Links Golf Society 18/9

PSC Golf ..Pattaya Links Golf Society...Greenwood…. Mon.Sept.18….S/Ford.   Watson Pars Greenwood After a couple of quiet games, Bob Watson came out all guns blazing to tear up the course and finish well clear of the rest. 41 points from a handicap 5 is worth writing about. At the other end of the ... More

The Golf Club 15/9

TGC write up for 11th – 15th Sept. Steve Ellison   Brackett brilliant!   Monday 11th – Green Valley – Stableford – White Tees 1st – Mark Wood (11) 39 points T-2nd – Aki Yamamoto (19) 36 points T-2nd – Kevin Woods (20) 36 points   For whatever reason, the traffic was ... More

Links Golf Society 15/9

   PSC Golf Pattaya Links Golf Society...Pattaya CC…Fri..Sept.15..S/ford                        Big Adam Scores Bigger   An eleventh hour change of plans saw us at Pattaya Country Club two weeks earlier than scheduled. As we had avoided this course for many months,  it was ... More

Tropical Golf 15/09

  John and Mick Score Big At Pattavia! We're at the half way point of the month and everyone wants to start making a move for the Golfer Of The Month race. Time to make those points! This Friday the Tropical Golfers headed out to Pattavia Country Club, known as Pattavia Century on Google so no excuse for not ... More

Growling Swan 14/9

PSC GOLF REPORT – GROWLING SWAN STABLEFORD EASTERN STAR – Thursday 14th September, 2017 By J Olsen It was Paul that Hacked his way thru the field! Nineteen golfers arrived and were enthusiastic as always, eager with anticipation on checking out Eastern Star after a lengthy absence for many of today’s ... More

Bunker Boys 15/9

Monday September 11, Greenwood(A&B), Stableford. 1st Neil Carter(12)                                     36 pts 2nd Mike Brett(16)                                     35 3rd Frank Quinlan(32)                               33 Near pins: Mike Brett ... More

Cafe Kronborg 11/9

Plutaluang e&w 11 Sept Stableford   Off to Plutaluang today down sukumvt.the course was wet in places due to rain  .The past few days but in very good condition back in the clubhouse welcomes went out to brain Wilkinson and Anders Pedersen.   Ronnie Ratte was the winner with 38 points ,Anders ... More

The Players Lounge 15/9

TPL played yesterday 15th at Emerald with 15 players, course was in good condition with the greens a bit bumpy in places Near pins no 7 Jim bell no 15 Tony Oakes winning some beer for the boys 1st place Jim Elphick 30 41pts 2nd place Jim Bracket 6 39pts 3rd place Henri Copperstone 5 38pts 4th place Mark Wood ... More

Links Golf Society 13/9

   PSC Golf …Pattaya Links Golf Society...Pattana…Wed..Sept.13..S/ford                        Big Adam Scores Big   While “low season” prices prevail, we took the opportunity to  play at the beautiful Pattana Golf Course once again. This course is always presented in ... More

Links Golf Society 8/9

PSC Golf …Pattaya Links Golf Society…Khao Kheow.. B+C...Sept. 8..  S/Ford              Birdie Man  Paul Smith  Wins A Countback   Phil Davies commented “ I’ve never played with an amateur golfer and seen 4 birdies in a row”. But that’s what Paul Smith (h/c 4 )did today on the “C” ... More

Siam Country Resort 15/9

 Dave Smith on fire at Burapha   On Tuesday 12th September we went to Eastern Star. We found a very nice course in perfect condition. The weather was very sunny with a nice breeze. All ingredients for good scores. And we had good scores, all played in the thirties. It was a thrilling battle between Brian ... More

Tropical Golf 12/9

Tuesday the 12th September 2017: Green Valley ( Stableford) Of the three Courses in this Complex, this has been for many years the one that is most liked by the players I know. It has bad many changes since the early days, such as a change of Clubhouses and constant changes of start holes and redesign of many of the ... More

Growling Swan 11/9

  It was Mashi that comes in Best! It was thirteen golfers that had decided to venture out to Emerald GC. Emerald is a course that can be in perfect condition or can be longing for a bit of TLC. This course can also be priced on the right side of the ledger. Playing from the white tees we set out to enjoy, ... More

