Tropical Golf 30/06

Tuesday The 30th June 2015: Plutaluang (Stableford) Normally we do not go to this Golf Course except on a Friday, but this month just for a chance we thought why not a Tuesday?. I think the rationale went something like the fact that going on a Friday was the worst day to get back to BJ’S, traffic wise, but maybe Tuesday ... More

Cafe Kronborg 29/06

Pattavia 29 June Stableford Pattavia was the game up the 331 in less than an hour with no bottleneck at bowin and road improvements close to the course. Quick checkin and off the first tee 10 minutes early under sunny skies and hot conditions all day. The course was in fine condition with the greens a fair 9.2 ... More

The Growling Swan 29/06

PATTAVIA CENTURY GC– STABLEFORD Dilligaf PATTAVIA bares its sharp claws! Blue sky greeted the 22 Growling Swan starters at Pattavia. We welcomed Garry Barker and the first 3 ball groups headed out early off the white tees. For those who haven’t played this fine course, it is a Sir Nick Faldo design, lost in the ... More

The Golf Club 22/06

write-up for 22nd – 26th June Steve Ellison Sproxton Springs Back ! Before we get on with the golf, it is high time we gave thanks to some of the guys from TGC who have gone out of their way to support our charity dental project, Caddy Smiles. It is the first anniversary of Caddy Smile and we have counted 8 ... More

Tropical Golf 26/06

Friday, June 26, Pattaya Country Club, Medal Landis Brooks Wins Monthly Mug In Great Form T’was the last Friday of the month and from all over Pattaya golfers woke up to see if this was their day to win the Tropical Golf coveted Monthly Mug. Some say they would rather win that than the US Open Trophy.  At least ... More

The Bunker Boys 22/06

Monday, June 22, Pattaya C.C. Blue Tees -- Stableford -- What a pleasant surprise to see Lee Butler pulling up in front of The Ranch on a Monday morning. Many of us were beginning to think he had forgotten his way out of the dark side. Hopefully, everyone had a chance to touch base with him as, after the round he had ... More

The Growling Swan 25/06

Greenwood – 25th June, 2015 Dilligaf Happy Holcombe ….. the wet track specialist! They came out of the woodwork for the Growling Swan Monthly Mug tournament as 3 buses headed out to the popular Greenwood GC. Warm welcomes were extended to Don Richardson, Jim Yulle, Alan Ray, Eric Black, Neil Herd, Mike Quill and ... More

Tropical Golf 23/06

Tuesday The 23rd June 2015: Pattana ( Stableford) It is always a pleasure to play Pattana, this is a bit of luxury with what is arguably the best Clubhouse of any Course in The Eastern Seaboard. On this morning we set off with a smile on our face knowing we were going to have a good day out. It is a good drive up there ... More

Cafe Kronborg 25/06

Greenwood 25 June A&B Stableford Greenwood was the game up the 331 for 1 hour.swift checkin and off a 1 20 minutes early under rainy skies for the day. The course was very wet and well maintained with the exception of the greens whic putted ok but as a whole they were 50% mostly bare with no grass at all that will ... More

Phantom 26/06

PSC Golf from the Phantom Golf Society – W.E 26.6.15 Peter Blackburn Monday, 22nd June – Mountain Shadow – Stableford Truelove Strikes Again! Another Monday morning in Pattaya and Mountain Shadow was our venue with just 2 groups signed up and raring to go. The weather was fine and hot and the golf course ... More

PSC Next Monthly Tournament


The Growling Swan 22/06

PATTANA SPORT CLUB – 22nd June, 2015 Dilligaf HURLEY gets the Choccies! Some stray cats were still heading home as 20 Growling Swan golfers were heading to Pattana last Monday. Greetings were handed out to Richard Hurley, Tom Johanssen, Mark Holcombe, Bent Agerbo and Chris Jaconovic. Fletch presented a tad forlorn... More

The Golf Club 15/06

The Golf Club write-up for 15th – 19th June Steve Ellison Stanton leaves on top!   Monday 15th – Green Valley – Stableford – White Tees. 1st – Darren Stanton (21) 33 points T -2nd – Stephen Dunn (0) 32 points T -2nd – John Hutt (23) 32 points   It has been a very busy ... More

