The Growling Swan 25/08

Pattavia GC – 25th August 2016 Maurice Roberts Takes August Monthly Mug. Twenty nine punters gathered in Soi Chaiyapoon eager to take advantage of the great offer put on by Pattavia G.C. To say the day was warm was an understatement, little or no breeze made it even more uncomfortable. The course was in good ... More

Tropical Golf 26/08

Friday August 26, 2016, Crystal Bay – St Tommy and Henry Shine at Crystal Bay The month is winding down and the pressure is winding up.  With a close Golfer of the Month race and the Monthly Mug coming up next week, this was the Tropical Golfers version of “moving day”.  Twenty three golfers joined the round ... More

The Bunker Boys 22/08

Monday, August, 22nd, Eastern Star C.C.  White Tees  -- Stableford -- The BB's were obviously discomfited by the well-presented Eastern Star C.C.: not one of the thirteen players managed to play to their handicap; and 34 stableford points took first place. Hip Hip Hooray for the groundskeeper! Unlike the vast ... More

Siam Country Resort 25/08

Stuart banks some good scores On Tuesday we returned to Bangphra golf course where the caddies are possibly the best turned out in the area with well tailored uniforms in subtle colours that are pleasant on the eye without being too glaring. Paddy grabbed a young caddy while I had her great-great-grandmother and the ... More

Colin’s Bar 21-26/08

Sunday 21st August Green Valley Just 3 groups today for green Valley and 6 of them from Australia, welcome for the 1st time to Dave Pacey, & Brad Gearie who joined some of our regular Aussies. The 1st group J.P. Maffray, Ed Wyckoff, Fred Birch & the Donkey. A clear field in front so this group shot off, Ed ... More

Tropical Golf 28/08

Bangpra ( Stableford)  One of out Tuesday regulars, this is a quality Course and as I am informed, the first Golf Course on the Eastern Seaboard. I may be wrong as their may have been minor Courses but I think not. With this being around for many years it is a very mature Course and we see a lot of wild life here. ... More


GOLF CHAIRMAN Thank you to all those members who participated in our August tournament (98 attended)and the prize presentation held at Khao Kheow Country Club, from comments I received from the members who played, the course was in good condition. My thanks once again goes the PSC Golf Committee without whose help it ... More

The Growling Swan 18/08

Silky Oak –Stableford 18th August, 2016 Mike Johns & John Anderson Come Up Trumps! After a tough few days when we lost a great mate in Russell Calcutt, R.I.P Russell. Twenty fours golfers set out to Silky Oak in overcast conditions. The course was in tip top condition and some good scores were expected. As ... More

Siam Country Resort 19/08

Neil on swing at Phoenix On Tuesday 16h August we went with 3 groups to Phoenix. We played the Lakes & Ocean Course. We are still not used to the redesign of the Lakes. The players who know the old layout don't like the changes very much. We expected that the course would be in a very good condition after the king's ... More

The Growling Swan 15/08

A – Flight, EBRAHIM TERRIFIC with 42 POINTS!!! B – Flight, BERNIE takes FIRST TITLE!!! There must be something about golfing at Treasure Hill, because today 3 bus loads and a few cars transported 29 golfers. We left The Growling Swan a few minutes early for the trip up 331. Yes there is something about ... More

The Bunker Boys 15/08

The track has finally recovered from the summer drought: t-boxes with grass, fairways lush, and greens running true but slower than usual. The only downside on this particular day were the bunkers: seemed to be clad with a layer of cement. What's with the bunker maintenance on many of the courses in the area? How hard can ... More

Colin’s Bar 14-17/08

Sunday 14th August Green Valley J.P. the master of the short game Just 5 of us today on the 1st weekend  of the premier league , so we went out as a 2 ball and a 3 ball.1st out was J.P. Maffray and the Donkey , This was something to watch  J.P. the master of the short game, the 1st 6 holes all single putts then ... More

Tropical Golf 19/08

Dick Shines at Mountain Shadow! Greetings golf fans.  With Olympic golf now history its time to focus back on the more important golf event in the world – The Tropical Golfers!  You got to admit its more entertaining, as in laughable.  Things would get downright comical this week as the group headed out to the ... More

Tropical Golf 16/08

I knew it was going to be a good day out when I got an email asking me which two Nines we wanted to play as Pattana had said we could play any two. This was a difficult decision as all are very playable, however as I said I did not mind which we played if I did not have to ‘Tee Off’ on B1. So we played C1 and A1 in ... More

Cafe Kronborg 15/08

 Pattaya cc was the game just a short ride down the 36. easy checking and off the first tee 40 minutes early under sunny skies And a very stiff wind all day. The course was in good condition with Hard fairways and the wind giving us some long drives downwind. Back in the clubhouse the winner was the ever colorful ... More

PSC 154th Monthly Tournament

Come and join our 154th Member’s Tournament at Plutaluang Navy Golf Course. More

The Bunker Boys 08/08

Monday 8th  Khao Kheow Where better place can a golfer be than in Pattaya playing low season golf on great courses fully recovered from the dry spell at discount prices. Today we went to Khao Kheow and played the A & B nines for ThB1000 Green Fee and Caddy fee. The weather was perfect and the course was in good ... More

Tropical Golf 11/08

Thursday, August 11, 2016, Treasure Hill – St Tom on Top of Treasure Hill This Friday the Tropical Golfers played on Thursday.  Well, you know what we mean.  Friday being Mother's Day made the change necessary.  With the usual Tuesday golf and the PSC Monthly on Wednesday, some golfers were out for their third ... More

Colin’s Bar 07/08

Green Valley A good turnout today 17 players for Green Valley, A welcome back to Jez Lees, 1st game with us for about 5 years, and he’s still sharking it of the same hcp.The weather overcast perfect for golf for some at least.3 x 3 balls and 2 x 4 balls carts on the fairway so play it as it lie’s. 1st group out ... More

Siam Country Resort 12/08

Good results On Tuesday 9th August we drove down the 331 to Greenwood. We played the A & C course. The course was in good condition, but the greens slower than normal. The weather was good and not to hot. All the circumstances were good for a good round of golf. And that happened. Today Stuart Banks (22) dominated ... More

Singha Amazing International Pattaya Golf Festival


PSC 153rd Monthly Golf Tournament

PSC 153rd  MONTHLY GOLF TOURNAMENT Result Wednesday 10th August at Khao Kheow, A & C Khao Kheow, A & C  was the choice for this, the 153rd PSC Monthly and it was very well attended with 97 starters on the day with an excellent rate of 1,300 baht for Green Fee, Caddy & cart. The golf course was in ... More

The Growling Swan 08/08

Plutaluang – 8th August, 2016. “TONY OLCORN MEMORIAL SHIELD” BUTCHA Helps CASA, COACH and JOCKEY Take the Shield! We ventured out to play Plutaluang in memory of Tony Olcorn (Spagoni) who unfortunately passed away on this course 2 years ago. Forty players turned out to play which in itself as a great ... More

Tropical Golf 09/08

Green Valley ( Stableford) There may be three Golf Courses in this complex, but this is by far my own personal favourite. On this day we had a good turnout, and nearly all arrived at the golf course. One of our players went from home and I got a SMS after I finished saying he was not arriving as he got lost. So one ... More

Tropical Golf 05/08

Dave Debuts as Silky Winner This Friday the Tropical Golfers made another visit to Silky Oak.  Usually this is just a once or twice/year visit for the TG, but good rates and favorable reviews have put it in the rotation a few additional times.  It was a later than usual start and many of the golfers were able to sleep ... More