Links Golf Society 11/9

 Colin Smith Rises To The Top Colin Smith, the happy Welshman, is having a wonderful holiday here in Pattaya. He has also been playing very good, consistent golf. So much so that his win today takes him to the top of the leaderboard in our “Golfer of the Month.” Although this Eastern Star course is in great ... More

The Golf Club 8/9

Jack climbs that beanstalk! Monday 4th – Green Valley – Stableford – White Tees 1st – Jack Grindvold (5) 45 points 2nd – Steve Coghlan (35) 41 points 3rd – J.P. Thomas (32) 39 points Lots of weather out there today but with an early start, we managed to escape the rain. It was a great day for ... More

The Players Lounge 10/9

Yesterday / Sunday the TPL took on Greenvalley, with four groups. Course in great shape and the weather was great to start with.  Near pin no 8 Jim bell no 16 mick Beresford winning some free beer 🍻😂 All winners had 38pts so the committee were elected to decide the outcome. 1st place Jim Elphick 33 38pts  2nd ... More

Growling Swan 8/9

STABLEFORD Khao Kheow – 8th September, 2017 Buffalo Bill Beats the Demons   With a smallish group of 14 golfers we headed up the Highway to the popular Khao Kheow Golf Course, where previous night rain left the course a little damp. White tees were selected and lift, clean and place was evoked given the ... More

Bunker Boys 8/9

Monday, September 4, Pattavia, Medal. 1st James Carr(16)                                            72 net 2nd Les Hall(25)                                                74 oco 3rd Raleigh Gosney(17)                                    74 4th ... More

Siam Country Resort 9/9

Ian and Daniel the winners   On Tuesday 5th September we went to Plutaluang, where we played the East and South course. The course was in perfect condition, but the greens a little bit slow. We had nice weather and enjoyed our game. Today was it Ian Waddell, who was the most consistent. He played a good round ... More

Tropical Golf 8/9

PSC Golf from Tropical Golf Group Friday September 08, Bangpakong – St John and Graham Win Score Fest At Bangpakong As we get into the month the Tropical Golfers took a much anticipated trip to Bangpakong.  Many of the golfers were eager to use discount coupons they received the last time. Not easy to keep ... More

Growling Swan 4/9

PSC GOLF – GROWLING SWAN – STABLEFORD Bankpakong – 4th September, 2017 Younger Wins by a Whisker   A keen group of 14 golfers headed up Highway 7 to the marvelous Bangpakong Golf Course.  The conditions were sunny with a gentle breeze about, and it seemed perfect for good scoring, which proved to be ... More

Cafe Kronborg 7/9

Plutaluang N&W 4 Sept stableford   plutaluang  n&w was the combination today.we got off 30 minute early under semi overcast skies with a nice wind. The course was in very fine shape back in the club house it was a welcome back to Kenneth madsen from Denmark Back for 3 weeks Kenneth madden was the ... More

Growling Swan 31/8

PSC GOLF REPORT – GROWLING SWAN STABLEFORD SILKY OAK GOLF CLUB – THURSDAY 31st AUGUST, 2017 “AUGUST MONTHLY MUG” SPONSORED by STEVE YOUNGER. By J Olsen JIM BELL WINS WITH ROOM TO SPARE!!! All was peaceful as we boarded the bus to make our way to Silky Oaks for another challenging game of golf!.... More

Links Golf Society 4/9

PSC Golf …Pattaya Links Golf Society...Bangpra….Mon...Sept.4....S/ford              A Tough Day At The Golf Course   We certainly know that ” a bad day's golf is better than a day at work”, or something like that. But, from 15 golfers today, only one could play to handicap. Nick ... More

Tropical Golf 5/9

Tuesday the 5th September 2017: Khao Kheow ( Stableford)  The object of Golf, in my opinion, is to test yourself against the Course and to come off satisfied that you have done your best under the circumstances. Khao Kheow is an ideal place to test your will to win, in other words it has an ability to slice you into ... More