The Golf Club 28/10

Steve Ellison McHugh’s Magnificent Medal! Monday 28th – Green Valley – Stableford – White Tees. 1st – Phil Lawrence (10) 37 points 2nd – Kevin Hamilton (15) 35 points 3rd – Phil Smedley (10) 34 points Reality has finally hit, and we are well and truly ensconced into the rainy season. Of course, the ... More

The Bunker Boys 28/09

Mountain Shadow G.C. -- Stableford The " Silver Bird " -- P.J. Redmond -- glides home with a smooth 37 points to take first place at the always challenging Mountain Shadow G.C.. The rest of the field didn't fair so well averaging only 30 stableford points. The course was in good shape and the recent rains seems to have ... More

Phantom Golf Society 02/10

Monday, 28th September, 2015 – Bangpakong – Stableford Woody Wins At A Wet Bangpakong! It was a gloomy Monday morning as we headed out of Pattaya with a full busload with rain clouds overhead and it was fingers crossed as we made our way to Bangpakong Riverside Golf Course for our first game of the week. During ... More

The Growling Swan 01/09

Pattavia Century Golf Course– Stableford Three Amigos play with one coming up “Cross Trumps”! Two buses left the Growling Swan a little earlier than the scheduled 8.30 am departure time and all golfers were keen as ever to get to The Plantation Course (Pattavia) as it is a favorite of The Growling Swan Golfers.... More

Tropical Golf 03/10

Pattana – St Dick Warberg conquers Pattana Greetings golfers. This Friday the Tropical Golfers treated themselves to a visit to Pattana golf course. Not that expensive of a treat because coupons made this course reasonably affordable, but we don't get to play there enough. It was drizzling with dark skies as the ... More

Siam Country Resort 2/10

We had a good week golfing week. A number of our regular players returned to Pattaya, so the competition is growing again.On Tuesday we went to beautiful Khao Keow. The course was in good condition and rain did not hurt us. We had good scores today. Paul Davies (28) was the winner with 39 stable ford points, followed by ... More

The Growling Swan 28/09

Treasure Hill – Stableford Dilligaf Bouquets to Treasure Hill GC! In a week when Alex Field played superb golf, our attention turned to Treasure Hill GC. Firstly, on arrival on Monday, we were notified that the current PSC member rate of 1,050 THB for green fee, caddie and cart has been extended through to November. ... More

Greenwood Cup


Tropical Golf 29/09

Greenwood ( Stableford) What a lovely day I thought as I looked over the balcony early in the morning as even that early in the morning the Sun was shining. Walking to BJ’s I looked forward to a fine day out and the players were having breakfast before we set off. What could spoil such a fine day ? I went with Mashi ... More

The Golf Club 21/09

  Steve Ellison Steady Stanton the Star!   Monday 21st – Green Valley – Stableford – White Tees. 1st – Kevin Hamilton (16) 35 points T -2nd – Alan Cole (13) 33 points T -2nd – Al Marumoto (10) 33 points T -2nd – Fred Graham (16) 33 points   Falang radio is finally back on ... More

The Bunker Boys 21/09

COONEY GETS OUT THE BROOM A fine week of golf for Gerry sweeping all three stableford competitions; 35 points at the beautiful Royal Lakeside G.C., 37 points at the ever so brown Eastern Star G.C., and 33 points at the best value in town Treasure Hill G.C..This guy is good. Monday, September 21, Royal Lakeside G.C. -- ... More

The Growling Swan 24/09

MONTHLY MUG Pattaya CC Dilligaf Stewart’s shoulder tapping victory! A fantastic field of 30 spritely golfers gathered for the Growling Swan, September Monthly Mug event. Warm welcomes were extended to Rob Cross, Peter McDonald, Rocky Lawson, Peter Grant, Wayne Harman and Doc Vale. On the buses, all things golf were ... More