The Bunker Boys 15/06

Three great golf courses -- Mountain Shadow, BangPakong, Eastern Star -- 33 golfers, but only an average stableford score of 30 points for the week. Not a very impressive showing for our talented crew. At Mountain Shadow not a single player played to his handicap with 35 the winning score. Things turned around a bit at ... More

Tropical Golf 19/06

Friday, June 19, Crystal Bay (C & A) ST Steve Truelove in Crystal Form This US Open Friday, the Tropical Golf group was at Crystal Bay rather than Chambers Bay, which explained the lack of cameras and spectators. Still, for the members playing this day there was no golf tournament more important, and with grit, ... More

Phantom Golf Society 15/06

Monday, 15th June  – Plutaluang, North & West  – Stableford  Big Steve’s  Gross 74 Just Good Enough! There was a huge downpour in the early hours of the morning but by the time we arrived at The Phantom Bar to await our departure at was all clear. Christian had flown to Denmark for a couple of weeks the ... More

Siam Country Resort 19/06

  Bungling at Khao Keow This week again only one game because of the rain on Thursday. Khao Keow was our venue for Tuesday. The course was not easy today. The fairways were wet due to the rain. We had also some showers. The result was that we could not achieve high scores. The battle was  between Paul Davies ... More

The Growling Swan 18/06

Pattaya CC – 18th June, 2015 Dilligaf Fond Farewell to the 3 Amigos’!   With a few cancellations after the overnight rain, Thursday’s expectations were high as 16 diehards gathered for the Growling Swan’s outing to Pattaya CC. High expectations indeed, because, at our last visit, the facilities and ... More

Cafe Kronborg 18/06

Pattaya cc 18 June stableford Pattaya cc was the game 23 minutes down route 36. Easy checkinand off the first tee on time with rainey conditions all day. The course was in good shape looks to be turning the corner with cosistant greens on both nines and lots of greens staff out doing meaningful things all day. B... More

PSC 142nd Monthly Tournament

Wednesday 17th May at Eastern Star Results  Heavy rain as we drove to the course made us somewhat apprehensive about the day’s events but of course we were worrying about nothing because TIT – this is Thailand! We had 64 golfers on the Start Sheets and with a couple of cancellations and additions we ended up ... More

Tropical Golf 16/06

Tuesday The 16th June 2015: Green Valley ( Stableford)   We usually have great difficulty booking Green Valley at the time we want it, mid morning, and for many years we did not go to this Course, except the odd occasion, and later in the morning. However this year we have been lucky and so on this morning off we went at ... More

Cafe Kronborg 15/06

Mountain Shadow 15 June Stableford Mountain Shadow the game up route 7 for 50 minutes. Check-in was very smooth no electric no computers and off the first tee 30 minutes with sunny skies and a nice breeze all day. The course was ok with fast greens but seems to be getting a bit more ragged as the months go by. Back ... More

The Golf Club 08/06

The Golf Club write-up for 8th – 12th June Steve Ellison Hutt has another hit!   Monday 8th – Green Valley – Stableford – White Tees. 1st – John Hutt (23) 38 points 2nd – Mike Omiya (8) 36 points T - 3rd – Ken Grimes (19) 35 points T - 3rd – John Emmerson (12) 35 points ... More

The Growling Swan15/06

Khao Kheow – 15th JUNE, 2015 Muz the master at Khao Kheow! Monday brought 16 golfers at the ready for the Growling Swan’s outing at Khao Kheow, a favourite of many golfers in Pattaya. We played A and B Nines in that order. The course was in good nick, considering the heavy rain in Pattaya overnight. As usual, ... More

Tropical Golf 12/6

 Friday, June 12, Greenwood (A & B)  ST Tom Herrington Trims Greenwood! The end of the golfing week this time put Greenwood Country Club as the target.  A bit of a longer drive, but a reasonable fee and usually fine conditions make the extra travel worthwhile.  After making a final check that all had their ... More