Tropical Golf 13/01

Friday, January 13, Plutaluang (Thai Navy) – St Don & Tom Lucky at Thai Navy! It was Friday the 13th and as the PSC Tropical Golfers gathered at BJ's Lodge for caffeine and victuals, everyone wondered who would have the black cat cross their path, and who would arise above superstition make their own luck?  ... More

Siam Country Resort 14/01

Rainy week   What a dry period with nice weather should be did not come out this week. Very disappointing we had to cancel our Tuesday game.   Thursday 12 January we went with a small group to Mountain Shadow. The weather cleared up and the course was in good condition. Only the bunkers were very ... More

Growling Swan 12/01

STABLEFORD TREASURE HILL – THURSDAY 12th JAN, 2017 By Cassa   PRO PULLS NO PUNCHES!   Three mini buses loaded up all the happy golfers for the trek to Treasure Hill minus one, no doubt hung over, slacko who shall remain nameless (but goes by the initials of Peter Bye!). The golfers were ... More

Growling Swan 09/01

  STABLEFORD Emerald GC – 9th Jan 2017.   STUART is the MANN beating The VIPER.   Had been a while since we ventured to the Jewel of the southern Pattaya Emerald Golf Course. With 24 starters it was a good field for a Monday, and although rain threatened not enough H20 fell to fill the proverbial ... More

PSC Annual Charity Classic 2017

21st Pattaya Sports Club Charity Classic 2017 @ Khao Kheow Golf Course, B & A Nines Wednesday, 11th January, 2017 Peter Blackburn The 21st year of the eagerly awaited Pattaya Sports Club Charity Classic Tournament was held on 11th January 2017 at the Khao Kheow Golf Course, B & A Nines. This event ... More

The Golf Club 02/01

TGC write up for 2nd – 6th Jan. Steve Ellison   Excellence for Eldridge!   Monday 2nd – Green Valley – Stableford – White Tees 1st – Graham Eldridge (15) 39 points 2nd – Rex Chillcot (23) 38 points 3rd – Glen Perkinson (21) 37 points T – 4th Fred Birch (19) 36 ... More

Tropical Golf 06/01

Treasure Hill – St Brian and Top Cat Tops at Treasure Hill! Ready. Set. Golf!  So another year and numerous contests start.  If 2017 is half as good for the PSC Tropical Golfers, it will be a good year indeed!  Can we possibly have more fun than the previous year?  Why not?  This first Friday of the New Year ... More

Cafe Kronborg 09/01

HENNING FLIPS FORM AT NAVY CAFÉ KRONBORG AT PLUTALUANG Cafe Kronborg played at Plutaluang Navy on Monday 9th January, where the overnight rain had given the course a good soaking and the lift clean and place rule was upgraded to excavate, lift clean and place. We played North and West, the better of the 2 courses ... More

Billabong 11/01

WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 11TH GREEN VALLEY 2 PERSON SCRAMBLE We take every opportunity to blame global warming for any unusual event on our planet but who would have thought that we would have 24 hours of rain in January in Pattaya as we did during the last 2 days. As a result it might have been a good idea to have ... More

Growling Swan 05/01

STABLEFORD  5th January, 2017 Mountain Shadow Brizzi Kicks Off The New Year In A Tight Finish! An excellent number of 32 golfers headed out to Mountain Shadow which always proves to be quite challenging. The course was in pretty good condition, with the greens on the second nine a bit slower than the front ... More

Bunker Boys 06/01

Mon Jan 2 Treasure Hill Stableford (yellow tees)   1st Colin Greig  (11)          40 pts 2nd Ken Elmore (23)         35 3rd Stuart Trinkler (14)        34 Near pins:- Andy Brady, Geoff Parker, Jimmy Carr, Lewis Greig. A smaller than expected group of seventeen players ... More

Siam Country Resort 06/01

New Years week After all the dinners and parties at the end of the year we started with new objectives for 2017. Encouraged with good wishes we started our first game of 2017 at Greenwood on 3rd January. The course was as always in good condition and we had lovely weather. It is pity that Greenwood raised their High ... More

