The Bunker Boys 27/07

Mountain Shadow G.C. Blue Tees -- Stableford -- It was a great day for golf at the not so well manicured Mountain Shadow G.C.. Playing from the blue tees at 6,300 yards under overcast skies with little to no wind, the crew was undoubtedly hoping for a better showing than the stableford average of 29 they posted. Not a ... More

Phantom Golf Society 31/07

Monday, 27th July – Pattana, A & B – Stableford Boysen Dominates At Pattana! The classy Pattana Golf Course was our opening venue for this particular week and as it had been quite a while since we had played there most of us were looking forward to competing at this classy layout. Just a 48 minute drive up ... More

SIAM Country Resort 31/07

Again Stan This week only one game. We skipped our Thursday game because of Buddha day. Tuesday we went to Phoenix and played with two groups. It was a nice day and the course was in good condition. We played Mountain and Ocean. On the front nine took Stan Rees (26) was looking for his form, but on the back nine was ... More

Growling Swan 27/07

MOUNTAIN SHADOW By San Mig Stu KNOXY TOPS THE HILL Only two busloads were required to ferry today’s enthusiasts to spar with the Shadow. Only one player could remain standing! Playing off the Blue Tees for a change was no excuse for the lower than average scores. Although the putting greens were tricky with their ... More

Tropical Golf 28/07

Tuesday The 28th July 2015: Parichat International Golf Links ( Stableford) Yes you read it correctly, not a name that drips off the tongue in the Pattaya Golfing Community. However with it recently opened we though it only fair that we give it a try and go and spend a day trying out this new Course. It also is really ... More

Cafe Kronborg 27/07

Crystal Bay A&C  Stableford Crystal Bay was the game 55 minutes enroute .quick checkin and off c 1 under clousey skies with a few sprinkles here and there all day. The course was in good condition with quick greens. We managed to make it around in 4 hours flat and back in the clubhouse the winner was Dave ... More

The Golf Club 20/07

Blue Meanies invade Parichat! Monday 20th – Green Valley – Stableford – White Tees. 1st – Dave Ferris (22) 34 points T - 2nd – Andy Makara (25) 33 points T - 2nd – Chicka Smith (18) 33 points T - 2nd – “Ishi” Masao Ishikawa (16) 33 points T - 2nd – Phil Smedley (10) 33 points First ... More

Tropical Golf 24/07

Friday, July 24, Pattaya Country Club – Stroke play Gerd Riedler Wins Bookends Once again it’s time for the Tropical Golf Group to head to Pattaya Country Club to try to win the coveted Monthly Mug, which takes place, hmmm, let’s see – monthly. Coming on the heels of the British Open this was our own version ... More

The Bunker Boys 20/07

Monday, July 20, Pattana G.C. A & B : Stableford Playing from the white tees at nearly 6,900 yards against a strong wind and fairways with little to no roll, the Bunker Boys could only manage an average stableford score of 28. Rab McDonald clinched first place with a mere 33 points, and Geoff Parker took second ... More

Cafe Kronborg 23/07

Mountain Shadow : Stableford Mountain Shadow was the game up route 7 for 45 minutes. Easy check in and off the first tee 20 minutes early under sunny skies and a bit of wind all day. The course was in good condition with fast greens. Back in the clubhouse after a round of 4 hours and 15 minutes welcomes went out to ... More

The Growling Swan 23/07

Greenwood : Stableford Wayco stymies the Rice-man! 2 buses awaited the 20 players eagerly anticipating the Growling Swan’s visit to the popular Greenwood GC. On the buses, banter was somewhat subdued as the traffic snarls on the 331 extended our trip to Greenwood in excess of 1 hour. At last month’s visit to ... More

Siam Country Resort 24/07

Stan Rees confirms his good shape at Greenwood Tuesday we drove down the 331 to Greenwood. It is always a pleasure to play here. The course was in good shape, but some of the greens suffered on a disease and made putting difficult. It was a nice day, a little bit cloudy and not to hot. We enjoyed the game. We had good ... More

