healthy total of 29 golfers ready to tackle the Jungle Course at Wangju... More

Siam Country Resort 20/11

  Sunny week on nice courses Tuesday we went with 3 groups to The Emerald. The sun was shining and the course in good condition. We had some guest players to complete our group. For them it was also a nice experience. Despite the good conditions we had no high scores today. The most of us had a problem on the ... More

Cafe’ Kronborg 16/11

Khao Kheow A&C Stableford The pete dye Khao Kheow A&C loops were the game today up route 7 for 45 minutes. Swift checkin and off c 1 on time with sunny and humid conditions all day.the course was in fairly good condition with some fairways a bit sandy but should be top notch for the club championship in ... More

PSC Next Monthly Tournament


The Growling Swan 16/11

PATTANA SPORT CLUB – 16th November, 2015 Dilligaf Alan, Stu, JC and the Goats, Rabbits and Bears! Some were searching for the Holy Grail and some thought they had found it the night before, but a fantastic roll-up of 32 Growling Swan golfers headed to Pattana Sport Club last Monday. Greetings were handed out to Pat ... More

Tropical Golf 17/11

Tuesday The 17th November 2015: Pattana ( Stableford) There is no doubt in my mind that this is the best Clubhouse on the Eastern Seaboard. There is no doubt also that this is the one with the costliest bottle of Singha and when I finished my round and showered and went upstairs to have a Shandy, for the uninitiated that ... More

The Golf Club 09/11

The Golf Club write-up for 9th - 13th Nov. Steve Ellison Friday was lucky 13! Monday 9th – Green Valley - Stableford – White Tees 1st – Kevin (Lucky) Hamilton (17) 43 points 2nd – Alan Rothwell (7) 40 points T – 3rd – David Rose (3) 37 points T – 3rd – Kenny Aihara (3) 37 points Here we go ... More

Thailand Golf Championship


The Bunker Boys 9/11

Not a real auspicious beginning for a day out on the golf course. Stuck in a traffic jam in a car full of non-smokers biting my nails watching the black clouds roll overhead. Are we ever going to get there, is it going to rain, will my bladder hold out? The tracks out on this side of town are some of my favorite; but I ... More

The Growling Swan 12/11

Comrade Fred Back from the USSR to take the Rubels! Well it was to be 21 eager starters to take the buses up the highway to tackle Greenwood CC Golf Course. Unfortunatley two that were to meet us there, traveling in the car did not make it on time. They played a 2 ball and did not feature in today’s competition! On the ... More

Tropical Golf 13/11

Friday, November 13, Treasure Hill – St John Davis Lucky on Friday the 13th It was Friday the 13th and seventeen Tropical Golfers met to see who would be lucky this day and who would fall victim to superstitions. It’s that time of year when familiar faces start showing up to catch up on the news and golf conditions. ... More

Phantom Golf Society 13/11

PSC Golf from the Phantom Golf Society – W.E 13.11.15 Peter Blackburn Monday, 9th November, 2015 – Crystal Bay, A & C – Stableford Mogens Again On Count Back! We had 17 golfers signed up for the first game of the week and on a fine Monday Morning we headed off up number 7 and arrived at Crystal Bay 45 ... More

Siam Country Resort 13/11

  Wet courses Tuesday we went with 3 groups to Crystal Bay. We played the A and C course. The condition of the course was not too bad. Around the greens was the soil too soft. The greens were not very good and slow. Besides the speed of the A-course was completely different from the C-course. Nevertheless we had ... More

Cafe Kronborg 09/11

Mountain shadow today up route 7 for 44 Minutes.Swift checkin and off the first tee in a jiffy 40 minutes early under sunny skies with a rare sighting of a lone monkey behind the 14 th green.the course was in good shape with fast greens. Back in the clubhouse after a quick 4 hour round welcome backs went out to Kurt ... More

Tropical Golf 10/11

FERRIS & McGARVIE TAME GREENWOOD Tuesday, 10 October Greenwood – S’ford With a contingent of regular players off to Kanchanaburi for Poppy Day ceremonies, a fair sized group of 19 met at our golfing home, The BJ Holiday Lodge, for breakfast and transport arrangements for the days outing to Greenwood. What has ... More

The Growling Swan 09/11

SILKY OAK – 9th November, 2015 Dilligaf Eric Black – He’s Powerful! 19 golfers presented in fine fettle as we braced ourselves for the challenge at Silky Oak. We welcomed Peter Bye and Roy and Kae Dayton, back from their extended trip to the USA. This scribe had somehow missed the Growling Swan’s last three ... More

PSC 147th Monthly Tournament

Wednesday 11th November at Phoenix, Mountain & Ocean Results Phoenix Gold was the choice for this, the 147th PSC Monthly with the Mountain & Ocean nines the combination as the Lakes nine was still not finished but we are told it will be open on January the first. There were several cancellations for various ... More

The Golf Club 02/11

The Golf Club write-up for 2nd- 6th Nov. Steve Ellison Carr in the driver’s seat! Monday 2nd – Green Valley - Stableford – White Tees 1st – Andy Makara (27) 42 points 2nd – Jack Grindvold (3) 40 points T – 3rd – Brian Carr (30) 36 points T – 3rd – Kevin Hamilton (16) 36 points T – 3rd – Phil ... More

The Growling Swan 05/11

Seventeen eager players gathered at The Growling Swan anticipating the challenge set out for them in today’s event. We were heading up the highway to play Crystal Bay one of our favorite courses. Weather wise it looked as though we were in for a good day; pleasant conditions greeted us and stayed with us all day. We ... More