Cafe Kronborg 05/01

NEW YEAR NEW FORMAT Cafe Kronborg started the New Year with a scramble competition instead of its regular stableford format. This was a tight competition enjoyed by all, with only one group breaking net 60 and less than 7 shots separating the remaining groups. We played at Silky Oak whose quirky layout was well ... More

Cafe Kronborg 29/12

ELIAS BREAKS THE 40 BARRIER   Cafe Kronborg played at Pleasant Valley on Thursday 29th December, a popular place with some of the best views of any clubhouse. The model windmill at the back of the club house was whizzing round at breakneck speed, which didn’t bode well for the days golf. However the scores ... More

Tropical Golf 04/01

Wednesday The 4th January 2017:  Pleasant Valley ( Stableford) Not a bad run from BJ’s brought us to Pleasant Valley nice and early, and a leisurely change allowed us to breath deeply before trotting down to the start in what can only be called ‘Gale Conditions’. Indeed so strong was the wind that it was difficult ... More

Tropical Golf 30/12

PSC Golf from Tropical Golf Group Friday, December 30, Silky Oak – St Everyone Wins At Tropical Golf! Well golfers, we finally made it!  Another great year and another great finish!  We crowned our last Golfer of the Month for the year, and the Monthly Mug needs to be updated to 2017. For suspense we wondered ... More

The Golf Club 30/12

TGC write up for 26th – 30th Dec. Steve Ellison   Thomas bags the Greenwood Medal!   Monday 26th – Green Valley – Stableford – White Tees 1st – Gary Emmett (18) 37 points T -2nd – Nick Handscombe (13) 36 points T -2nd – Mark Wood (10) 36 points   First off, we hope ... More

Siam Country Resort 31/12

PSC Golf from SIAM Country Resort Pattaya   Stuart again   On Tuesday 27th December we went with 3 groups to Crystal Bay. The course and the greens were in good condition. It was nice sunny weather with a nice breeze. Good conditions for a nice game of golf. We welcomed today Bob Edwards again coming ... More

Bunker Boys 30/12

Monday 26 Dec Pattana Golf Club and Resort. Stableford B & C (white tees) 1st Neil Carter (15)           36 pts 2nd Andy Grey (25)          33 3rd Andy Brady (18)         33 Near pins: Ken Elmore, Les Hall, Andy Grey, Colin Greig. A smaller contingent of bleary-eyed post-Christmas ... More

Bunker Boy 19/12

Monday Dec. 19, Mountain Shadow (white tees) Stableford 1st Tony Scrambler (13)                    37pts 2nd Geoff Parker     (13)                    36 3rd Andy Grey         (27)                    35 Near Pins: Nial Glover, Geoff Parker, Colin Greig(2) A small group ... More

Growling Swan 22/12

Colin Succeeds Around Dangerous Waters A smallish group of 14 golfers headed out to a rare visit to Parichat. A course we have only used once previously on a sound recommendation of our currently injured colleague, Jeremy Dobbs. With the knowledge of the vast amount of water hazards on the course, there was a pensive ... More

Growling Swan 26/12

Dave Maw does it again as he beats Stuart The Mann on a countback. Boxing Day 2016 maybe too much Xmas Pudding or too much wine in the trifle, but it was 16 golfers that decided to work off the Xmas lunch from the day before! Well we set out to take on the famous Crocodile Hole at Treasure Hill GC, the weather looked ... More

Growling Swan 29/12

Maw Mauls His Rivals To Snatch Monthly Mug “SPONSORED BY STEVE YOUNGER” A good size group of 28 golfers headed out to Greenwood, some nursing bigger Christmas hangovers than others, to compete for December’s Monthly Mug, which of course is a stroke event, and is kindly sponsored by Steve Younger. Many thanks ... More

Billabong 16/12

4 PERSON SCRAMBLE At the close of every year, just approaching the holidays of Christmas and New Year, when our thoughts turn to the family and those that we have lost particularly during the previous 12 months, the Billabong have their Absent Friends Day. Those friends that we have shared a drink and a joke with and, ... More

Billabong 21/12

Lift, clean and place in December?? You have got to be kidding but that is the reality of the situation at the moment at Green Valley. For following our comments last week about the dreadful condition of the areas around the greens it is difficult to find an explanation for surface water appearing in these areas bearing ... More