The Phantom Golf Society 20/07

Monday, 20th July – Mountain Shadow – Stableford Gerd Back In Form At The Mountain! It was time for our monthly visit to the challenging Mountain Shadow Golf Course and there were 4 groups signed up to play. The few drops of rain on the way there didn’t worry us as we were confident it would clear up and sure ... More

Tropical Golf 21/07

 Green Valley ( Stableford) I like this Course, always have and I have been playing it for a long time. It is like an old item of clothing that one’s wife wants to throw out, but you keep wearing it. We have been playing here for many a year and it is honest and a great day out. Over the years there have ben many a ... More

Cafe Kronborg 20/07

Bangpakong Bangpakong was the game no raininpattaya butthe further north we got thewetter it got 1 hour and 10 minutes up route 7.we checked in and waited 20 minutes after our tee time to tee off with light rain most of the day.the course was sopping wet as reflected in the scores. Back in the clubhouse after 4 ... More

PSC August Monthly Tournament


The Growling Swan 20/07

PATTAVIA CC GOLF COURSE – STABLEFORD Pattavia CC Golf Course -Stableford By San Mig Stu   Sal Salubrious! Two buses were loaded and left the Growling Swan a little earlier than the scheduled 8.30 am departure time and all golfers were keen as mustard to start whacking away like madmen. Golf bus ... More

The Golf Club 13/07

write-up for 13th – 17th July Steve Ellison It’s Kenny againny. Monday 13th – Green Valley – Stableford – White Tees. 1st – Stephen Hoge (18) 41 points 2nd – Billy Eyles (17) 38 points T - 3rd – Barry Tregurtha (18) 36 points T - 3rd – Jack Grindvold (3) 36 points Things are improving greatly ... More

Tropical Golf 17/07

Friday, July 17, Bangpra – St Landis and Barry Conquor at Bangpra The Tropical Golf group had a couple of treats this Friday. The first was we were playing Bangpra - high on the list of favorite courses for most golfers. The second treat was that it was fairly cloudy and cool most of the round but no threat of rain. ... More

The Bunker Boys 13/07

Monday, July 13, Crystal Bay G.C. C & A -- Medal -- It was somewhat of an interesting day at the rapidly deteriorating ( dry as a bone ) Crystal Bay G.C.. Two quintuple and two quadruple bogeys, and only one near pin. This couldn't possibly of been the result of badly nicked-up / burnt out fairways, and patchwork ... More

The Growling Swan 16/07

CRYSTAL BAY – 16th July, 2015 “EVERGREEN IBBY” COMES OUT TRUMPS! It was 16 combatants eagerly waiting to take that journey to Crystal Bay, on of the many favourite courses for The Growling Swan golfers. Boasting and bragging rights were up for grabs as it appeared that a few scores that needed to be settled ... More

Phantom Golf Society 13/07

Monday, 13th July – Bangpakong – Stableford Yet Another Win For Big Steve! Bangpakong has always been one of my favourite golf courses and after about one year it was pleasing to see that we had 16 golfers who also appreciated a good course and were willing to make the journey despite the extra distance. I could ... More

Siam Country Resort 17/07

PSC Golf from SIAM Country Resort Good scores at Crystal Bay Crystal Bay was our venue for the Tuesday. The course was a little bit suffering under the drought and the greens were not easy. But we had a nice day with good weather. We played the A and C course. It is pity, that the B course is closed for a long ... More

Cafe Kronborg 16/07

PLUTALUANG N&W16 JULY STABLEFORD One of our favorites Plutaluang was the game down Sukumvit for 43 minutes. Quick checking and off n 1 20 minutes early under partly cloudy skies and a stiff breeze. The course was as always neat and tidy with quock greens. We took 4 hours and 15 minutes and back in the clubhouse a ... More

PSC 143rd Monthly Tournament

Tuesday 14th July at Phoenix Gold, Mountain & Ocean   Results This was our first PSC Monthly Tournament at Phoenix Gold for quite some time and an excellent deal with Nat, the Phoenix GM proved to be very popular with a full field plus a waiting list. There were the usual late cancellations plus a couple ... More