The Golf Club 19/05

TGC write up for 15th – 19th May Steve Ellison   Monday 15th – St. Andrews – Stableford – White Tees T-1st – Gary Emmett (17) 36 points T-1st – Terry Dyer (18) 36 points 3rd – Bob Kenyan (16) 35 points   If you can’t stand the heat, get off the tee box, as the old saying ... More

Tropical Golf 23/05

Tuesday The 23rd May 2017: Pattana ( Stableford)  I remember someone, not me, saying,  ‘The worst day on a Golf Course is better than the best day at work’. well apart from the fact I have had some really great days at work I cannot remember a worse day on the Golf Course, not the Courses fault mind, than this, and I ... More

The Golf Club 15-19/05

Monday 15th – St. Andrews – Stableford – White Tees T-1st – Gary Emmett (17) 36 points T-1st – Terry Dyer (18) 36 points 3rd – Bob Kenyan (16) 35 points   If you can’t stand the heat, get off the tee box, as the old saying goes. May is definitely the hottest and most humid month in ... More

Billabong 22/05

PHOENIX GOLD STABLEFORD What a change. Last week you would have gotten wet because it hardly stopped raining. This week you got wet because of the very high humidity. The rain is always welcome by golf courses and as a result Lakes and Ocean are looking very green and the ponds/lakes levels have been replenished. To ... More

Siem Reap Golf Holiday


Tropical Golf 19/05

  Landis Wins Afternoon Delight Greetings and straight drives to all.  This week the Tropical Golfers decided to try something different and play golf under the stars and the lights. More on that later.  Laem Chabang has a special price for “night golf”, so if you want to try this course and also beat (or ... More

Bunker Boys 15-19/05

Monday May 15, Bangpra, Stableford(white tees). 1st Colin Greig (11)                                           31 pts oco (18) 2nd Ross schiffke (19)                                      31              (16) 3rd Les Hall (23)                           ... More

Siam Country Resort 18/05

PSC Golf from SIAM Country Resort Pattaya   Low scores   Tuesday 16th May we went to Mountain Shadow. The course was in good condition and the greens good and very fast. The circumstances were good for challenging scores. But it was not the truth. Might be the weather was to hot and humid to reach good ... More

PSC 160th Monthly Golf Tournament


Billabong 17/05

WEDNESDAY, MAY 17TH GREEN VALLEY STABLEFORD The caddies looked at us on the 1st tee as if we were mad. You could hardly blame them for it had rained since the early hours and had not stopped yet. The sun had gone on holiday and left behind some dark, forbidding clouds as far as the eye could see threatening all ... More

Links Golf Society 17/05

 PSC Golf …Pattaya Links Golf Society...Burapha…Wed..May 17..S/Ford                                  Wet Millionaire’s Golf At Burapha   The rain was coming down hard in Pattaya as the brave few gathered at Links Bar ready for the short trip to Burapha. The question ... More

Growling Swan 15/05

PSC GOLF REPORT – GROWLING SWAN STABLEFORD Pleasant Valley GC – 15th May 2017 Steve Younger paves the way. With only 9 golfers prepared to brave the elements it turned out to be a quick round of Golf. We set out with 3 x 3’s and decided to play from the Blue Tees with Pick, Clean and Place being the way ... More

Tropical Golf 16/05

Tuesday The 16th May 2017: Royal Lakeside ( Stableford) The day did not start well. At first light a look out over the balcony showed a steady fall of rain and it was obvious a storm was on its way. By the time it was the time to go round to BJ’s the phone had been ringing with players wondering if it was worth getting ... More

The Golf Club 08-12/05

  Monday 8th - Pattana – Stableford – White Tees 1st – Frank Tordeur (18) 39 points 2nd – Ron Beattie (15) 36 points   Not Green Valley? Yep, this was booked last month when RGV was supposed to be closed and there was much confusion about what was happening with the renovations. Taking ... More

Links Golf Society 15/05

                                   Millionaire’s Golf At Royal Lakeside The rain was coming down hard in Pattaya as the brave few gathered at Links Bar ready for the slightly longer trip to the beautiful Royal Lakeside. The question was asked of me a number of times about the ... More

Tropical Golf 12/05

Takeshi Continues To Roll...! We are well into the month of May and hopefully the temperatures will start to drop. Of course with it comes more rain, but you can't have everything.  Over at Tropical Golf some wandering souls have started to return and we jumped up to 19 golfers for this Friday at Treasure Hill.  ... More

Links Golf Society 12/05

        PSC Golf …Pattaya Links Golf Society...Bangpra….Fri..May 12..S/ford                               Ken Hole Wins Despite The Rain   What better way to end the golfing week than a short run up the Motorway to the Bangpra Golf Course. The current price of 1550 bht ... More

Bunker Boys 08/05

Monday May 8, Khao Kheow,(white tees), Medal. 1st Geoff Parker(16)                                                               68 net 2nd Stuart Tinkler(14)                                                             72 3rd Colin Greig(11)       ... More

Siam Country Resort 13/05

PSC Golf from SIAM Country Resort Pattaya   Martin Hayes on fire at Greenwood   Tuesday 9th May we visited Khao Keow. We played the A & B course. The course was in very good condition and the greens were quite fast. The weather was ok, clouded and not to hot. Only 1 good score of Jonathan Pratt with ... More

Links Golf Society 10/05

   PSC Golf …Pattaya Links Golf Society…..Mt.Shadow…. Wed..May 10 ….S/Ford.                     Hookey a Runaway Winner at The Mountain   Many around Town are asking “ where are all the golfers?” As with many of the Golf Societies in Pattaya at the moment, we are recording a ... More

Colin’s Golf 07/05

Sunday 7th May St. Andrew’s We had 15 players today to try out St Andrews since all the greens had been cored 3 weeks ago and the general opinion was preety good they had also cut down the rough as well’ the greens were a bit slow but not bumpy all in all not bad for the price. As in all games it’s a game of ... More

Growling Swan 11/05

GROWLING SWAN GOLF REPORT STABLEFORD PATTAVIA – THURSDAY 11TH MAY 2017 By:  Cassa DENNIS AND COLM FIGHT IT OUT, IT GOES TO THE COUNTBACK! A few buses and cars were used to ferry those who wanted to take on the fairly tough Pattavia golf course today. The greens are always going to determine a winner ... More

Links Golf Society 08/05

PSC Golf …Pattaya Links Golf Society...Treasure Hill.. Mon..May.8….S/Ford.                             Tip Briney Toughs It Out   Another trip to the challenging Treasure Hill Golf Course by an intrepid few. After withdrawls and no shows we numbered only 10 players, determined to ... More

Billabong 08/05

MONDAY, MAY 8TH PHOENIX GOLD STABLEFORD A change from our usual opening nine on Mountain teeing off  on Lakes. The recent showers have ensured the fairways remain a rich shade of green but the putting areas are just a little different to those on the other nines, but smooth nonetheless. So on to Ocean, in ... More

PSC 159th Monthly Golf Tournament

159th PSC MEMBERS TOURNAMENT Tuesday 9th May 2017 Pleasant Valley Golf Club Result The May 2017 PSC Members Tournament was held on 9th May at Pleasant Valley Golf Course with 48 golfers registered to play in this event however only 45 turned up to play, it was extremely disappointing to see that many of the PSC ... More