Phantom Golf Society 25/09

Peter Blackburn   Monday, 21st September, 2015 – Bangpra – Stableford Pierrel, Tallet & Nat Win In The Heat! After cancelling two games last week due to the horrendous weather conditions in Pattaya last week we were all “jumping out of our skin” at the prospect of getting back into golf. ... More

Cafe kronborg 24/09

Plutaluang N&W-Stableford Plutaluang was the game today down Sukumvit for 45 minutes easy checkin and off n 1 30 minutes early with cloudy conditions most of the day. The course was in good condition and dry considering that the lake is up about 6 feet in the last 3 weeks. We wizzed around in about 3 hours and 20 ... More

Tropical Golf 25/09

 Pattaya Country Club – Medal Mikito Hoists Monthly Mug Its time again for the Tropical Golf Monthly Mug. Its is a fine container to hold beverages of all sorts, and highly coveted. A smaller than usual group had many thinking the odds might favor them this day and, there was much optimism before the round. Pla... More

Tropical Golf 22/09

Tuesday The 22nd September 2015: Mountain Shadow ( Stableford) Well it was time for Mountain Shadow again, so we threw away all the worries of the possibility of rain and jumped into our chariots for the ride up to Mountain Shadow. Why it is always up to Mountain Shadow and down to Plutaluang I have no idea except Bangkok ... More

Siam Country Resort 25/09

Crystal Bay was our venue for Tuesday. The course was in pretty good condition and the condition were good. We had only one small shower. It was enjoyable day with high scores. The number one today was our guest player Mihail Iordache (13) with 38 stable ford points. Three people ended with 37 stable ford points. But it ... More

Cafe Kronborg 21/09

Bangpakong - Stableford Bangpakong was the game today up route 7 for 65 minutes.swift checkin and off the first tee on time under the hottest conditions that i can remember no wind 4o c 90% humidity no cloud cover and the Indonesian smoke haze that burned the eyes for the whole round. The course was wet in places mostly ... More

PSC Next Monthly Tournament


The Growling Swan 21/09

Greenwood Martin Todd Makes A Statement! Twenty one players arrived at The Growling Swan with an appointment to take the trip up Highway 331 and take on the very popular Greenwood GC. Cannot report what took place on the buses, as I did not make the trip myself. But I am sure it was the usual banter of what players ... More

The Golf Club 14/09

Steve Ellison Bolton Strikes Twice! Monday 14th – Green Valley – Stableford – White Tees. 1st – Paul Bolton (14) 38 points T -2nd – Darren Stanton (18) 34 points T -2nd – John Emmerson (13) 34 points Much needed precipitation finally appeared in Pattaya last week and aside from local bits of flooding, ... More

Phantom Golf Society 18/09

Monday, 14th September, 2015 – Pattana, A & B – Stableford Skilton Wins On Count Back! After some overnight rain we expected Pattana to be somewhat wet and we headed off from the Phantom Bar a few minutes before our scheduled 8.30am departure time. With a last minute withdrawal due to illness we were left ... More

The Bunker Boys 14/09

Crystal Bay G.C. C & A -- Stableford -- We were happy to see the safe return of Duncan Lee from his travels in Nepal and India. Fortunately, he wasn't in Nepal when the big quake hit a few months back. He didn't waste any time making his way to the podium scoring 37 points at the wet and soggy Crystal Bay G.C.. ... More

Tropical Golf 13/09

Green Valley ( Stableford)We’ve been to this Course a few times over the years and it has always been a pleasure to play. I remember walking down the road from the ‘Old Clubhouse’ with old type spikes clumping down the road and teeing off on what is now the second hole. There have been a few changes over the ... More

Siam Country Resort 18/09

This week only one game on Tuesday. Although the sky was dark and it looked like thunder, it stayed dry. The course was in pretty good condition, but the greens were very slow. We had an enjoyable game with low scores. The winner today was Neil Harvey (16) with 31 stable ford points. On second place was Richard Schutten... More